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Misty Converse by PyxisCetus Misty Converse :iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 2 0
I Am Who I Am
Sitting here staring at my laptop I'm trying to think of how to depict myself in words… It's not hard to think of words that describe me, that's a piece of cake.
Funny, creative, introverted, determined, respectful, trustworthy, argumentative…
I can go on and on but that's just a list of words that sort of describe me. But that's not all I am. I'm more than just a couple of words that people can interpret differently.
Take the word funny for example. Someone can assume that I like to make jokes or was the class clown in school. But that's not true, yes I like to make jokes but I'm funny because I don't like seeing others upset. I don't like seeing my friends sad or depressed when I spent years feeling that. So I make sure they don't have to.
My friends will tell you that I'm loyal and trustworthy. I've even been compared to man's best friend. That doesn't bother me either because those that know me well enough know I will always be there when they need it the most.
I laugh wh
:iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 0 0
A Wish For A Brighter Day
'If escaping was only possible…' thought Shea, stretched out across her bed with arms locked in a death grip around her pillow. She stared out her window, eyes red and puffy with tear tracks streaking her cheeks. The arguing coming from the living room stopped abruptly. She looked to her bedroom door; it was too soon for that, but the slamming of a door and the sound of glass shattering confirmed her fears. One of her parents had left. The door didn't open again. She knew what happened, even if she wouldn't admit it to herself.
Slow, heavy footsteps echoed in the still house; deafening in the silence. With each step her heart broke a little more until they finally stopped outside her door.
"I- I'm so, so sorry…" A pained breath was taken, "I, I didn't know what to do…" A sob escaped Shea.
Gentle arms encircled her and she turned into her father's embrace, sobs coming full force.
A muffled question managed to escape between sobs, "W-wh-why? Why w-would she-", she was unab
:iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 0 0
Heart Broken
Heart Broken
She sat there, staring. The picture wasn't disappearing; it had to be real then. She responded to his question positively; the little smiley-face in front a fake. She didn't want to hurt him…she could never hurt him.
His image darkened, he'd logged off. She went back to the picture that was still up in her browser. Her vision blurred slightly, she couldn't believe it. He was having a child with another woman. She had believed everything he'd told her, too.
God, she felt like a fool.
She wanted to scream, to cry, to beat the shit out of anything and everything, but what was the point? It wouldn't change anything.
She would still feel empty.
She thought of everything they'd shared together. Of everything they had in common. Of everything that had made them meet in the first place.
She closed her eyes in pain. She couldn't think about him, it hurt too much.
He'd been the only one to ever truly have her heart.
A tear escaped and her body shook in silent sobs. She wouldn't
:iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 2 0
The trees shook as thunder crashed around her. Nala jumped as lightning flashed in the distance. The damp, marsh-like ground made it easy to trip and fall, making her normally graceful self rather klutzy. She stumbled over some far reaching tree roots, her clothes, black and drenched from the down pour, made movement sluggish.
Her internal compass had never been spot-on, but this was truly ridiculous. She was lost, truly and utterly lost. It wasn’t a matter of finding which way was north, south, east, or west. It didn’t matter that the four directions were so jumbled together Nala was probably walking in circles; not that she would have been able to tell.
Ducking under a branch, Nala tripped. The ground squelched from her impact. She was fine with the soup-like goo she had fallen in, she was quite used to the feeling, however, the thing slithering over her hand was not ok. Nala’s inner girl squealed as she shot to her feet, almost over balancing and landing back in the m
:iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 0 0
Dog of the Military by PyxisCetus Dog of the Military :iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 2 12
Hey Juliet
                                                             Hey Juliet
The talent show announcer stepped back on stage as the young dancer exited. “Now this last performance is by a group of four. They are all juniors. Singing the song “Hey Juliet” please welcome LMNT!”
Cheering erupted as the curtains closed. The music started and four voices echoed around the auditorium.
:iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 1 5
Morals by PyxisCetus Morals :iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 0 0 Anyone want Fried Brains by PyxisCetus Anyone want Fried Brains :iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 2 0 The Ressurected Muse by PyxisCetus The Ressurected Muse :iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 1 0 ZOMG Sign Language by PyxisCetus ZOMG Sign Language :iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 1 0 Walked Away by PyxisCetus Walked Away :iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 0 0 Body Attempt by PyxisCetus Body Attempt :iconpyxiscetus:PyxisCetus 1 4

Random Favourites

Apart Chapter 7: The Mission
Slow, soft tendrils of light were snaking across the sky as Hinata approached the gate leading out of the city, her head lowered. She shivered slightly, in spite of the fluffy warm hoodie that covered her body. The air was the warm morning air of late spring, early summer, and a few cherry blossoms drifted around her in the light breeze. Her arm flashed out and caught one as it fluttered airily to the ground. Slowly, Hinata squeezed it, forcing chakra into it, until finally, she unclenched her hand and let the remaining dust and pollen sift away, dancing on the breeze.
Sakura. Stupid Sakura, stupid blossoms, stupid damn damn DAMN! She screamed inside her head.
Stop it, Hinata, she thought, this isn't like you. They're teammates. You've been in both Shino and Kiba's rooms, and nothing of the sort happened…
Much to the chagrin of Kiba, her angry self fired back. That… that perverted dog…
Hinata simply shook her head, squeezing her eyes tightly shut.
Stop it. Stop it. I'm not like this. I
:iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 85 37
Chapter 8: The Conversations
"Momma, momma," Kiba said, pulling at his mother's jounin jacket. "Who is that?"
"That girl, on the slide, with the purply eyes! I think she's pretty!"
Kiba's mother smiled. "You like girls now, do you? No more cooties?"
"Yeah right, mom!" Kiba barked, "I'll bet she has crazy cooties! I just… prolly wouldn't mind 'em so much…" His cheeks turned a soft shade of pink which complemented his new, red fang marks.
Kiba's mother laughed and bopped him on the head. "You little tramp, you," she said, fuzzing his brown hair.
"Mom!" Kiba growled angrily, rolling away, "You're embarrassing me!" Suddenly, the wind blew, and the little girl with the purply eyes slid down the slide, smiling. Kiba closed his eyes and sniffed the air. "She smells good," he whispered.
"Go play, then!" his mom yelled, smiling as she swatted him towards the playground. "Go play!"
Kiba growled and ran towards the slide, climbing it quickly and sliding down with a high pitched howl of joy. The purply eyed girl sat at
:iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 106 123
Apart Chapter 9: Interlude
The fire crackled and sparked as the three masked shinobi dumped another log into the flames. They fed the fire's hunger with a few more twigs and sticks, and finally sat down, conjuring some stumps and mounds of earth to rest their weary bodies on. Their masks, laying beside them in the dirt, proclaimed that they were special forces, black ops ninjas, while their forehead protectors were reflected in the firelight, casting the faint shadow of their village symbol on the ground. The symbol appeared to be an M on its side.
"Why are we heading towards Cloud and not back in Grass, again? This mission just doesn't seem to make any sense to me," one asked. "We're not at war with them…"
"Assassination, moron," a female voice replied. "We get in, kill a missing nin, and get out."
"Seemed like a strange request," the third said, mumbling in a very young, male voice. "I don't like it either."
"Are you suggesting we go against orders, Captain?" the kunoichi asked.
The young voice laughed. "Not i
:iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 78 39
Apart Chapter 10: The Other
Hinata wasn't sure how she had suddenly appeared in the forest wearing only a silky, almost too small nightgown, but found the abundance of Naruto around her very enjoyable. He moved towards her in the dark, his orange and black jacket open, his eyes serious. She was tempted to look away, to blush, to play submissive, but decided, no, not this time. She would embrace his closeness.
Which is exactly what she did, Or, tried to, but Naruto beat her to it. With stunning speed, he had her in his arms, held close against his chest. She blushed, reveling in his warmth, but Naruto did not stop there. A second later, he had pushed her back against a tree, and was pressing his body against hers.
"Hinata," he whispered heavily. She chanced a glance into his eyes and saw that they seemed glossed over, distant. It was as if he was thinking about one thing, and one thing alone. Hinata could guess what was on his mind, and she liked it.
Without warning, Naruto delved into her neck, kissing, licking,
:iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 77 56
ApartChapter 11: The Awakening
The word rippled across Hinata's mind as her thoughts wandered, her naked body quickly numbing under the pouring waterfall.
What was respect? she thought. She had gained it from her sister, she had gained it from Neji, of all people, but not her father, and not Naruto. At least, not to her knowledge. He acknowledged her existence, acknowledged she was strong, but… respect? As a person?
"I don't know…"
A memory flashed through her head as she muttered silently.
"Neji," she had said, "May… May I ask you a favor?"
Neji turned, and it struck her just how much he disliked her. His eyes, calm and pale, just as hers, roared in anger. He wanted to say no. He wanted to slap her across the face and ask why someone so worthless would want him to do her a favor, why he was subject to someone so… so much weaker than himself.
"Of course, Hinata-sama," he replied, bowing his head. The way he said sama, it was as if he was spitting it, just trying to get the bitter taste from his mou
:iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 72 69
Apart Chapter 12: The Torture
Her knees ached as Hinata awoke, kneeling amidst a sea of red fog.
"Where am I?" she asked aloud. This didn't make sense. Where was Naruto? Where were the others? Where was the enemy? She stood and tried to get her bearings. Nothing seemed right in this place, surrounded by thick red mist.
A hot wind blew against her, carrying whispers with the heat. They were faint, like the voices of a chalkboard, the powdery lines given utterance to mumble white words. Hinata strained to hear them, to make some sense of the sound around her. One voice came through clearly.
A forest began to gather around her in the swirling red fog, the trees pushed into focus by some strange force.
Who…? What's going on?!
Panic rose within her, and she ran, speeding through the trees with her arms trailing out behind her.
"Don't look back! Don't let it—DAMN!"
Blood pumped painfully through Hinata's veins as she scrambled over roots and rocks and soft forest earth, fleeing from—
What am I run
:iconheart-bound-by-kyubi:Heart-Bound-By-Kyubi 106 355
+Impossible Love -- ch 11+
Impossible Love
Chapter Eleven
An Akatsuki Dinner
Sakura’s POV
Tenten’s eyes almost fell out of her head when I showed her the ring on my finger. She squealed in delight and made EVERYONE in the school look at us.
“Yes waaaaay. Are you gonna stop screaming now?” I stuffed my hand back in my pocket, nervously glancing around. Thanks to Neji, we were finally left alone. I didn’t want someone gossiping about me; not even about something that made me happier then anything else.
“S-Sakura-chan, I don’t think you should’ve said yes…” Hinata quietly said, only to be jumped by Tenten.
“Are you INSANE, Hinata?!” Enthusiastic, she clapped in her hands. “Deidara a
:iconcaylislover:Caylislover 64 97
+Impossible Love -- ch 09+
Impossible Love
Chapter Nine
Unexpected changing’s.
Sakura opened her eyes and frowned.
Why was she looking at a well toned, muscled chest instead of her bedroom wall?
She looked up, seeing the chest belonged to Deidara. He yawned loudly and stretched, but kept his eyes closed, as if he wanted to go back to sleep.
Sakura blinked at him, and slowly got the memories of last night back.
‘Ohh… The party at school. Deidara-kun. And…’ She blushed deeply.
She looked up from her thoughts when Deidara coughed and pulled her closer. He had a cold?
Sakura wrapped her arms around him as well and sighed quietly. He sniffed a little, just when she shivered.
“You’re cold Sakura-chan?” Deidara whispered, his eyes still closed. She smiled.
“No…” She felt very comfortable with her head on his chest, hearing his steady heartbeat.
He smiled as well, and after a while, his
:iconcaylislover:Caylislover 59 54
+Impossible Love -- ch 08+
Impossible Love
Chapter Eight
The dance
The next weeks were the worst. Even though Hinata’s comforting words were still in her head, Sakura kept feeling unsure. In school, she rushed to her lessons, making sure she didn’t meet Deidara in the hallway. In the breaks, she and Tenten went outside to the park. Hinata used to come too, but went less and less, since she started to become closer to Naruto and was with him a lot.
Sakura was too afraid to search contact with Deidara, scared to screw things up even more by doing or saying the wrong thing, but she did hope he</b> would do something. But he didn’t call, or SMS, or email her.
After two weeks, Sakura, Hinata and Tenten wanted to leave the school when Tenten stopped and looked at something at the wall. Sakura and Hinata gl
:iconcaylislover:Caylislover 65 64
+Impossible Love -- ch 07+
:iconcaylislover:Caylislover 49 65
+Impossible Love -- ch 06+
Impossible Love
Chapter Six
Many, many feelings
Tenten snickered evilly and zoomed in a little.
“When someone asks, I didn’t help you with this…” Whispered Hinata against her, looking at Deidara and Sakura from behind the shrubs.
“Nice friend you are.” Tenten mumbled. “We should invite Sakura-chan and Dei a evening and watch this ‘romantic movie’ together.” She snickered again.
“What are you doing, Tenten-chan?” A voice from behind them said softly. Hinata and Tenten almost got an heart attack and turned around. Temari frowned at them.
“T-Temari-chan! Shh!” Tenten hissed. “We’re taping some very good romance scenes here.”
“Not we, you…” Hinata mumbled.
“You’re taping Sakura with HIM!?” Temari almost screamed. “That’s disgusting! How could she!?”
“SHHHT!” Tenten could k
:iconcaylislover:Caylislover 78 87
+Impossible Love -- ch 05+
Impossible Love
Chapter Five
Popular Problems
“I’m kind of glad you didn’t leave when I fell asleep…” Sakura said against Deidara as they walked through their school.
“Never.” Deidara smiled cute. “You were on me anyways, un…”
Sakura blushed a little. “S- Sorry.”
“It doesn’t matter.” He answered happily. “Your mom is kinda scary though…”
“She’s just grumpy.” Sakura stopped when they were standing next to her locker and opened it, dumping some books in it.
Deidara noticed Neji a little further, but decided to ignore him and turn to Sakura again. He smiled.
“What time do you normally get up at, un?” He asked her.
“7:30 AM.” She threw a notebook in her locker.
“7:30!? I only start waking up at 7:45…” Deidara mumbled.
“I’m a slow biker.” Sakura said laughing
:iconcaylislover:Caylislover 74 88
+Impossible Love -- ch 02+
Impossible Love
Chapter Two
Love in a Hospital
Sakura’s POV
“W- what happened?!” Hinata asked, wide eyed.
Everywhere were shocked voices. I saw a man quickly come out of the car.
“Someone call 911!” I heared someone yell.
Immediately, without even realising it, I got my mobile phone out of my pocket and pressed on the small buttons.
“S- Sakura-chan?”
Deciding it’s better not to answer my best friend, I held up the phone to my ear while hurrying to the scene, not even thinking about locking my bike again. Hinata, who still hadn’t been able to unlock her rusty old bike, followed me.
“Alarm number, how can I help you?” A friendly, female voice said into my ear.
“There has been a car accident next to Konoha High.” I answered, surprised about myself how calm I was.
:iconcaylislover:Caylislover 77 67
+Impossible Love -- ch 03+
Impossible Love
Chapter Three
Sakura was way to early at school, a big surprise, since she always slept as long as possible. But after declaring that she hadn’t been able to sleep and had gone to school to her friends, she smiled broadly to no one.
“Sakura-chan, you’re acting very weird.” Tenten said. “Are you ever going to tell us?”
“No.” Sakura smile turned into a grin, but she gasped when she saw a blond-hared boy enter the school. She let her breath escape when she noticed it wasn’t the person she had wanted it to be.
“There is some boy, isn’t there?” Ino suddenly said. Sakura sweat dropped.
“How did you know?!”
“Obvious, how you’re looking, how you’re smiling.”
“Damn you Ino-chan.” Sakura mumbled. Tenten almost jumped onto her pink-haired friend.
Sakura turned he
:iconcaylislover:Caylislover 76 37
+Impossible Love -- ch 01+
Impossible Love
Chapter One
My name is…
Sakura's POV
7:30 AM.
With a moan, I turned around and turned off the alarm clock. The beginning of a new day… I should get out of bed.
Instead, I turned around and pulled the sheets over my head. Fuck the new day. Sleep is all I want.
My name is Sakura. Haruno Sakura. I live in Japan and life sucks. I am the dork of my school, have four as unpopular friends as I am (who are really nice by the way. I should be glad I at least have them) and I never had a boyfriend before. Must be because of my bad slash weird looks.
I have green eyes and short, pink hair. Yes, pink. It just reaches my shoulders. I am a real tomboyish girl – I hate skirts and make-up so much! I always walk around in black, baggy clothes. My figure is quite okay and my breasts are to big for a 14-year-old, but if I want a
:iconcaylislover:Caylislover 129 85
+Impossible Love -- ch 04+
Impossible Love
Chapter Four
WTF? Orochimaru?
“I’ll have a frosty chocolate milkshake with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream in it, un…” Deidara ordered, sitting at a table in the café, with Sakura next to him. “And…” He looked at her, questioning.
“The same, please…” Sakura smiled at the waitress, who nodded and walked off with their orders. Deidara smiled at her, and she softly took his arm, blushing. She smiled back.
Deidara looked into her eyes, and Sakura looked back, nervously licking the corner of her mouth a little.
Deidara doomed the waitress who suddenly was standing next to their table again.
“I have your orders.”
Sakura looked up immediately, letting go of Deidara’s arm.
“Arigatou.” Deidara took the milkshakes from the waitress and gave Sakura hers. He took a sip, getting some ice cream on his nose. Sakura laughed and go
:iconcaylislover:Caylislover 67 52



PyxisCetus's Profile Picture
United States
Hi!! The name's Pyx.

I'm a chronic insomniac who has absolutely nothing left to try to help with it...

I'm a newbie cosplayer and have been told by my therapist that it is, in fact, good for me... XD

I love reading and writing and ocassionally I draw.

I'm Active Duty Military and loving every minute of it!

Current Residence: A rainy desert
Favourite genre of music: Country
Favourite style of art: Drawn
Operating System: Vista
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: That really big conch out in the ocean(I forgot what it was called)
Wallpaper of choice: Blue!
Skin of choice: Wolf skin! or one that has a good immune system
Favourite cartoon character: Danny Phantom, Kim Possible, Hinata, Neji, and Gaara
Personal Quote: "A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort."- Herm Albright

And this new profile picture was totally stolen from my Bestie :iconstrawberrynova:
  • Listening to: No One Cares- Atreyu
  • Reading: Nothing...
  • Watching: Movies on my hard drive...
  • Playing: Solitaire
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
So for the coming 2013 con season I plan to attend several different cons in Arizona, Florida, and Maryland (I think...).

Phoenix Comic-con (PCC)- May
Anime Tu-Con- July(?)
Saboten Con- September(?)
Anime-Kaigi- November(?)

MetroCon- July 26th-28th

Otakon- Aug 9th-11th

Most of the Arizona cons have just finished up (Saboten) or haven't even happened yet (Anime-Kaigi) so I don't have specific dates for them yet. PCC is in May I just need to re-check the dates.

So the plan for this year is to attend Metro and Ota, however, plane tickets are hella expensive so I just plan to take a month off of work and fly home and attend the both of them XD but I still have 8ish months left to go before I can put in leave and make it official.

My current costume line up (which is entirely subject to change...) is:
Misty- Pokemon- Gen One
Nausicaa- Nausicaa of the Valley in the Wind
Dani- Danny Phantom
Temari- Naruto Shippuden

Dani is a dual cosplay with Nova who'll be Male!Sam.
Temari is a group cosplay with Nova, Irri, and a friend of Irri's who I think is doing Zabuza and Suigetsu? Not sure...

I feel broke just looking at this list... knowing that I'll be spending crazy amounts of money on weekend passes and merch.... XD

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