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Lowpoly mini Mass Effect scene - hires tex version

By Pyroxene
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A while ago I wanted to make some little low-poly retro versions of Mass Effect characters. I was gonna do like 3, at most. But I got carried away, so here's a whole bunch of them.

I was originally going to render these at a very low texture resolution, but I got too attached to my 512x512 work textures, so I kept them in there. I still put up an additional version of the scene with all characters at 128x128, because that was originally the point after all. You can see that version here: [link]

I'll upload some closeups of individual characters over the next few days. In the mean time, have some Shepard: [link]
(Edit: got around to posting them all, if you wanna see them, they're in the gallery. :))

PS: Yeah I know it's a bit of a mix and match of different versions of the characters from different installments in the series, but I didn't take it that seriously, so there. =P

(Edit again: since a lot of people are asking: I used Blender both for modeling and texturing.)

(Last edit: since the journal I posted the source files in is off my main page now, here's a link to them: [link])
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This looks great. Fantastic detail.
alexfr36's avatar
Lol, awesome and cute. I really like it :D
But... no Jack ? Awww :'(
SubliminalDesire's avatar
This. Is. Awesome.
Battledroidunit047's avatar
Okay, let's see what's going on here.
Shepard's taking on THREE reapers alone, Tali's tripped on something, Garrus just got klonked in the head by a missile, Wrex and Grunt are having a headbutt showdown, Liara's performing a fireworks display, Thane's...Praying, i think, Mordin's doing science stuff, and Miranda's...idk.
AliasAA23's avatar
Haha these are cute :)  Nicely done.
Mystressb's avatar
Still the most adorable use of the Mass Effect license ever.  I'd kill for little figures of these.
Mr-Some-guy's avatar
Tali: It's mine! *pounce*
MightyKombat's avatar
Tali's never looked cuter
TheDragonauthor's avatar
Oh my gosh, Liara is so cute! The whole idea is great!
Kumorohyou's avatar
Oh, my. That's cute.
MagzO's avatar
Garrus is getting hit by a rocket. .__. I love this. 
AdmiralMacLoud's avatar
He did take a rocket to the face in ME2.
RenMoraes's avatar
Tali's so CUTE !!!!
kato42's avatar
Very cute. :)

I like how Liara seems to be just making biotic fireworks, and Garrus is about to have a face full of missile! :D
patchy-fan's avatar
They are so CUTE! 😆
Sothe17's avatar
Tail's mask😆
SubLucidaSidera's avatar
I thought li'l Thane looked all sad, but (if I'm not much mistaken) he seems to be looking at...something else. :heart:
alexfr36's avatar
He's meditating, i dont think Miranda's geneticaly enhanced ass has anything to do in this story.
... well, i guess ?
Tharcion's avatar
In case no one else has said it: Ah! So that's what Mass Effect: Andromeda is going to be like. Awesome! :D
Ziggy-FoxCat's avatar
*slides under Tali to cushion her fall* FOX PILLOW! >:V
Archangel7021's avatar
The Reapers are cute... WHY ARE THEY CUTE?
LCShepard's avatar
Glitch Shephard 
AdmiralMacLoud's avatar
Indoctrinated Son of a B****!!!
Archangel7021's avatar
*Reaper fog horn of agreement*
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