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2D survival horror game mockup - city streets

This must be at least two years old now, it's kind of like a mockup screen of this 2D survival horror game me and a friend were going to make, but it never really got off the ground. Maybe one day we'll get back to it.
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very cool ! nice work !!!
warahi's avatar
Too bad it didn't happen. Looks beautiful.
doctrina-kharkov's avatar
cyogesh56's avatar
Looks great! I want to play it. Let's make it!
krbnr's avatar
Very nice, If you provide the art my company will love to develop the game.
Rasmus-Miami's avatar
Looks fun! I like the art :)
HavardGlenne's avatar
Looks awesome! I'd play this any day!
MrCyberV2's avatar
Make this a game. Please !!!
playmonkey's avatar
really brilliant art, so when is the game coming out ;)
h311Man's avatar
dude this needs to be a game
CoolerTheGreat's avatar
wow, i could just imagine the potential this game will have
MakeGamesHappen's avatar
Reminds me of shadowrun.
Bomberzocker's avatar
That's exactly what I needed as a concept art illustrating my game design document.
Hunter-Wolf's avatar
Looks very appealing, my mind immediately thought "i want to play this game" .. it would be great if you ever get to make it one day.
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just amazing and very cool . the palette of colors is really nice !
balorkin's avatar
Absolutely brilliant and amazing!
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I love this and there are many good background sketches/drawings/paintings on DA but something about this one really appeals to me. Could be the lighting, could be the little character, I'm not sure - I just really love this one.
BlueSunD's avatar
Freaking awesome !!!
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Coolest thing I've seen all week.
Kl4pp5tuhl's avatar
I'm reminded of the first "I Am Alive" game trailers that showed up on youtube. They changed that game from I Am Legend-ish open world survival to a linear survival game.

A game like this in an open world context for survival could be fun.

I say keep it until you have a good idea of what to do with it!
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I will definitely keep it until we know what to do with it, someday. :)
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