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I recently developed a painful anal fissure, and my gastroenterologist said he’d call in a prescription for a medicated cream for it.  I was expecting a super-Preparation H or something, but when I got to the pharmacy they handed me a tube of nitroglycerin ointment, with dosage and all that info as if it was being prescribed for a heart condition.


I called my gastro doctor back, and got a hold of his medical assistant.  She confirmed that this was the right medication, told me to take it rectally two times a day, to wear gloves when doing so, and that “about an inch” on my finger would be enough.


I will now pause for all of the medical professionals in the audience to simultaneously wince.


For everyone else, nitroglycerine is a very potent substance, that is usually only taken in very small, strictly controlled amounts.  Which means that my first use of it today, while I was at work, was at minimum about four times the recommended dosage.


Within 30 seconds, I was dizzy, and quickly developed a cold sweat and blurred vision.  After sitting at my desk for about 45 minutes, I started to get nauseous as well.  It was close to my lunch break, so I decided to go into the break room, get something to eat and lie down.


I made it about 10 feet before fainting right in front of my boss.


Fortunately, her first reaction was to call 911.  It probably saved my life, as my blood pressure was 68/33 when they got there.  I’d accidentally overdosed so bad that it had crashed both my BP and pulse, and nearly stopped my heart.  I was in the ER for six hours while they stabilized me and got it out of my system.


I’m home now, and feeling fine other than a headache and being a bit shakey from only getting saltines for lunch and not eating dinner until 9 PM.  But I plan to have some pretty strong words with my gastro doc and his medical assistant tomorrow.

Needless to say, any manipping is probably going to be on hold for at least 24 hours while I make sure I'm fully okay.  Hopefully I can resume work over the weekend.


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Hi! I'm a digital artist from the asshole of America (aka Detroit, Michigan), specializing in photomanipulations of anthro characters. I'm relatively new to the art thing, and entirely self-taught on Photoshop, so I'm learning as I go.




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