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13E9 by Pyrosity 13E9 by Pyrosity
Several of Rycker-Mason's ship designs in use circa 2046, primarily throughout the inner belt trade authority and Earth-Mars orbital trade lanes.

Excerpts from a quick reference document published by the Inner Belt Police Department:

Y41 Kingfisher
Most of you should be familiar with this little bastard. Though physically bigger than the Zephyr, it only weighs in at about 2/3 the mass. Along with those obnoxious X77 engines outlaws usually swap in, this gave them a near-cutting-edge against our Zephyrs, even if they did only mount a single .30 caliber machine-gun and a couple racks of dumb-fire rockets most of the time. The rockets gave them the punch to disable or destroy just about any civvie freighter, even if we could catch them when they ran.

C39 Cardinal
This is a transport often up-armored by bandits who favor its sizable cargo bay and ample mounting space for ship-to-ship missiles. Not often fitted with guns as they are not very maneuverable. We see these just as often used by bandit groups as innocent merchants, so I canít stress enough, even if theyíre armed, remember that we donít shoot first.

Y42 Zephyr
For the past 4 years this has been our patrol craft of choice, but with the advent of the new Y47 on the horizon, we'll be upgrading our stock and auctioning the old Zephyrs off soon. They are agile craft well suited to interception duties, as any of you who have piloted one know they can outrun anything made before the 2044 introduction of the Daube Sterneflieger race-craft. I don't need to tell you how much we'll need to be on guard, and even given the Y47's superiority to the Zephyr, we're sure to see upgraded Y42s in due time that exceed the original specs.
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