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In my travels across Mhad Su Tarre, I have learned a little of the language of tones and its various dialects. I have made efforts to translate some of the local text to angles, from excerpts I've found or been given. Some of the original texts are sealed in film and appended here, alongside my notes and attempted translations.

From a pamphlet found upon a dead Hyeden mercenary, killed by confederate soldiers;
As Hyed we are familiar with cannibalism in our society – far too familiar, I'm afraid. To those unaware, it raises health concerns for our people and our way of life. It is damaging us culturally. We must kick this habit if we are to advance as a modern people above our brutal nomadic tradition.
Sate the urge through the consumption of fresh game caught from the wild, and ween yourselves away from this vulgar habit. Learn to control your blood lust and shy away from this thirst. It is not within us naturally, as our historians know. We were not always of this disposition. It is ingrained only by our minds and upbringing.

From the writings of my good friend Azer—whom I met upon my defection to the Mhadyon Coalition and have grown to be close to since;
The proud Hund lives a chivalrous life. He is honorable among his comrades but ruthless towards his enemies. He is skilled in both blade and bow and rifle, able to fend for himself entirely should the need arise, and for his family. He is concerned for his community and will fulfill his duty to protect it from outside aggression. The Hund also know allies in other Cainen, but are wary of the Hyed. He does not damn Hyeden on prejudice but he will not so easily let his hand enter their companionship as he would other Cainen.

From a prayerbook found in the soaring heights. I had quite some difficulty with this, as the Lhogadin dialect is especially disconnected from the traditional Falidyn and Muusilin tones it is based upon, along with using a lot of ancient Lhogadin wordage. Levet, a Muusilin I met some weeks ago, assisted me with this (somewhat broken) translation;
Smoking essence of herbs from coarse pipe and letting soot burn your nose. Do not attend to its wetness, but lay backwards against a rock or tree, head facing sky. Embrace mediation and enter your spirit. Within, you find your other. Confront him, and become him listening to where he speaks. Fret not over haze. Concern yourself only with understanding why you are he, and how he you. Know to open discourse is the paramount in this exercise.

A gift from a Falidyn officer by the name of Jove; she had heard that I was collecting such things and it amused her enough to entertain an addition:
Field manual section 16; Grave digging. In the process of retrieving casualties, after triage has been performed and all immediate needs attended to, cover any gruesome corpses with marked tarps. If graves cannot be dug immediately, stake the tarps to the ground and mark each with the tags of the fallen. Fresh corpses can be collected and stowed and then removed from the battlefield if there is ample time and the enemy allows it. This is preferable to graves in the field. If graves must be dug on-site, retrieve the tags and any equipment save for clothing or fatigues, making sure to keep it together for sterilization.

From the journal of Colonel Marcus P., formerly of the 3rd Legion, RFL.
One of several pieces I wrote earlier in the year. Since I can't really show anything from or say anything about the work I'm doing at my internship, figured I'd post these.

Another experimental one; organized as Marcus's personal collection of notes and excerpts that he's gathered on his travels through Mhad Su Tarre.

Annoyingly, DA doesn't accept .doc files, so the formatting is probably a bit crude. You can find the .doc here: [link]
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