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I'm very sorry about your patient. I can't imagine how that would be to go through that. I'll keep you in my prayers and I hope your days brighten.
Obviously those two don't deserve you. I'm very sorry they were so close-minded. You deserve better.

This story was really REALLY HOT! I'm a chick so that might be weird but fuck I can't wait for the next part. You have a very articulate writing style that really sucks readers in, super jealous! Great work.
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Thank you, I really appreciate both the warm, comforting words and the praise. I have to get to writing the second part as soon as I find the time.
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Didn't even read the story yet, but just wanted to say sorry for what you're going through. I'm kind of in the same place, just drifting through life without any passion for anything really. Reading stories here is kind of my get away. I sometimes write too to escape, but it obviously doesn't last forever. Anyway, those two weren't really your friends and you may find someone who likes you for all that you are someday.
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So very sorry.
Story is amazing mate! Love it so far!

Those two were obviously not your friends if a thing like being gay disturbs them. It is unfortunate that people like that exist in this world but there are nice people you just have to go searching for em. 

Wish ya the best -Logan
I loved the story! Very nice 🍆🍆. If it helps at all, I will be your friend to help you through all of this.
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