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It has been quite a while since I added new content, I've literally been all over the Map, from Flickr to Podcamps and Beyond.

I can usually be found on one of the services below. Enjoy &n…;<<My Consulting Business &nbs…;<< My Blog  …;<< My Podcast &nbs…;<< Where to Find More of Me
Ok so it has been a super long time since i updated this so i figured i should probably get on the stick. i wish there was a way to link this blog and my personal blog at so when i posted over there they would pop up in here... same goes for the god awful myspace page.

Since the last time we met the wife and i bought a house. and had a baby... so thats big... life altering big... talk amongst yourselves...

so the boy is healthy, born Sept 25th 2006 at a staggering 8lbs 10 oz, and 22inches long. that was about a month ago so i'm not too far off.

i must say keeping up with all of my online communities is getting hard. the podcast is the only thing i get to regularly update. And i'm forcing a regular update on the blog to make my mind function properly. I also need to get back to writing to write not just for drivel. oh well.

Sisyphus Bound

Mon Feb 20, 2006, 8:44 PM

Bound to roll that rock up the hill for eternity... Thats how work feels right about now. Why fix a computer when someone will break it the next day?  Why can't we have nice things? But that is neither here nor there. Some days i just feel like letting that rock sit at the bottom of the hill for a bit. Lord knows i have to roll it back up, but no one said when...

As depressing and futile as work has been I have been blessed with two things recently. One being a recent jog in my creativity, i'm writing, painting and drawing again for the first time about 2 months...

And well the second one is a bit more dramatic. I'm going to be a father...

I don't know what else to say i'm just as stunned as everyone who knows me was and is to find out. This kid is going to be in for a wild ride with me as the dad... No not a word of that last sentance sounded real.. Well we will all know on Sept 16th just how real this whole shebang is...

We now return you to the sounds of Ramon Racello and his Orchestra.

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Here's the skinny. I work for a university where it is my job to fix people's computers and make sure they stay that way. I run a lab. So when I get home the last thing I need to do is screw with problems on my machine that I built. So for the past week I have been fighting with my workstation, as it restarts randomly. Power Supply seems fine, installed a UPS to even out the current coming into it. NOTHING works. So now after bitching and moaning I come across the possibility that I could have a short behind the motherboard. WONDERful.

I loosen the connection and go to push the ATX power cord in and the damn thing turns on by itself... yeah by itself. Me no touchy any buttons... I shut it off, unplug the : expletive deleted: and reseat everything. Its doing it less but now I know I need to take the machine apart and insulate the back of the motherboard. This should be fun...

Ok so that's not what I came to talk to you about today I came to talk about the draft... err I mean I came to talk to you about organizing my graphic work.

I have a terrible time following directions. Its hard enough for me to get a piece of artwork out, I swear its like giving birth through my eyeball or something. Which would be incredibly difficult being I'm male and eyeballs don't work that way. That's neither here nor there. I somehow submitted a series of pieces to DeviantArt which were either HUGE and one could only see a smidgen of the piece on the screen at any one time. Or somehow corrupted to file completely. SO I sat here and wondered why more people didn't comment on my obviously talented and groundbreaking work. Sarcasm folks, sarcasm. I began to throw out all of the crap on my iPod, nee briefcase for transferring work betwixt laptop of Apple descent and bastard of a PC. This process took over 4 hours to complete. And its only sorta there. I gave thins named untitled names, I threw crap and corrupted files away. I also merged sections together to create a more conducive atmosphere to work and save that work in. We'll see how it works out.

I also managed to resubmit several old piece with new sizes and better resolution. We'll see if anyone notices. All I need to do now is fix my print section. I'm still undecided about getting a print account because I honestly don't know if anyone would buy my crap. And why get a print account if you drop money in the well and don't get a wish. I Honestly hope one day to get someone I don't know, never saw to think something I did is worthy of putting up in their home. Wow, lon little rant. I'll be double posting this in DeviantArt and my Blog.
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Been a while since I placed any new info on this so I figured I might want to give it a shot. I recently subscribed and started submitting work on a much more regular basis. I'm getting to use my creative skills or lack thereof in work more so i guess it translates into more creative thoughts in general.
Blog for more current thoughts, news ect.: [link]

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