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Summer rains

This one was mostly made during art class. Did some tweaks and added the background later at home. I obviously had got a lot of help from my art teacher :icondetekenacademie: :) especially on the facial structure.

Hope I can eventually get this quality out on my own.

Oh, its Q on a rainy summer day. Don't worry, she has an umbrella..

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Hello there mister Q! nice painting we have here, it differs from your usual one, it's more soft and clean, especially the face. Keep up the good work!!
PS: good thing she has an umbrella :)
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Q HOLY CRAP, YOU NEED TO DO THIS MORE OFTEN. I stared at it in aw for a good minute.

I wish I had that kind of quality too TT______________TT
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Yeah! Gonna ask my art teach to do some more portraits of my other characters during art class :D
mirror-alchemist's avatar
Ugggggggggggh I'm legit jelly of your progress
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wellll it's taking me longer then I would like! I wish getting better wouldn't go at this snail pace :o
Detekenacademie's avatar did not mention the times you had to clean up my messy experiments or finding out about my "happy accidents". 
Rather than "a lot of help", I would call this:  "Artistic Chemistry".  And I like it!
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Damn, no wonder your faces are improving so much, like I pointed out yesterday. This is amazing. Cool to see Miss Q in a normal, urban setting, looking like she's on her way to work (based on her shirt), haha. The slight shine on her skin from the rain is very beautiful.  A great job to you both.
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Thanks! Yes, I am working on it! :D
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