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By Pythosart
Another mineral dragon! Aquamarine is my birthstone

PLEASE DON'T REPOST THIS TO TUMBLR! Just reblog it from me:…
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Totally unique coloration scheme!

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I love how accurate you choosed the composition of the minerals. I want to make aware, for everyone who's not that familiar with this stone, that the black part is Turmaline and the white part Muskovit, both in this combination are a typical matrix of Aquamarine, so they're not choosed randomly.

I read in the comment section that you draw inspired by a picture, so maybe you weren't aware of this fact by yourself (I don't want to assume anything), nevertheless, this accurateness made a mineral fanatic's heart beat faster.

Aquamarine is one of my beloved minerals, right after Dioptase, but unfortunatelly they're really expensive. Thank you for sharing this dragon!
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Hi Frances!  I just wanted to let you know that I've featured your work in a post called March Birthstone Dragons - Aquamarine - by Various Artists on my dragon artwork blog (with proper attribution and links back, of course).  I love this dragon!  You can find me at Writing Dragons, and your feature here.  Keep up the great work, I may feature another of your dragons again soon!
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The color scheme is gorgeous!
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Such an amazing titan of a dragon.
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Aquamarine is my birthstone too! I love this. : )
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Xeno smile! The smile looks like the mouth of a xenomorph!
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Wow, epic and amazing! :heart:
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esta genial en verdad me gustan los dragones, y en verdad me agrada este! XDDD:3 
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Wow, I really love the look on his face :) Great work !!! 
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So...all of the many pounds of Blue Sky ended up in a dragon...not in a human body. :)
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Great idea ! Very well done.
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fuckin cool idea o:
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your dragons are really cool! I love dragons AND minerals...

but I should say your pictures are flat, I would buy prints but it miss depth and volume.
if it can help to improve! ^^
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The eyes are cool.:)
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Mine too! Eeee XD I love this mineral dragon idea! Why haven't I seen this yet. :)
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One of the Best/beautiful Dragon I ever seen! *A* Love 
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As a mineral fan, this is awesome! Not only is it an epic dragon, you perfectly captured the patterns of cracks, streaks, inclusions and transparency inside the beryl. 
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I want to cuddle his face
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Wow I love the teeth OMG
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really cool concept!
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