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Alexa catches her breath by Pyrosity Alexa catches her breath by Pyrosity
I decided to finally come up with a colorscheme for her - as you can see on the chart to the right. I didn't use all those colors but they're kind of a base palette I work from to get a consistant set of different shades, tones, etc.

In case you're wondering, she's a white/arctic fox with some unique markings on her face ("mask" around her eyes, and a circular band that wraps around her muzzle), colored tail tip, and red hair.

I decided to go with a slightly green hue for the suit, with some warm, faintly tan areas to keep it interesting and varied. A little bit of practically every variation on her suit is in here, but it's still rather simplified. The extremities are now completely closed (instead of the previous open area on the toe - I could never get it to look right anyway) and the toe and fingertips are padded with high-resistance grips. The lighter areas at the joints are more flexible for unobstructed range of motion, and her vest has kevlar padding in it. The collar of the vest can be worn open as it is now, or tucked in tight against the neak to protect it as well as help conceal her relatively bright fur - this is combined with a camouflaged hooded outer coat that is lightweight in order to totally obscure her body. The coat is also able to be made into a ghille suit, though Alexa does not prefer long range assassinations personally.

I haven't really defined some areas as much as they would be in detail, such as the arms and legs. This is just the base suit over which she wears her equipment - including the rather thick climbing harness that fits around her hips, and all her other gear and weaponry.

After Marcus discovered and captured Alexa while she was attempting to assassinate him on orders from her NWI superiors, she decided to defect to the ADA's cause and stayed with Seattle's Few for most of her active career. Though she was rather loosely attached and often underwent solo missions away from the group, she formed bonds with the very soldiers that were once her enemies, especially with her former target, Marcus. At the time of the Libya incident, her whereabouts are classified.

[This work a part of Epiverse]
CabooseRIF Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2009
It amazes me how similar she is in tactics and disposition to my own character, Grey. I love the suit- in concept as well as looks.
Pyrosity Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2009  Professional Digital Artist

We should continue our discussion we had on skype concerning this sometime.
CabooseRIF Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2009
AGREED. Permission granted to breech the subject at a juncture of your choosing.
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