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Misty Converse by PyxisCetus Misty Converse :iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 2 0
I Am Who I Am
Sitting here staring at my laptop I'm trying to think of how to depict myself in words… It's not hard to think of words that describe me, that's a piece of cake.
Funny, creative, introverted, determined, respectful, trustworthy, argumentative…
I can go on and on but that's just a list of words that sort of describe me. But that's not all I am. I'm more than just a couple of words that people can interpret differently.
Take the word funny for example. Someone can assume that I like to make jokes or was the class clown in school. But that's not true, yes I like to make jokes but I'm funny because I don't like seeing others upset. I don't like seeing my friends sad or depressed when I spent years feeling that. So I make sure they don't have to.
My friends will tell you that I'm loyal and trustworthy. I've even been compared to man's best friend. That doesn't bother me either because those that know me well enough know I will always be there when they need it the most.
I laugh wh
:iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 0 0
A Wish For A Brighter Day
'If escaping was only possible…' thought Shea, stretched out across her bed with arms locked in a death grip around her pillow. She stared out her window, eyes red and puffy with tear tracks streaking her cheeks. The arguing coming from the living room stopped abruptly. She looked to her bedroom door; it was too soon for that, but the slamming of a door and the sound of glass shattering confirmed her fears. One of her parents had left. The door didn't open again. She knew what happened, even if she wouldn't admit it to herself.
Slow, heavy footsteps echoed in the still house; deafening in the silence. With each step her heart broke a little more until they finally stopped outside her door.
"I- I'm so, so sorry…" A pained breath was taken, "I, I didn't know what to do…" A sob escaped Shea.
Gentle arms encircled her and she turned into her father's embrace, sobs coming full force.
A muffled question managed to escape between sobs, "W-wh-why? Why w-would she-", she was unab
:iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 0 0
Heart Broken
Heart Broken
She sat there, staring. The picture wasn't disappearing; it had to be real then. She responded to his question positively; the little smiley-face in front a fake. She didn't want to hurt him…she could never hurt him.
His image darkened, he'd logged off. She went back to the picture that was still up in her browser. Her vision blurred slightly, she couldn't believe it. He was having a child with another woman. She had believed everything he'd told her, too.
God, she felt like a fool.
She wanted to scream, to cry, to beat the shit out of anything and everything, but what was the point? It wouldn't change anything.
She would still feel empty.
She thought of everything they'd shared together. Of everything they had in common. Of everything that had made them meet in the first place.
She closed her eyes in pain. She couldn't think about him, it hurt too much.
He'd been the only one to ever truly have her heart.
A tear escaped and her body shook in silent sobs. She wouldn't
:iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 2 0
The trees shook as thunder crashed around her. Nala jumped as lightning flashed in the distance. The damp, marsh-like ground made it easy to trip and fall, making her normally graceful self rather klutzy. She stumbled over some far reaching tree roots, her clothes, black and drenched from the down pour, made movement sluggish.
Her internal compass had never been spot-on, but this was truly ridiculous. She was lost, truly and utterly lost. It wasn’t a matter of finding which way was north, south, east, or west. It didn’t matter that the four directions were so jumbled together Nala was probably walking in circles; not that she would have been able to tell.
Ducking under a branch, Nala tripped. The ground squelched from her impact. She was fine with the soup-like goo she had fallen in, she was quite used to the feeling, however, the thing slithering over her hand was not ok. Nala’s inner girl squealed as she shot to her feet, almost over balancing and landing back in the m
:iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 0 0
Dog of the Military by PyxisCetus Dog of the Military :iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 2 12
Hey Juliet
                                                             Hey Juliet
The talent show announcer stepped back on stage as the young dancer exited. “Now this last performance is by a group of four. They are all juniors. Singing the song “Hey Juliet” please welcome LMNT!”
Cheering erupted as the curtains closed. The music started and four voices echoed around the auditorium.
:iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 1 5
Morals by PyxisCetus Morals :iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 0 0 Anyone want Fried Brains by PyxisCetus Anyone want Fried Brains :iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 2 0 The Ressurected Muse by PyxisCetus The Ressurected Muse :iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 1 0 ZOMG Sign Language by PyxisCetus ZOMG Sign Language :iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 1 0 Walked Away by PyxisCetus Walked Away :iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 0 0 Body Attempt by PyxisCetus Body Attempt :iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 1 4

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Cave good by staudtagi Cave good :iconstaudtagi:staudtagi 1,318 183
Definition of an Artist
Why have you joined deviantART? For many of us, we can list the reasons why we’re here, and for some, we can barely reel out one. However, the thing that connects us all is art.
As an artist we’ve developed our own styles, used others as inspiration, expressed ourselves in visual or literary form and so much more.
But are we an artist if we travel along the same line, only one journey completed?
"The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination." ~ Don Williams, Jr.
Through my time here, I’ve seen artists lounging languidly in their small zones. These artists are plodding through life and not looking at their journey, but their destination.
There are artists who have developed their style and stuck to it. Some have even gone far enough to only stick to one type of subject matter.
Even worse is the fact that these artists continue to receive praise when the style, the subject matt
:icon3wyl:3wyl 198 301
MangaWorkshop - Class is in Session!
So you want to learn about manga? Here's a new way how!
Hey everyone, great to see you all here! :w00t: This is OneFreeInternet, GD for anime/manga and I'm very pleased to announce that MangaWorkshop is up and ready to roll! And I need your help in making it soar!
MangaWorkshop is supposed to be a community group where everyone helps everyone else, it's a totally voluntary project where people can teach, learn and share resources for all people interested in becoming mangakas or learning all about the craft. We need teachers, we need students and we need tutorial hounds to get this thing rolling, and I'm really looking forward to everyone's input in this :excited:
If you're interested, head on over here! >>
Thank you and see you soon! :wave:
:icononefreeinternet:OneFreeInternet 391 85
GIMP tutorial - as good as PS by pralinkova-princezna GIMP tutorial - as good as PS :iconpralinkova-princezna:pralinkova-princezna 1,623 592 Solution by AagaardDS Solution :iconaagaardds:AagaardDS 217 50 Some People refuse 2 b default by AhmedGalal Some People refuse 2 b default :iconahmedgalal:AhmedGalal 1,426 454
10 Free Alternatives to Photoshop!
Six Revision Blog takes a look at 10 FREE alternatives for Photoshop, and comes away very impressed!
:iconkkart:kkart 193 158
emoticon tutorial by dutchie17 emoticon tutorial :icondutchie17:dutchie17 2,157 674 +Charred Wings+ by Dyemelikeasunset +Charred Wings+ :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 6,079 1,153 Sweet little nightmare by caithness155 Sweet little nightmare :iconcaithness155:caithness155 1,830 352 winter by sandara winter :iconsandara:sandara 14,689 722 Forest Shaman by sandara Forest Shaman :iconsandara:sandara 5,665 242 forest by wanbao forest :iconwanbao:wanbao 2,094 114 Praetorian by alexiuss Praetorian :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 5,729 498 Halcyon by alexiuss Halcyon :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 3,775 409



PyxisCetus's Profile Picture
United States
Hi!! The name's Pyx.

I'm a chronic insomniac who has absolutely nothing left to try to help with it...

I'm a newbie cosplayer and have been told by my therapist that it is, in fact, good for me... XD

I love reading and writing and ocassionally I draw.

I'm Active Duty Military and loving every minute of it!

Current Residence: A rainy desert
Favourite genre of music: Country
Favourite style of art: Drawn
Operating System: Vista
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: That really big conch out in the ocean(I forgot what it was called)
Wallpaper of choice: Blue!
Skin of choice: Wolf skin! or one that has a good immune system
Favourite cartoon character: Danny Phantom, Kim Possible, Hinata, Neji, and Gaara
Personal Quote: "A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort."- Herm Albright

And this new profile picture was totally stolen from my Bestie :iconstrawberrynova:
  • Listening to: No One Cares- Atreyu
  • Reading: Nothing...
  • Watching: Movies on my hard drive...
  • Playing: Solitaire
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
So for the coming 2013 con season I plan to attend several different cons in Arizona, Florida, and Maryland (I think...).

Phoenix Comic-con (PCC)- May
Anime Tu-Con- July(?)
Saboten Con- September(?)
Anime-Kaigi- November(?)

MetroCon- July 26th-28th

Otakon- Aug 9th-11th

Most of the Arizona cons have just finished up (Saboten) or haven't even happened yet (Anime-Kaigi) so I don't have specific dates for them yet. PCC is in May I just need to re-check the dates.

So the plan for this year is to attend Metro and Ota, however, plane tickets are hella expensive so I just plan to take a month off of work and fly home and attend the both of them XD but I still have 8ish months left to go before I can put in leave and make it official.

My current costume line up (which is entirely subject to change...) is:
Misty- Pokemon- Gen One
Nausicaa- Nausicaa of the Valley in the Wind
Dani- Danny Phantom
Temari- Naruto Shippuden

Dani is a dual cosplay with Nova who'll be Male!Sam.
Temari is a group cosplay with Nova, Irri, and a friend of Irri's who I think is doing Zabuza and Suigetsu? Not sure...

I feel broke just looking at this list... knowing that I'll be spending crazy amounts of money on weekend passes and merch.... XD

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