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So I know I keep saying it but I'm finally gonna do it. Beginning of August I'm releasing a sample of pages of my own version of Scooby Doo Apocalypse. I just had an itch to make my own so it's finally coming out :) Stick around. I'll have them posted to my account.

Some hints of what the sample will have: the comic will be very dark (something pretty super dark happens), and there will be deep relationship things going on but I won't give much details on that.

See you beginning of August! ;)
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I know I must sound like a picky pain in the ass, but, with the release of Scooby Doo Apocolaypse this week, I  refused to purchase it. I read the previews online and it already gave me bad vibes of the direction DC is planning for Scooby Doo. I know some fans said they loved it and it's fine but in my personal opinion the comic just seems like a entirely different story with the Scooby Doo name brand on it just to make sales. This is NOT a Scooby Doo comic at all. If DC wanted to do a story like this,  make it is own entity with a different name because that's what it really feels like. And if you truly want to make Scooby Doo different to appease audiences, go ahead and add a dark edge and some new elements but don't... DON'T change the entire thing.  This could have been a great comic but it's lacking something... the true spirit and characteristics that is the show we all knew so well.

In fact, I think IGN summed it up even better than myself. See their review on the link below:

IGN review of Scooby Doo Apocalypse
So is official... I'm animating now. Check out my first animation on YouTube at

And there will be more to come.  
There have been many mixed reactions to the newest  Scooby Doo Apocalypse comic being released by DC. I see most to all fans (including myself) are really excited about the new story. Scooby and zombies! Hell yea! However, the design has some fans either indifferent (after all Scooby is open to certain changes) or some just plain upset. I'm in the middle. Fred, Daphne, and Scooby look bad ass, Velma looks okay, but Shaggy has received changes that doesn't fit his character. As a result I redid the cover which you can see in this journal. I would definitely like to hear your opinion on the design. What do you think?

Lastly, I have been dying to make Scooby comics for the longest time. I grew up with the series and read the comics religiously as a kid. After Scooby Doo Apocalypse was announced, I think it would be cool to make a dark Scooby Doo with some of the traditional elements remaining. Unlike DC comics, I would like your take on what should or should not be in the comic since Scooby has always been about the fans. I'd like to hear your opinions.

So please SHARE your comments and share this post so others can take part. Thanks guys! :)
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Which design do you prefer?  
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After working on my recent piece of fanart (Scooby and Shaggy Interview) I figured it might be cool to to do more interviews with peoples' favorite cartoons, especially including Scooby Doo.

Here's how it works. You send me a note/message on deviantart with a question (keep it appropriate guys) and I relay the question to your fave cartoons. They answer it in a comic strip that will be posted here on deviantart ;)

Sounds neat eh? So send me a message and ask your fave cartoon your questions today!
So I just wanted to let you guys know for the past year I've been working on two webcomic series and I'm... having a blast! I just hope you guys really enjoy my comics as much as I enjoy creating them. I'm also happy to say that I'm going to have a new webcomic series out this summer so make sure to check back for some neat sketches and promo art for the series. This will be an awesome summer! I can't wait! :)
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So I just found out today that they are coming out with another Scooby Doo movie straight to dvd (…). You can probably tell from some of my fan art already that I love the show. Anywho, I can't wait until this thing is released this August. I'm going to watch the hell out of it ha ha. 
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I just wanted to let you all know about the new-ish group that I set up. It's basically a group meant for comic submissions, whether it's your own creative work or a fan-based work. 

The name of the group is Bizarremoon. Just click this link right here: 
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So I finally published one of my comics: The Tales of Lev

This is now available on Amazon Kindle

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There is nothin much to really say... but....


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Well I must say that at first I wasn't that much a fan of contemporary art. I'm still not the hugest fan but I can somewhat see what the hype is about now, taking a a contemporary art class.

I think I want to start doing some stuff like that... something to express me, society, politics, and all of that a little more.

I'm gonna have fun with this
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Sooo... here are some random things that come to mind:

Doctor Who
Monty Python
Making a Snowman (I WANTS TO RIGHT NOW)
Chinese Food
Dr. Pepper
Disneyland (YAYZ)

Oh did I also forget to mention ART...!

Ha ha I'm so bored right now
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...obviously yes. I hate studying so much though and I'm at that point in my life that I'd rather procrastinate from my studies and do other things that I feel are personally more important.

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This journal entry is merely about nothing. I am experiencing a slight moment of mere boredom and so... where do I wander. That's right! Right here to deviantart because I know its been waiting for me to post some more interesting pictures and corny journal entries.

So... yep... I'm just typing this journal entry and doing nothing else with my life. *Sigh* Okay, this is beginning to get pretty boring too.

Oh! An idea just struck me and the sense of boredom has now vanished into thin air!!!

I think I'll go outside, get some fresh air, and do something! Oh, I am clever.
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Yay! It's my birthday... well... tomorrow is my birthday but I'm extremely excited!

So, feeling as gleeful as I am, I'm putting loads of Python and Dr. Who related pictures up!!! Hooray!
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I am so happy about a little something I have put up on my site, MONTY PYTHON'S ORBIT. If you haven't visited it yet and you're a big Monty Python fan, go ahead and pay a little visit. This is the url:
However, back to this new addition to the website that I've become so thrilled about. I have just added a new FORUM, founded by a friend of mine, Amy. So this means that anyone who is a really-really big Python fan and wants to talk about their favorite Pythons can finally have a place to do this. So, if you've been planning to join a Python FORUM for these reasons or whatever reasons it may be, come and pay a visit. You can find it on my site under ACTIVITIES or you can find it through this url: www.montypythonmad.proboards51…
So take a little looksey if you wish! :)
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I'm soooo happy I finally found this site! I never knew it even existed until someone told me that it actually did. For this, I am very thankful. This is by far an art lovers dream come true! The only problem is trying to select the favorite images I have out of the many. And I have quite an array even. There's fanarts (some of which I have already put up) then there are monsters and warriors that I just like to create out of my spare time.
Some images that I have made are on other parts of the web actually. Many of them are Monty Python sites of course (I mean my name is "pythonorbit" for goodness sake). Actually, since I have made so much Monty Python art, I got sick of submitting them to other sites and just made my own website ( I love the site too because I can also put up my own animations and music videos and other creative stuff.
Okay, I better stop now. I just love to write too much and I get so carried away.
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