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OLD ART - MP5 for HL1 by Pyrosity OLD ART - MP5 for HL1 by Pyrosity
Here is the updated compile for that old MP5 model I made for HL1 many years ago, on Ambient.Impact's "HD" arms and the Gearbox animations. Texture was created from a single photo I ripped from google image search, and since I knew nothing about uv mapping I basically didn't; it's practically plastered to the side of the model, but works well enough.

It was intentionally made rather low-definition (someone on HIT coined the term "normal definition" for it, which made sense considering it's detail was in between the original and "HD" models), with Milkshape 3d. I wanted a replacement model for the original 9mmar that looked consistant with the other defaults and corrected a minor issue the original had - the default is a silenced mp5sd, while all other models/sounds ingame are based on the non-silenced mp5 navy. Final triangle count roughly around 1000.

Uploaded because I realized that the only place left to find it was a forum post on DA's pretty good about keeping stuff available, but to be safe I'm backing them up multiple places online and off.
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August 5, 2010
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