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Savage Death Valley

Fanart of this amazing short film!
(my name is in the credits lol!)
I just love all the creatures and the silent humor!

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i'm glad your name got on the credits! congrats, man!

and yeah, really loving this short! you can taste how much devotion and effort the animator put into constructing this piece, especially with the blending of conventional-looking animation with stop-motion and puppets!
Pyroraptor42's avatar
Thank you a lot! glad you liked this short cartoon!
FreakyRaptor's avatar
hahaha love it!! :D
Pyroraptor42's avatar
Is a short film by an amazing dude from NewGrounds! He put my name in the credits as a special thanks.
His art is amazing!
FreakyRaptor's avatar
Can you send me the link plz? :D
Pyroraptor42's avatar
lmao is in the description XD
but here is it again:…
FreakyRaptor's avatar
hahahaha sorry XD
Pyroraptor42's avatar
this dude art is amazing! He being animating since NewGrounds days lol XD
Pyroraptor42's avatar
I hope you enjoyed the movie :D!
ThetripleTto's avatar
I did! It was crude but, it's a enjoyable and oddly suspenseful little film.
Love how dopey let creepy those puppets were and the The cave-couple were cute! Very well done animated film! Good movement and a refreshing art style! great watch! 5/5

Congrats on making into the credits mate! You lucky duck!^^
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