Pokemon Black Adventures Fic: In Monochrome [PT1]

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In Monochrome
Part: One

"I can't believe this year's Elite Four Challenge is already here." Black let a smile of excitement cross his face, looking at White. "You're going to do great."
"Thanks, but I'm still nervous." White frowned. "Victory road was a challenge even with you guys with me."
"Not that any of us besides Black did very much..." Belle smiled despite herself. "Poor Munny just wasn't ready, and Cheren's a jerk so he didn't help at all."
"I didn't need to." Cheren shrugged. "Edgeworth alone would have made things too easy, and it isn't me who wants to challenge the Elite Four right now."
"That's no excuse..." Belle sighed.
White smiled and looked down at Joy. "You did a great job with your healing abilities."
Joy blushed and smiled, "It's the least I could do."
N looked around, everyone looked happy in their own way and their Pokemon seemed to feel the same. Even when they got hurt, each Pokemon kept trying for his respective trainer. He found himself smiling too, because he realized that the trainers around him did truly have good bonds with their Pokemon. He still couldn't understand it, but he was glad that some people were good.
"The Elite Four is in that building, right Cheren?" Belle pointed to the looking, ornate structure that came into view as they exited the cave. The whole place looked like a palace from a dream, and there were four spires that stood out; one stood on each corner of the large building.
"Yes, that would be correct." Cheren said. "Four trainers who've proven themselves to each stand out for their affinity with a specific type. Even gym leaders can't compare in terms of strength."
"Then there's the champion..." White looked uneasy. "He's the strongest trainer in the country."
"There's seats for spectators, right?" Black asked. "Like in the other tournaments."
"The Elite Four challenge works differently from things like the Indigo Plateau." Cheren said. "Things like the Indigo Plateau are advertized on television because they're more like tournaments between trainers, each competing to challenge the champion of those tournaments. The Elite Four isn't advertized because there are only four trainers, and if you can watch the battles on TV it makes it easier to prepare for those battles since the trainers rarely change. They prefer to keep the audience to a minimum."
"Does that mean we can't watch?" Asked N, frowning. He wanted to see how these "elite" trainers treated their Pokemon. He needed to know if the best trainers could still be kind to their Pokemon.
"It's hard to say." Cheren said. "I doubt it, though."
"Well that sucks..." Black frowned. "Let's go inside, we can double check at the very least!"
The group walked through what looked like a palace garden, full of beautifully-colored flowers of all kinds. Bug pokemon fluttered around, collecting pollen and making nests.
"A bulbasaur!" Belle pointed to a small frog-like pokemon with a bulb on its back. The creature slept comfortably atop a rock in the midday sun. "Those are really rare, especially in Unova!"
"Go, Edgeworth." Cheren sent out his serperior. "Use, toxic."
The botanical snake pokemon spewed a purple poison at the sleeping bulbasaur. The thing awoke as a result and cried out in discontent."
"What did you just do to that Bulbasaur?!" N cried out.
"Edgeworth poisoned it to make it easier to capture." Cheren said with impatience. "If I simply had Edgeworth attack it, the Bulbasaur would have fainted from the force and then I wouldn't be able to capture it."
"Black!" N pouted in frustration. "Make him stop!"
"N, it's really not that big of a---" Black tried to calm his friend.
"It's suffering!" N had tears in his eyes. "Make Joy heal it now!"
"Stay out of this." Cheren closed his eyes. "Edgeworth, use vine whip but remember not to do too much damage to it."
Edgeworth hissed and sent out two vines to lash at the struggling Bulbasaur. N sprinted in front of the weak Pokemon and braced for the impact. The vines hit him full-on, knocking him to the ground.
"N!" Black exclaimed, running over to the green-haired man.
N got up, shaky from the hit. He clutched the menger cube dangling from his belt loop and it changed in a flash of light into a gun made of the same material. His clothes erupted into a blinding light, and when the light faded he was wearing blue short-shorts, a frilly blue-and-white skirt covering only one leg, a white tank top with pink and white layers of lace at the bottom, and the length of his hair was tied back in what looked like a red elongated chinese finger trap exposing only mid-length fringes and bangs. His legs were covered halfway by long, grey-blue boots. "Stop hurting it, this Pokemon didn't do anything to you!"
"A gun?" White looked disturbed, and then turned to Black whose appearance also seemed to have changed. "And why are you wearing so much leather?"
Black looked down at his body. He was wearing long black boots, with longer black stockings. His black shorts were skin-tight, but not as short as N's. Buckles held the boots and shorts together at the sides, but caused a gap of about an inch of visible skin all along either side of his body. He wore two belts, one with skull buckles and one made of strange symbols held together by red segments of cloth. On his neck was a black, leather collar. His chest was covered by a skimpy black shawl.
"Ah!" Black fell backwards in shock. "Why does this always happen?!"
"What do you mean?" White raised an eyebrow.
"Never mind." Black sighed. "Forget it. N, put that away."
"Tell Cheren to leave Bulbasaur a---" N started.
"What in Arceus' name are you kids doing?" an official-looking young woman with long black hair in a black business suit asked, holding a pokeball in her hand. "The pokemon in this garden are protected by the League; you can't catch them."
"My apologies." Cheren bowed respectfully, returning his pokemon to its pokeball. "You're League Chairwoman Donna, correct?"
"I'm surprised you know who I am." The woman's face grew less stern. "I suppose there's no harm done... I'll have this Bulbasaur healed. Are you all here to take the Elite Four challenge?"
"Just me." White stepped forth. "My friends are here with me for moral support."
"They'll have to wait in the visitor center while you take your challenge." Donna said. "I'll take you all inside for the registration process."

N and Black sat alone in the waiting room of the visitor center. Belle and Cheren wandered off to explore the whole of the building, or at least the parts where non-competitors were allowed. N looked over at Black, who hadn't spoken yet. He looked back down at his own lap when he saw that Black wasn't about to speak. The two sat in silence for a few more moments before it was broken.
"N..." Black looked over. "I know you don't like seeing battles, but that's how trainers catch Pokemon. They heal them afterward anyway..."
"That's not the point." N sulked. "I just... don't like seeing people or pokemon get hurt. That's why we've done everything we have so far, isn't it?"
"I..." Black went quiet.
"You what?"
"I... don't think we have the same feelings about this." Black sighed. "I don't like seeing anyone hurt, but you freak out about it so much. It drives me nuts sometimes."
"Oh..." N looked down, frowning. "I'm sorry."
"And that's another thing!" Black seemed like his frustration was hitting a peak. "I'm so tired of you being so apologetic with me, and shutting down. You act like a child and I don't know what to do. You made White uncomfortable around both of us because of the stupid outfits we somehow changed into, and you embarassed us all!"
"Oh." N stood up, pulling the bill of his hat down over his eyes. "Is that... really how you feel?"
"N..." Black caught himself. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ye---"
N ran off with his sleeve over his face before Black could finish speaking. When he reached the doorway to the main lobby from the waiting area, N turned back to Black and smiled. Black could make out two shimmering trails down N's cheeks.
"My friends getting hurt... That's what a Pokémon battle is." N said in a shaky voice.
"N..." Black stood up so as to walk toward his friend. "I'm sorry, I just think that you're taking things too far..."
"You're saying I should just allow people to think whatever they want and treat Pokémon however they want, no matter whether the Pokémon suffer?" N felt hot tears streaming down his face. "I can't let that happen anymore! I know that even good people make Pokemon suffer without a second thought! Even someone as perfect as you!"
"What are you saying?" Black hesitated. "I'm not perfect... and there's nothing you can do to stop all of the mistreatment at once. Just calm down, okay?"
"Oh but he can." A voice echoed through the room, followed by a haze of smoke pouring in from behind N. Three figures stood shrouded in the fog. N coughed violently as the billowing haze enveloped him.
"What's going on?" Black stood defensively.
"Remember us?" Another voice said. The haze cleared and the Shadow Triad was revealed. "We're here to finally return the prince to Ghetsis."
"You... what?" N asked.
"Ghetsis has the Dark Stone." One of them spoke. "You are our prince, and it is your duty to summon the legendary Zekrom. With it, only you may defeat Pokemon Trainer White and reclaim the Light Stone from her. After that, you may return the two dragons to their original form and split the world into two! You will finally have a world just for Pokemon."
"N will never help you!" Black shouted.
"Black..." N looked up at his friend. "I..."
"N...?" Black's confidence faded. "N, you're going to help me right?"
"I'm sorry, Black." N turned to the Shadow Triad, his face to the ground once more. Tear began pouring once more from his eyes. "This is the only way."
"Stop him, now Black!" Missingno's voice rang out. Black unsheathed the Missingno blade, still in the leather outfit from earlier. "I remember my purpose now. I was placed off the coast of a small volcanic island by Arceus, locked away beneath the seafloor. I was to lay in rest there for what was hoped to be an eternity. When a chain of events began that would come to threaten to world, Arceus awoke me and told me to wait for a trainer capable of wielding my powers. A boy a bit younger than yourself came along and found me one day while riding on a strange-looking smiling white...thing. He caught me in a Pokeball, but my power was too great for the both of us at that time. My powers overflowed, and whenever the boy would bring me anywhere, I'd cause a series of strange events. Eventually he came to terms with the fact that he would have to release me in order to spare himself of my reality glitches. When he did that, I was drawn into a dream world where I lost my memory. You found me, and with you my powers are completely manageable. Do you understand what this means?"
"Black is..." N's eyes widened.
"That's right." A Triad member laughed. "Black is one of the two heroes of prophecy, capable of wielding the Light and Dark Stones. And you, N, are the other hero."
"Kill him, Black!" Missingno shouted. "If you don't, the world itself will be brought to the brink of destruction!"
Black stood silently. His free fist clenched, and he stood shaking for a few seconds. He thought about everything he had just learned. He cried out, frustrated by his fate.
"Black." N looked up at him, smiling as though he could feel anything other than fear. "Don't put yourself in danger. If you don't get hurt, then we can still be friends once this is all over. I'm leaving now..."
"Fool!" Missingno shouted, and threw itself in blade form at N. As the blade was about to make impact, N and the Shadow Triad disappeared into thin air. Missingno stopped itself in the air. "You should have stopped him when you had the chance."
Black said nothing.
"I'm talking to you!" Missingno floated back over to Black.
The boy collapsed onto the ground, sobbing quietly. He shook violently, quietly repeating the word "No" over and over again.
Missingo returned to Black's body and spoke from within him. "You must find White right away. She's in danger, idiot. You wouldn't let her get hurt, would you?"
"White!" Black shot up. Donna and two security guards ran into the room.
"What's going on in here?" Donna looked around, seeing no one but Black.
"I need to get to White." Black approached Donna and the doorway to the main lobby. "Everyone here is in danger, and I need to get to her."
"The girl challenging the Elite Four?" Donna asked, her face still skeptical. "I don't know what you're talking about with this danger nonsense but I can't let you in during the battles. Only the Champion battle may be viewed by guests."
"Well where is she now?" Black tried to calm his breathing, but he was still frenzied.
"A moment and I'll find out." Donna took out a Poketch and pushed a button on it. She spoke into the watch. "Hello, Caitlin? Has the challenger fought you yet?"
"Yeah, she just left my room." Caitlin spoke back through the watch. "She came, interrupted my beauty sleep, defeated each of my pokemon, and left to go see Alder."
"She's already beaten the other three?" Donna's mouth hung open in shock. "It's only been just under an hour!"
"Yes, she's very strong, Donna." The girl's voice came through again, followed by a yawn. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to finish my nap."
"The girl sleeps more than an Abra." Donna pushed a button on her Poketch and let out a sigh. "Well, you can go see your friend in the champion's room. Let me show you the way."
Black followed Donna through the main lobby, and into a door behind the main counter that was guarded by several armed security officers with belts of six pokeballs around the waist of each. They nodded to Donna as she led Black into a massive room of stone. Everything, excluding a large central statue of gold, was made of stones. Behind the statue was a door leading to what Black assumed was some sort of back garden.
"The temple where the champion is battling your friend is just past that door." Donna pointed to the door.
"Thanks!" Black sprinted toward and out the door at full speed.
"Strange boy..." Donna frowned. "I wonder if he's got a bondage fetish or something. Oh my."

Black ran toward what looked like a true religious temple. He opened a massive wooden double door and entered a room of gold, with one main platform atop a small flight of stairs. N stood in the middle of the room on the left side, while a man with long red hair stood with White on the other side.
"It's over! Never again will Pokémon be made to suffer or be held captive by humans. It's all thanks to my friend, Zekrom. Alder, years ago you lost your first Pokemon to sickness... I know what it's like to lose something close to you. You wandered Unova for a long time looking for purpose, and now you're the champion. Or, you were until just now. Now that I'm the champion, all the Pokemon in the world will be freed because the strongest trainer ever will have told everyone to do that!" N declared. "No one will stop me, I know that this is what I have to do."
"White!" Black shouted, and ran to the young woman's side. "Stand back, both of you. This is too dangerous."
"N..." White pulled out a glowing orb from her purse. "I can't let you do that to all of the people and Pokemon in this world. Don't you see? Humans and Pokemon work together and seperating them would be hurtful to every person and every Pokemon! There will always be suffering, and if everyone just abandons their Pokemon then it will be a lot worse. I've got the Light Stone here, and I'll stop you myself if that's what needs to happen."
White held out the white orb. It glowed faintly, and then dimmed as if rejecting White as its owner. White looked at it closely and then at N. "Why did it work for him and not me...?"
"I told you that you need to stay back." Black turned to N. "Does it really have to be like this, N? What happened to doing things our own way and figuring out a solution ourselves?"
"What's the point of trying that if all you really care about is her?" N said.
"What?" Black's eyes widened. "What are you talking about?"
"You love her... but I love you." N looked away. "I didn't at first... I just thought you were cute and I liked spending time with you. But when I watched you risk everything to protect others... when I saw how brave and strong you were, no matter what the risk... I fell in love. I thought maybe you'd love me too if I was nice to you, and if I showed you how much I cared about you. I thought that maybe that would make up for me being a boy... but nothing was ever enough. You never smiled at me like you'd smile at White. It didn't matter how hard I tried, you always cared about her more than me. I'm so sick of it; it's like she's always in my way! First you, and now the Light Stone. I hate her, and she needs to just go  away!"
The orb in N's hand exuded a dark purple aura. The light seemed to seep onto the floor and pool around N. A horrendous shriek emitted from the orb, and a large figure that almost reached the ceiling on the vast, empty room took form.
"Zekrom agrees with me, see?" N pointed to Zekrom, which was now fully formed in all of its ebony glory. "But Zekrom and Reshiram won't both be able to be summoned in this small place. I need a big, open space."
The floor started shaking violently as though a horrible earthquake was ravaging the area. White screamed as a large chunk of debris narrowly missed her. The entire temple was falling apart around them. Black looked out the door to see that the sky had darkened and lightning danced from cloud-to-cloud. He looked at the horizon and saw a castle of gold raise from the ground.
"Daddy's castle..." N could see out the doorway as well. "I guess that's where daddy wants us to fight."
"It's a trap, Black!" Missingno warned. "Going to the bad guy's lair is a bad idea."
"If I'm the bad guy to you... that's okay." N smiled weakly. "That just means I can do this. Shadow Triad, bring White to the castle so Black will go."
The three ninja-esque persons appeared and grabbed White by the arms. "Yes, Lord N."
"No!" White struggled. "Let me go!"
"Let go of her!" Black pulled out his blade. "I said, let her go!"
"Come to the castle and you can get her back when you win." N said.
"N..." Black looked at his friend, with a mixture of sadness and rage in his eyes. "We're not friends anymore."
"I know, Black." N's eyes watered. "I know..."
N, Zekrom, White, and The Shadow Triad vanished and Black scurried out the door to avoid getting crushed by falling debris. When he walked outside; he looked toward the massive, looming castle that towered over even the clouds at points. He made his way toward the structure, silently approaching his final battle.
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