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Afternoon of the Iguana


“Come to Cancun, they said…it’ll be fun, they said…no, I have to go swimming in a lake, get all my clothes stolen by monkeys or something, and end up in the middle of nowhere with weird lizards staring at me.  And why am I itching so much?....”

Request for :iconoboroten:


Human stock by JanexasStock…


Animal stock by animalphotos, Kabeer, Minaya86-stocks, Irie-Stock, Parides, NickiStock and Momotte2stocks……………………


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This looks amazing! love the torn skin effect. :)
pythos-cheetah's avatar
Thanks!  It's an effect I've been trying to achieve for three years now, and I think I finally nailed it with this one.
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'Tis remember me a TV series about the alien lizards who waged a war with human race. To hide their real appearance, they weared a skin of eaten humans or so. I don't remember the film itself, just a few moments.
pythos-cheetah's avatar
That would be the miniseries 'V' from the mid-80s.  I didn't think of it at all while making the manip, but you're right that they're quite similar.  V is one of the things that first got me interested in this style of TF.
BigPolarFox's avatar
Awwr, yes! I found it on Wiki. But in the Russia, the series is known as "Виктория" ("Victoria" - СТС TV channel translation), "Знак победы" ("Symbol of victory") and >even as<... Star Wars!! (ОРТ TV channel translation, I watched this version in '99), so I couldn't find it first.
pythos-cheetah's avatar
"Symbol of victory" isn't a bad translation, since the "V for Victory" symbol from World War II plays a major part in the plot's resolution.
BigPolarFox's avatar
They say it's an adaptation of a WW2 theme - aliens as Nazi, their symbol even looked like svastika. But "Symbol of victory" seems like unofficial translation - there was no info about a TV channel. I remembered it in ОРТ's version (Star wars), and when >original< Lucas's SW was released on Russian TV, I very surprised.
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nice skin shedding. very realistic :D
werewolf28081999's avatar
:headbang: Is her skin ripping off?
pythos-cheetah's avatar
Yup.  She IS becoming a lizard, after all.  Shedding goes with the territory
werewolf28081999's avatar
True, but painful. How to make that anyway?
pythos-cheetah's avatar
Actually, that might be another tutorial idea.  Let me work on that
lessthanhuman's avatar
Great job with the scales!
Alakroma's avatar
Looks really nice!
Cristosius's avatar
I like it :)
It is an original idea, and I think it has worth enough to make a good story ^^
kyuubikurama2277's avatar
Wow. Cool and insteresting
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