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Bruh this part is great! Im getting antsy now. I have ideas who the tickler is but im not gonna say heheh
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I like it! I kinda like that all the characters are in some way interested/were interested in each other, it adds a bit of fun to the story. And I like the Niam aspect, I haven't seen a lot of stories with them as a couple, same with Zouis

I can't wait to find out who the Tickler is!!
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Thanks :) Quite a few of mine are Niam stories (at least those that aren't Ziam) and if you're looking for a good Zouis - comfortzone1d has one or two great ones - you can find them somewhere in my favs.
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Wow, just noticed how many grammar mistakes and such I made... I really shouldn't write past midnight. Good thing I ended it there. Gonna fix it tomorrow. G'night.

EDDITED (31.01.2018.): Just fixed all the mistakes I managed to find. Now you can properly enjoy this part.
Very much looking forward to the rest of this!