I will most likely be moving out of dA soon due to the horror for writers that is the Eclipse update.

I write my stories offline, edit them and then copy-paste them in... after the update, it pasted the edited 11-page story as a solid block of text. It took me 2 hours to re-edit my work.

Not to mention, the new update doesn't support some editing commands, that worked previously, were incorporated into my story and now simply cause my stories to show up wrong.

I will keep you updated, my dear readers, when I decide where I will transfer.

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By pyrokar1990
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tumblr fanfiction ao3 might help just figure I let you know

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:cry: I don't really blame you, this new update was clearly not for writers but it'll be sad if you leave. i'm not looking forward to posting my own stories if I'm going to have to reformat them again.

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If I leave, I'll probably set up just a personal site/blog where I will be posting stories - so you'd just have to check from time to time to see, if there's anything new posted. I'm not stopping writing.

For now though, I'm looking for an appropriate site.

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That's good, when you make the decision of where you're moving to, you should make a post here so we can find you!