My Hedgehog, Liam, just died. He had a spleen tumor removed over two months ago, but it turned out the cancer managed to spread before it was excised. Yesterday, he suddenly got a lot worse and the vet today found the metastases in the ultrasound (both kidneys completely infiltrated and putting pressure on the alimentary tract). After doing some blood tests, they said he had a few days left, maybe barely over a week, if he received daily drugs and visits to the vet.

I'm a doctor, I work in a haematology unit... I know the suffering some of my patients with refractory (resistant to treatment) leukemia face every day...

It wasn't really a decision. The choice was obvious. I agreed to have him put to sleep, so he didn't have to suffer anymore.

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I'm so sorry to hear that - the impact pets have on our lives can be so great and losing them is just devastating. Hope you're doing OK - stay strong!