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Know everything in history up to the year 1989 CE to be true.

    In 1992, construction begins on an elaborate global network of underground tunnels and passageways, complete with rail systems that can transport cargo and people across the world faster and safer than any method before. This massive infrastructure is called the International Subway System, and is governed and watched over by the Anti-Dominance Alliance. The construction of the ISS results in the discovery of massive fossil fuel deposits. Oil production and consumption soars.
    During the 1990's, the USSR reformed itself into a larger, stronger union - the Asian-Soviet Union of Nations. The United States formed its own alliance with the greater European powers, calling themselves "New World", later renamed to the New World Imperium. An unknown entity commissioned the world's largest genetic research corporations to work independently towards a new project shrouded in confidentiality. The NWI and ASUN used the ISS illegally to transport war materiels to proxy wars, and the ADA tried to defend the ISS from intrusion.
    At the turn of the century, war was declared formally between the two giant superpowers. In the last act of humanity, both agreed to abstain from nuclear warfare in hopes to avoid mutually assured destruction. War erupted across the Earth. Areas not in direct conflict between the two superpowers fell to local wars and chaos.
    Unannounced, the Anthropomorphic Races arrived. Suspected to be the product of a concerted genetic research initiative, they were comparable to Humans in both mind and body. These Anthropomorphs could be described as bipedal, sentient animals. The Anthropomorphic Races were met with a fresh wave of strife, especially throughout the NWI. They sought haven with the sympathetic ADA and the indifferent ASUN amongst the chaos of war.
    Conflict raged on for nearly a decade until the ASUN finally gained an upper hand. It forced the NWI back from almost every key hot spot on the globe. The ADA finally allowed the ASUN unrestricted passage through the ISS, in order to squelch what remained of the NWI. The two factions formed a coalition known as the AnthroFlux, operating together as the AnthroFlux Military. This coalition's primary goal was to ensure the safety and cooperation of both Humans and Anthropomorphs.

Three billion people died in the Third War.

    But in a miracle, the world holds itself together. Institutions and corporations reorganize, governments shift and shuffle, and the relative abundance of oil reserves as well as the infrastructure of the ISS offer civilization a jump start on rebuilding itself. The AFM acts as a relief army, supplying aid and quelling remnant NWI forces.

    The year is 2014. The New World Imperium has been crippled, losing the longest and dirtiest war in human history. The states of America are no longer united, broken from the ASUN's massive thrust into the heart of the United States' government, Washington DC. Each state now struggles alone to govern itself. Some of the states have tried to form new alliances and several resist ASUN occupation.
    In the Midwestern state of Colorado, the AnthroFlux Military is working to restore order, set up a provisional government, and dismantle a local militia of remnant NWI forces operating out of the Rocky Mountains...
This is the prologue that sums up the history prior to where the story takes place, giving an introduction to Epiverse and the context of the situation.

My goal was basically that sort of breif summary, in just about a page of text - to get people familiar with the state the world is in during the storyline.
KodyYoung Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damn, great prologue to your story buddy! =D
Pyrosity Featured By Owner May 7, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks :)
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