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*Kherrigan is having a shitty day and requested tapirs. So tapirs she shall have!

World Tapir Day is actually a thing, you guys. [link] Look at it.
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Crysis328's avatar
tapirs are awesome!:la:
nokinno's avatar
I love tapirs. c:
This is awesome! :la:
comixqueen's avatar
Thank you so much for bringing World Tapir Day to my attention! :dummy:

Malayan tapirs with turbines have just become the world's coolest idea.
Pythosart's avatar
It's a neat holiday! I'm sad I hadn't known about it sooner.
MischievousPooka's avatar
Amusing! Nice facial expression.
Tabon's avatar
This is amusing xD I wonder how these days are even discovered. Need a list instead of relying on the google title
Pythosart's avatar
Ask *Kherrigan. It was on her journal.
H0wl3's avatar
Oh my God it's adorable
Pythosart's avatar
OliveTheBreloom's avatar
I did not know today was world tapir day.
Also, great perspective.
Pythosart's avatar
Neither did I until about an hour ago.

And thanks!
rgyoung's avatar
A jet-powered tapir? Sheer brilliance!
Pythosart's avatar
All tapirs need jetpacks.
Brainmatters's avatar
Tapirs used to be my favorite animal. o:
Pythosart's avatar
They're such odd creatures XD But very likable indeed. Especially the babies.
Brainmatters's avatar
Indeed they are~

Also, this doodle is awesome. Especially since the thing is flying.
SAMH0UND's avatar
Yaaay Tapir ;3; I love his expression haha :'D

Thankyou very muchly ;u;
Pythosart's avatar
You are most welcome! And tapirs are great. Good choice.
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