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igaito is done with my 2 friends C4D & Ps :)


:dl 4 bigger size:</sup>

igaito on Japanese means unexpectedly :)
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You're most welcome! ;)
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Nice work,
Hello :)
My name is German Carrillo,(Venezuela) i am of the director of a magazine virtual of artists, designers, photography, vectorized, illustration,etc...
and bro you have many excelent works congratulations!!!! well I invite you to look the emagz because i want show your work!. :)
you can download the #1 #2 #3 the number 4 is the last, and i making now.
ArteriaMagz Ver. "4dvance"

well i wait you reply :)
"you can appear in ArteriaMagz is free"
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I'm vary pleased to hear this message!:D
U have my permission to show my work in your magazine.
Please send me link when the issue no.4. is released.
I'm downloading first 3 issues by by...

Thank You! :)
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thanks for you collaboration :D
but i need your info ok. :D
well is very easy appear in the next magazine of Arteria. (#4).
Send your works (.rar ó .zip) to:
(3 Minimum).
Whit your data or info:
*Photo Profile. (Don't Forget it)
*Style Artistic.
*Website or Email.
University. (Optional)
What style you think is the more aproppriate for the next magz? (Ver. #5) "Cover and Appearance" (Optional)

You can too make the cover of ArteriaMagz Ver. "4dvance".
Send your work whit the name "COVER"
the theme of style is (Music: Electro-Rock-Clasicism) Technique: Free (Photography, Digital Art, Vectorized, etc...)

Att: German Carrillo (Director of ArteriaMagz)
ArteriaMagz Ver. "4dvance".
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I have sent u e-mail with my works.
when the issue No.4 is realizing? :)
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well i orking now in the magz ok :)
the magz is publish in april :D
maybe 20 or 25 ok :)
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nice design. i like the combination of colors very much! :dance:
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This work was featured on here. [link]
Your works are wonderful! Thanks for the great art!
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Thnx 4 support
really appreciated! :)
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Welcome!! and thank you for your great art! :D
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Dopada mi se mnogo...pukotine na podlozi takodje interesantan detalj, PS?
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puktine detalji by PS. imas ih za skinut just klik on crack :D

i Hvala za fav :)
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that looks pretty cool :)
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odlican wallpaper :)
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fala ti anjuša :)
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