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secret agent cat

a sudden impulse to put meh kittehs heads on james bond stuff
tabby's the bad guy =D
i was going to but thr bird's head on the cat but i dont have a good pic of him ^^'

left to right: dudley(17) moe(6) tabby(6)

MY KITTIES SO DON'T STEAL!!!! dont care too much for james bond i just like to do stupid stuff like this
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XD I about had a heart attack when I saw the thumbnail for this.
You could put Sargy on Tabby's shoulder, technically.
But this is awesome.
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Omg!!! :rofl: This is funny and adorable!! XDD Your cats have turned into secret agents! O__O

Great job! ^^ You're very creative Pyro! :+fav:
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thank you. i've been meaning to do this for awhile but i kept forgetting and it was one of those sudden impulse things XD just like that sudden impulse to collect as many paintball gun ammo as possible when we went outside in spanish today
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Haha! XD It's like whenever I read about cake or something, I get this sudden impulse to eat some cake.
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i dont like sweets much but when i find a kind i like *like robin's eggs and those peanut butter girlscout cookies* i must eat them
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Yeah! Girl Scout cookies=YUMMY!!!
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theuy're too good to resist sometimes but pyro is going to get fatter if she eats too many so she gave them up till easter and she can only have 1 or 2 a week after :(
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Aww. D:

I'm trying to lay off junk food as much as I can. People say I'm a toothpick but whenever I eat too many sweets I get a really bad stomachache or when I have too much chocolate, a major sugar rush followed by a headache. x.x;
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pyro likes fruit(and referring to herself in the third person because he hates the word I for some reason XD ) better than candies so swees are easy to avoid but if i find a really good one i cant stop and then i end up getting sick
but not the throwing up kind of sick its the i hope i can throw up and get this over with but i'm afraid to throw up
pyro hasnt thrown up in about 8 years now o___O
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omg theres dr.evil!!!XD
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he looked cool so i used him for my favorite cat
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