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stormywolf295 always has a bunch of weird, creative ideas, especially when it comes to merging.  Here we've merged together into a taur, but with each of our upper torsos remaining separate.

Human stock by :iconthemalenudestock:…

Animal stock by :iconwoxys:, :iconfotostyle-schindler:, Quiet-bliss………

Background by :iconaledjonesdigitalart:

[EDIT: muted the colors a little so they're not quite so in-your-face]

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Hooray for taurgetherness!
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for a bit I was gonna ask what was going on with the overpowering blue. the hue feels like it doesn't blend well with the environment.

maybe a bit of light washout would help, or just adding some more ambient color to even things out
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So weird...

Weird is good :-)

Nice imagination!