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British 'Frog' Walker by Pyrosity British 'Frog' Walker by Pyrosity
In the same class as the ASUN's "Little Ivan" and the ADA "Wolfhawk" is this early British-designed mech. It is one of the more maneuverable mechs and saw much use as infantry support, and due to its agility it was often equipped with anti-armour missiles in order to take out other mechs and armoured vehicles. The spherical chin-gun had a decently large firing cone while also being armoured, and the legs were known as being especially sturdy for a mech. Though it lacked many of the "extras" of other mechs, such as troop transport capability and top-hatch machinegun, it stood out from the crowd as reliable and survivable - two things any mech pilot will attest mean a lot to him. Boarding is also quite simple and deploying Frogs quickly is something that only adds to it's popularity. The mech simply "kneels" down to the ground low enough for the pilot to climb into the rear hatch - the body ends up only a few feet from the ground.

[This work a part of Epiverse]
wunderbear Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Neat design - although it does resemble the Mad Cat slightly, it's distinctive enough to be unique.

Nice linework, shading, and all that. I should really do more pencil sketching.
Pyrosity Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! :) This is actually a somewhat older sketch (from last fall I believe) and as far as I know, my first mech design that started in perspective instead of a side view. Now that I'm in structural drawing (which deals a lot with drawing things in perspective correctly, blocking their structure out in boxes and developing things in such manner) I'm hoping to do a few more like these. I think mech designs benefit a lot from being created in perspective beforehand, just because of how complex they are from any angle compared to, say, a tank or truck, which end up translating fairly well from side views to 3d.
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February 10, 2008
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