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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Updated [deity] 'Tymora' entry.
Hope you all had a Happy Easter. Sorry this took so long.
Eleasis, 4th
Niall watched in shock as his friend's body fell limp to the grass, a smouldering hole in the back of his armor, smoke rising from it, filling the air with the stench of singed flesh. The blond looked at Justin, who had his arm raised, remnants of magical energy still flickering in his palm. The apprentice wizard had a faint smile on his face, as if nothing happened.
„Who... who the fuck are you?” Nialler asked, his voice trembling, as the last remains of the green flames in the sky behind them faded into nothingness.
„Now, why would I answer that to a simple bard?” the magician exclaimed with a chuckle. „A simple, soon-to-be-dead bard, to be exact.”
As the wizard fired another fireblast, the blond dodged nimbly out of the way. He drew his rapier and attempted to charge th
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“I. Am. EXHAUSTED,” Harry groaned, collapsing into bed. Louis smirked and passed Harry and Niall on his way to his bed, giving their sides a squeeze as he went. Niall squirmed and Harry gasped, both covering their sides. They locked eyes and came up with a plan. Louis peeled off his socks and collapsed on his bed, eyes shut, headphones in. Niall casually rolled onto the floor and Harry followed his example, crawling close to the floor over to the foot of Louis’ bed. Popping up, they each grabbed a foot and Louis was too stunned to fight back. Securing Louis’ ankles in a headlock, boy boys scribbled their fingers around his soled and under his toes.
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Zayn smirked to himself as he placed a water balloons in Louis and Harry’s hotel bed. He had also managed to rig the fridge to spray silly sting when it was opened. He knew this night would be awesome.
Later that night the rest of the lads were watching Toy Story and Zayn was “reading” a book. He was waiting for Niall to get up to go get food from the fridge and he got his wish.
Niall got up and walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge. He was welcomed by silly string in his face causing him to yelp in surprise.
“WHICH EVER ONE OF YOU FAGS DID THIS YOUR DEAD MEAT” Niall yelled looking at all the boys. After that he stalked of to take a shower. Zayn did all he could from breaking out in laughter and kept reading.
By the time the movie was over Niall had shower and they were all getting ready for bed. The rest of the boys were half asleep with the lights of when Harry and Louis came in and both jumped on the bed at the same time.
With that action all the
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Zayn had always had a natural flair for drawing- one which never ceased to amaze the boys- but he wasn’t so sure about painting. So naturally, he took the opportunity to sit down on a free day, and paint. It was all going relatively well; the young boy he was creating was going along nicely, and he was sure he still had the talent for painting. The only problem right now was that Liam had gotten bored and was now messing with him. “Li, come on, I’m really working hard on this,” Zayn complained, groaning in annoyance at the brunette.
“Fine, I’ll stop,” Liam replied, swapping the navy paint his mate was using for the jeans of the boy with hot pink. Zayn didn’t notice until it was too late, and Liam burst out laughing at the look on his face.
“Liam!” Zayn shook his head at the laughing boy, fighting off a smile. “Meanie!”
“Come on, you know it’s funny,” Liam argued, chuckling at Zayn. He sighed.
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My computer is back in one piece and so are the stories I've been working on. As soon as I get my bearings back, I'll finish writing and post them.
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Sorry about the delay. As some of you may already know, my computer crashed and I almost lost a few dozen hours worth of work on my stories. Took a little over 2 weeks, but I haven't felt so grateful to anyone for a long time as I was towards the guy, who managed to retrieve all my data.

Gonna do regular back-ups from now on... at least until I forget to do them again...

Anyway, a lot of plot-points in this part, a few new plots, a few new-ish important characters. Basically, read very carefully, cause I'm not sure if there's a single sentence in here that's for decorative purposes only. (Seriously, the plot is so thick it took me two more months to just put it all together and make sure I didn't mess anything up).



Eleasis, 5th – about an hour before midnight

„What's the rush, Captain? What's going on?”

Liam was ushered by the chief of Bunetta's house guard to the barracks. The villagers in the fields around them were still busy burying the ashes of those lost to the undead that day. Other than the sounds of mourners' praying and gravediggers shoveling, the night was pretty quiet.

„Well, as Lord Bunetta put it... A window of opportunity may have just opened itself to us. The problem is, we're not sure how long it will remain open.” the head of guards replied, quickening his pace. „We might have a chance to find out the current whereabouts of the book you are supposed to procure... maybe even obtain it, if we're lucky. You must leave without delay however, sir Payne.”

„Why? What happened?”

„I'm sure Lord Bunetta mentioned that the new captain of the Seafarer started picking fights with the Luskan navy. Well, it turned out, the pirates might have bitten a bit more than they could chew. From what we've found out, the Seafarer had been damaged after its last skirmish. Our scout reported, that the ship made port in Highcliff around noon this day.”

„Highcliff? That's Neverwinter territory!” Liam exclaimed in shock.

„Yes and half a day on horseback away from here. Our scout rode tirelessly to bring us this news. I'm afraid the Seafarer and its crew won't stay there for too long though. As you pointed out, it's part of Neverwinter sovereing territory and even though there's probably no troops garrisoning there at the moment due to the turmoil in the capitol, the pirates won't risk remaning on land longer than they have to. After all, their power is on the seas... a grounded pirate is an all too easy target.”

„Well, how many of your men are uninjured and ready to move out? You should probably leave some of the more experienced guards here to protect the estate in case something happens. It's gonna be tough, splitting your troops, especially now after the battle, but...”

„All my soldiers are staying. Most of them require a lengthy recovery, the rest are needed to maintain peace in the area.” the Captain replied with a grim sigh.

„You told Harry, I wasn't going alone.” Payno said, stopping in his tracks.

„You're not. I would've accompanied you myself, but after the recent events, morale is at an all-time low. I'm afraid that without me, even Lord Bunetta's charisma... and his wealth... wouldn't be enough to keep these soldiers in line and prevent desertions.” the chief guard exclaimed, shaking his head. He never expected the day would come, when he would doubt his own men and their loyalty.

„Then who...”

„I'm sending my second-in-command. He may be young and seem inexperienced, but he's a fierce fighter. You might not remember him, but during yesterday's battle, he was leading the charge against the undead in the village. You basically saved his life, by thinking of destroying the necromantic circles first. He was also very impressed by your leadership abilities and strategic mind even in the midst of fighting. He would have volunteered for the job, if I didn't already choose him for it prior.”

„I'm grateful for all the praise and I'm sure he's an excellent warrior, but... how am I supposed to get a crew of pirates to cooperate without proper backup?” Liam asked, visibly disheartened. „Not to be disrespectful, but I doubt he's ever had to deal or negotiate with anybody, let alone corsairs. And that's assuming things don't get violent. Sending in two men, one of whom is only used to fighting with troops by his side, against a mob of cutthroats, who managed to challenge the Luskan navy? I don't like these odds, Captain.”

„I undestand that perfectly, sir Payne. You have to remember though, that the leader of these pirates, this Cockless Charles, has some sort of vendetta against Lord Bunetta. Send in the House Guard and that suffices for a declaration of war. Two freelance adventurers flying no banner however, might have a chance to get on their good side... at least long enough to find out all we need and maybe even to obtain the tome.”

Payno sighed, but continued towards the barracks, figuring the Captain was right and it was their best, if not the only chance to get their hands on the book. To be perfectly honest, Liam was more concerned with how well he would fare in this situation. He was never good at diplomacy, not even under Sir Cowell's tutelage. He never learned the proper way to haggle or how to convince people to his way of thinking.

„Is there something else, I should be made aware of, before we depart?” the knight asked, turning once again to the chief of guards.

„Not so much crucial information, as a personal favour, sir Payne.” the Guard Captain replied, his expression somewhat abashed and uneasy. „I would appreciate it, if you returned with my second-in-command in... reasonably good health. At least as good as possible, given the perilous nature of your mission.”

„I comend you for the care with which you treat your soldiers. I will do my best, not to unnecessarily endanger him, Captain.”

„That's... all I ask for.”

As the two men reached the barracks, they found most of the preparations for the journey already completed – a bag of provisions for two days, a pair of well-rested horses and a map of the surrounding area with the quickest path to Highcliff marked on it.

Payno's old armor was still being repaired in the smithy. Unfortunetely, the blacksmith himself claimed, that the chestplate sustained too much damage and it might not be possible to fix it, although he did promise to salvage what he could. The soldiers at the barracks had to make-do, with what resources they had and managed to find a leather cuirass of a similar size. It didn't provide as much protection, but Liam was used to using lighter armor since the day he had to escape Neverwinter and quite frankly it was still better than nothing.

Having checked twice he had everything he would need on the road, the warrior turned to the Guard Captain.

„And my companion?”

The Chief of Guard led Liam to another room, where a well-built, clean-cut brunnette was removing Bunetta's coat of arms from his armor and weapons. The soldier seemed vaguely familiar, although the warrior couldn't quite remember, where he might have met him before.

Noticing the two men entered, the young male stood up and saluted.

„It breaks my heart to do this, Captain. But... an order is an order.” he replied grimly, even though a radiant smile adorned his handsome face. He was still clutching a knife and Lord Julian's crest on a ripped piece of cloth in his hands.

„At ease, soldier. It's for both your safety.” The Guard Captain replied, then turned to Payno. „Here he is, sir Payne. My second-in-command, Lieutenant...”

„I'm Mathew, but you can call me Matt, if you wish, sir Payne.” the young officer interjected, his face beaming with confidence, as he quickly discarded his knife and extended his hand, shaking Liam's almost too enthusiastically.

„Not that much at ease, Lieutenant...” the Captain said, glaring at him with furrowed brows.

„Apologies, Captain.” the young man replied with a polite nod, though both his tone and persisting smile did not seem apologetic in the slightest.

„I am terribly sorry for his behaviour, sir Payne. As I've mentioned before, my second-in-command is a bit too excited about your mission. He can be a bit headstrong at times, but he's a good lad. Just be mindful of everything I've said earlier and the two of you should get along just fine. If not... just remind him, who the royal knight is.”

„Annointed knight” Liam corrected the Guard Captain, though the man dismissed it.

„I wish there was more time for us to prepare, but I'm afraid you must go. I don't think pirates accept night time as an excuse for taking a break in fixing their ship. Stay safe and gods be with you!”

With that, Liam and Mathew said their goodbyes and headed westwards, where the coast, Highcliff and the Seafarer could be found.


Eleasis, 6th – just before the break of dawn

The two men allowed themselves a break only after several hours of ceaseless riding. They tied their horses to a tree next to a riverbank and left them some feed, before starting a make-shift fire. Liam began roasting some sausages, while Mathew brought out a flask of wine. He took a few sips, then passed it to his travelling companion.

„I've never had the chance to properly thank you, sir Payne.” Mathew started, as Liam downed a few gulps of the beverage.

„It's no big deal.” the knight chuckled, wiping his chin with the back of his hand and putting the flask away. „Your Captain told me, you were leading the charge and was almost overwhelmed by the undead... You did quite well back there, you've managed to hold on and keep your men fighting despite the odds.”

„I'm grateful for the praise and for saving me and my men, but... that's not what I meant.” the other brunette replied bashfully.

Mathew took a large bite of bread, chewing it, while seemingly mulling something over in his head at the same time. Finally, he swallowed and carried on with a heavy sigh.

„I am... well, I used to be... a member of the Royal Guard in Neverwinter... When I heard that my former brothers-in-arms were slaughtered, when the Cult of the Dragon and their Netherese allies sent shadows to attack the throne room, I... well... I'm glad you managed to save King Uther's life.”

For a moment Liam was speechless, gazing at his companion in shock. Then, a thought hit him.

„That's why you looked so familiar. I must have seen you in the palace at some point or another.”

Mathew smiled with a chuckle. „I wasn't going to bring it up, in case you didn't notice or remember me. I have only been sworn into service a few months prior to sir Cowell's death. And then the allegations against you arose and... well, you know the story better than I do.”

„How did you end up here?” Liam asked inbetween chewing his food. „I thought being a Royal Guardsman was a lifelong commitment.”

„It is.” the young soldier sighed, drinking some more wine and gazing up at the night sky, starlight glistening in his eyes.

The first rays of dawn started shining over the canopies of trees in the east, turning the slow moving clouds a bright pink colour. The wind gently rustled in the leaves, mixing with the chirping of birds waking up. In spite of that, the air seemed tense.

„When sir Cowell died and my father realised, how dangerous the Cultists were, he pleaded with Lord Bunetta to intercede with the King on my behalf. Thanks to his influence, I was relieved of my service and transferred to serve as Bunetta's House Guard. We left Neverwinter shortly after... neither of them told me why... neither of them gave me a chance to warn the King or my fellow Guardsmen of the looming danger.”

„Mathew, I'm sure your father...”

„Had my best intentions in mind? I'm sure he did.” the soldier interjected with an agitated smile. „He never asked what I wanted though.”

Liam decided it was better to keep quiet and let Matt speak his mind.

„The King himself may have relieved me of my oath, but I never gave up on my vows. I would have never forgiven myself or my father, if anything happened to King Uther and I weren't there to fight for him. Even if it meant giving my life for him, like... like my friends did. That's why I'm grateful. You fulfilled my duty, when I could not... and I'm sure you will avenge my fallen brethren in time.”

Solemn silence befell interrupted only by the ever more lively birds chirping away in the warm, morning sunshine.

„Your father only wanted to keep you safe.” Liam finally exclaimed, knocking a few breadcrumbs from his leather jerkin as he stood up. „That's what parents do... regardless of anything or anyone else.”

„I know.” Mathew replied with a wistful sigh. „But it keeps me wondering, whether my military career had anything to do with my skills and achievements... or was that simply my father, pulling whatever strings he could to move me to ever safer positions. After all, it doesn't take a genius to figure out, that the only reason I was sent with you, was that staying on the estate after the recent attack was the more perilous option.” he finished with a bitter chuckle.

„Hold on!” Payno stumbled a bit, his eyes wide open in shock. „That means, that...”

„I'm the Captain's son? Yeah, I am.” Mathew said, picking up his things and heading over to his horse. „I'm surprised he didn't tell you. Was almost sure, he'd get you to keep an eye on me or something.”

Liam wanted to reply, but stopped himself. All of a sudden, the Captain's 'personal favour' seemed even more personal and made much more sense. Regardless, mentioning it to Matt and reaffirming his doubts about himself was definitely not a wise course of action.

„Let's go. We still have a few hours of riding ahead of us.” he said, untying and climbing his horse.


Eleasis, 6th – early morning

Harry woke up with what felt like a hangover. His entire body seemed to point out how much he overused his magical powers, to the point where the magical energies he commanded started feeding on his life force in order to work. Barely able to move his aching legs, he got up from the bed and shuffled to the commode to freshen himself in the water basin. Even though weak, the wizard still felt a lot better than yesterday.

And infinitely better than Niall.

The blond still haven't regained consciousness since the battle with Abvie. All throughout the night, Nialler kept muttering to himself, occasionally bursting out with a sudden cry and blindly reaching out with his hands, as if trying desperately to grab something, before falling back down on the coushions into an uneven sleep. The only improvement in his condition that Hazza was able to see, was that he looked much more peaceful now and genuinely resting.

Harry dressed in his robe and left the room. He went downstairs and past the dining hall, not having apetite for anything to eat. He decided to have a stroll around the estate. Leaving the mansion, Hazza let his feet guide him absent-mindedly. His thoughts kept drifiting to Abvie, what she had done and where she might have gone to.

So lost in his thoughts he was, Harry never noticed when he left the beaten path and ventured into the fields. He bumped into a tool cart and tipped it over, nearly falling to the ground himself. The ruckus he made scared some of the nearby livestock, forcing the farmers to drop what they were doing and hurry after the animals to calm them down and guide them back to the grazing fields.

„Sorry... I didn't mean to...” the wizard said, looking around bashfully.

Only now did he notice, that the villagers were avoiding his gaze. Some were even backing away, trying to keep their distance. Harry scratched his head in confusion, but understood the reason for their behaviour, when he realised, what they've actually been working on.

The entire field was littered with craters from magical explosions. The fences, that were supposed to keep the cattle contained were either in pieces or still smouldering. The farmers were doing their best to fix the pens and pastures as soon as possible, so that life in the village could resume like normal. Throughout their work, they were eying him warily, their expressions full of fear.

Harry didn't know what to say, so he simply returned to the road and continued his stroll, trying to keep out of sight. Even so, the few townsfolk he met on the way either went around him or froze in place, waiting for him to pass, before continuing with their errands. Sighing heavily, the wizard headed for the grassy hill, where he battled Abvie the day before.

He sat on the ground, closing his eyes... He could feel the arcane residue still lingering in the area, being very slowly swept away by the currents of magic coursing through the countryside. Taking a deep breath, Hazza began contemplating his ties to those energies and how they in turn bind the world together and help shape reality.

Oblivious to the passage of time, the wizard was startled out of his meditation by the sounds of footsteps and clanking of armour coming up the hill. He opened his eyes to see he was surrounded by Bunetta's House Guard, the Captain taking a few steps to approach him.

„Is everything okay?” Harry asked, looking around slightly surprised.

„I wad going to ask the same thing, Master Styles.” the Guard Chief exclaimed, his brows furrowed. „What are you doing all the way out here, by yourself?”

„I was meditating... getting in tune with my magical powers... replenishing some of my spells.”

„Well, I would appreciate, if you wouldn't do that.” the Captain replied sternly.

„Why? I mean, it's a morning chore for me and...”

„Some of the villagers are... getting worried... can't say I blame them.”

„Well, nothing bad is happening. You can tell them, they can be at ease.”

„I'd still appreciate it, if you stopped and came with us, Master Styles.” the Guard Chief continued, his tone firm. „The last thing we need right now, is provoking a riot.”

Harry wanted to say something, but he noticed several of the soldiers had already placed their shaking hands on their sword hilts. Their eyes were twitching nervously, beads of sweat forming on their temples.

The wizard sighed heavily. Even the guards felt uneasy. Terrified of what magic users are capable of using their powers for. Ready to break down at any moment.

„My apologies, Captain. Of course, I will cease my meditation immedietely and return to the mansion under your escort.” Hazza replied, slowly standing up, trying not to make any sudden moves.

„I'm relieved to hear that, Master Styles.”

By the time they arrived at the manor it was already past noon. The soldiers escorting Harry left him at the door and returned to their posts. The wizard entered and was about to head for the dining hall, feeling slightly more peckish than in the morning, when a servant girl approached him. He recognised her as one of the housemaids, who have been assisting Lord Bunetta throughout their stay here, a persistently sad woman in her late teens, that barely ever spoke apart from acknowledging orders being given her.

„Excuse me, Master Styles?”

„Yes?” Harry turned to her with a gentle smile.

„I've been told by the healers, that Master Horan has woken up and was asking for you and sir Payne.” she said bashfully, averting her eyes.

„That's wonderful news. I'll go see him right away.” Hazza replied, smiling broadly. „Thank you. Thank you very much, miss... um, now that I think about it, I never really caught your name.”

The girl's cheeks flushed bright pink, as she muttered something under her nose.

„Come again?” Harry asked, leaning closer with a slight smirk.

„It's Doris.” the housemaid blurted out somewhat louder.

„Well, thank you so much Doris. You've just made my day a lot better.” the wizard replied, patting her head gently.

She braved a faint smile and was about to turn around and leave, but stopped mid-step.

„Master Styles?”

Harry quirked an eyebrow as he turned back to look at her.


„He... I mean, Master Horan... was asking how both you and sir Payne were feeling... if you were hurt, even though... even though he was badly hurt and very weak himself. You're... you're like brothers to him, aren't you?” the girl exclaimed, her breath hitching, almost as if she herself was surprised by how much she was talking.

She raised her head to look straight at Hazza's face for the first time. Her expression, though seemingly content, had a strange sadness about it. There was a look of longing in her eyes, as if craving for something, she's remembered only from her dreams.

Harry thought for a moment, brushing his long hair back, then replied. „We've been travelling for quite a while now. When people face perils and strife together on a daily basis, they form a bond together akin to friendship, even if they don't know one another for very long. In a certain way, a companion is the closest thing to family we can have on the road, sharing eachothers joys and cares, living and working together, fighting to protect one another, if needs be.”

„Yes... closest thing to an actual family...” she muttered.

For a single moment, Harry could have sworn she started tearing up, but then the housemaid suddenly smiled and nodded courteously and hastily departed.


Eleasis, 6th – midday

Liam and Mathew arrived at Highcliff just before noon. They slowed down, entering the town almost casually, not wanting to draw attention to themselves. Even before they saw the port, they heard the sound of carpentry work mixed with waves lashing against wood and stone, the occasional squawking of seagulls overhead nearly drowning in the noise.

Nearing the cliffside the village was famous for, the two companions peered down onto the docks. Several small sailing boats were tied to the jetties, but the vessel that caught their attention was anchored at the farthermost pier in the harbour.

The ship wasn't a large one, with two masts – one at the fore and one at the aft – and set of two sails each, but still managed to make the other crafts look more like fishermen's dinghies. Engraved in gold lettering on the bow of the ship was the name Seafarer. The masts were decorated with Neverwinter flags and banners, though both Liam and Mathew could tell, that the coat of arms was somewhat off, definitely not made in the royal heraldry department – a crude attempt at disguising the vessel as a Neverwinter merchant ship at longer distances.

There was quite a commotion as some workers were fitting boards and nailing them down, while others were loading provisions. It didn't seem like it would take them long to finish the repairs and for the pirates to be able to set sail. Liam and Matt knew they had to formulate a plan fast. With that, Mathew guided them to the only place they could get some quick information – the local tavern.

They found the place quite packed, with nearly all tables taken by sailors, locals and merchants unwinding before the afternoon. They slowly made their way through the crowd towards the bar, where they took a seat by the counter.

„What will it be for you, lads?” the elderly bartender asked with a smile, limping their way.

„Two pints of ale, please.” Liam said, passing a few gold coins to the proprietor. „And an answer or two.” he added, lowering his voice.

„Ooh, haven't heard that one in a while, boys. Reminds me of the last war a bit.” the bartender replied with an awkward cackle. „Tell you what, I'll just finish getting my patrons their drinks and I'll be right with you.”

The man filled two mugs with beer and passed them to the companions, before grabbing a tray of beverages and hobbling into the room to the other customers. Matt took a sip of his drink and smiled.

„They've got some nice stuff here. Much better than the provisions we get at the barracks.”

„That's all good, but try not to mention you live in the barracks.” Liam replied, keeping his voice down. „We don't want to let slip any affiliations we might have.”

Payno chuckled as he saw his companion's frightened expression.

„Don't worry, I doubt anyone heard that. Just keep in mind that... hold on...” the warrior stopped mid-sentence as a particularly loud conversation at a nearby table caught his attention.

Two merchants, apparently quite drunk, were talking about their recent trade ventures up north.

„... took quite a bit of trouble, but I made quite a profit there. But that's Luskan for ya, you either win big or you die in a gutter.” one of the traders said.

„Still prefer doing business there, than in Mirabar.” another one butted in.

„What, the Dwarves giving you a hard time?”

„Haven't you heard? Someone's laying siege to their capitol.”

„Laying siege to the Dwarves? Someone's out of their bloody mind.” the first tradesman chuckled, spilling some of his drink.

„Apparently, the Dwarves don't take it as a joke. The entire kingdom is on lockdown. No one in or out. And they've called for reinforcements. A whole battalion all the way from the Earthspur Mountains.”

„You don't say? Well, all the more proof, that whoever picked a fight with the Dwarves wasn't in their right mind... still... that battalion won't make it there for at least two or three tendays.”

Liam turned back to the counter and took a large swig out of his mug, sighing heavily as he put it back down.

„That must be Nak-Varr attacking the Dwarves. It's a good thing they still keep him occupied and at a stale-mate, but... I can't imagine he's gonna let that carry on for much longer... definitely not for two more tendays for that extra battalion to make a difference.”

„And I gather, that if the Dwarves can't hold against the siege... that's bad for us?” Mathew asked.

„You boys talking about the smallfolk from Mirabar?” the bartender interjected, having just returned behind the counter. „Can't say I know anything on the subject apart from rumours, if that's what you wanted to ask me about.”

„No, no, we're... actually looking for someone.” Payno exclaimed, leaning towards the proprietor. „You know that ship in the harbour, the Seafarer... we need to find it's captain... goes by the name „Cockless Charles” I believe.”

For a moment the proprietor seemed surprised to say the least, if not completely taken aback. He was trying to find the best way to reply, when his gaze fell on two men, who have quite abruptly stood up from their seats and hastily left the tavern.

„Oh, dear.” the bartender muttered as he turned back to Liam and Matt. He scratched his balding head, letting out a sigh. „You lads seem like good folk, so I'll tell you this. There are two types of people in the world – those you search for and those that seek you out, if they want to be found. Now, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to finish your drinks and leave. I... don't want any furniture broken inside.”

Payno looked at Mathew uneasily. The soldier placed his hand on the hilt of his sword, as if to reassure the knight he was ready for anything. They stood up and left the tavern.

Waiting outside was already a small mob of armed sailors, with more still coming from different parts of town, mainly from the docks. Looking around, Liam easily counted up to nearly two dozen men surrounding them. Fighting them all wasn't an option. Fleeing didn't seem possible either.

„We've heard you're looking for someone, travellers.” one of the pirates exclaimed, stepping forward from the crowd.

„Indeed.” Payno replied, mustering the courage to take a step forward himself. „We're looking for the captain of the Seafarer... you must be Charles, I presume? We want to talk to him.”

Cackling laughter errupted in the gathered crowd. As it quieted down, the man in front spoke.

„ Well, I've got bad news and bad news for you, kiddo. Firstly, I'm not Charlie. And secondly, whether you get to talk with the captain depends on what you want to talk about.”

„It's about a job.” Liam said, knowing fully well he had to be careful with his words and opting for being as vague as possible.

„Sorry, not hiring at the time, if you wanna sign up!” someone shouted from the crowd and bellowing cheers followed.

„Perhaps I misspoke. It's about a job the Seafarer and it's crew had already done. We... need to know what happened to a certain piece of cargo.”

„And why would you want to know that?” „I don't trust them.” „They do look a bit like Neverwinter dogs, snooping around here and all.”

More and more voices errupted from the mob, each angrier than the last. Payno tried his best to keep his hand away from his sword hilt, so as not to encourage the pirates to a fight.

„I do admit, that we are from Neverwinter, but we did not come here on behalf of the Crown.” Liam exclaimed loud and clear, raising his hands slightly. „If it's any comfort at all, the job I am referring to happened under your previous commanding officer, captain Raegar, so your current captain would never be held accountable for...”

Before he could finish, some of the pirates reached for their cutlasses. Mathew reacted on instinct, drawing his own sword. At that point, the entire mob was up in arms and unsheathing their weapons. As they were about to attack, a shrill shout came from behind them.

„Hold your fucking horses, men! You lot are nearly as impatient as you are fucking stupid. Have none of you thought, what killing two fucking Neverwinter dogs on fucking Neverwinter soil would do to our reputation? Neither of you thought of what would happen, once we've fingerblasted both Luskan's and Neverwinter's fat arses at the same time? The nearest safe haven for us would be in fucking Baldur's Gate and even then, they'd probably try to hang us the moment we made port!”

Instantanously, all pirates calmed down and sheathed their weapons. Liam and Matt were shocked. Not by their sudden salvation or the corsairs' obedience. What really surprised them was the voice of the one that saved them.

A female voice.


Even though technically it was his room as well, Harry knocked on the door before entering, deciding to give Niall a warning. As he heard the blond's voice allowing him to come in, Hazza slid the door open and peered inside with a smile.

„Hey, Niall, how's it going?”

The Cormyrean looked at him from his pillow, pale with an almost vacant expression, but slowly a faint smile graced his face.

„Hey, Haz.”

The wizard entered and closed the door behind him. Sitting down at the edge of Nialler's bed, he closely examind his friend. His pallor was almost unnatural. His left hand was covered in bandages that still carried signs of bleeding. Apart from that, the only noticeable feature was a slightly crooked nose with a few dried blood clots in the nostrils – something that didn't take away anything from Niall's usually handsome face, but was still something to get used to.

„It... gives you character.” the brunette said, poking his friend's nose gently with his fingertip.

Niall chuckled, but the laughter seemed forced and emotionless.

„How do you feel, Ni?”

The blond thought for a moment, his brows furrowing as if he was intently searching for a right word.”

„Empty.” he finally replied with a slight nod. „Empty, but okay.”

„Um... you mean hungry? I can bring you something to eat, if you want...”

„No, I don't want to eat.”

„Now you're just scaring me, Niall.” the wizard exclaimed, wide-eyed. „Are you sure, you're fine?”

„I... I think so... that's what the healers say at least.” the blond replied. He lifted his left hand and looked at the dressing for a moment. „They said that my hand will fully heal. I'll still be able to play my lute.”

„That's good. Very lucky.” Harry smiled, though in his head he mulled over, whether he should talk to Niall about what had happened during the battle and how he got his injuries.

„Yes... lucky.” Nialler muttered, suddenly more solemn.

„Do... do you have any recollection of our fight with Abvie?”

The blond looked at his friend, trying to remember as many details as possible.

„Pretty clearly, yes. Up until she bound me and her wraiths attacked. I must have passed out somewhere around that point.”

„Ah, I see.” Harry nodded and bit his lip. He didn't think it wise, bringing it up in Niall's current state. „You sure, you're not hungry?”

Nialler chuckled, this time more sincerely, before letting out a sigh. „Maybe a bit, but... I don't really have the apetite, you know. It's like when you're sick and food is the last thing on your mind?”

„I guess you're right. I wasn't in the mood to eat in the morning either. Tell me when you do want something though, alright?” Hazza said with a gentle smile, ruffling up his friend's hair. „Now, need something I can get you?”

„Nah, probably just some sleep.”

„Sure, want me to read you a bedtime story, haha?” Harry laughed.

„No... yeah! Yes, actually.” the blond exclaimed suddenly, lifting himself up from the bed and nearly instantly falling back down, too weak to sit.

„Okay, okay. Take it easy!” Harry said with a worried look, reaching for the book of fables on the bedside table. „Want me to read a favourite of yours or something new? Though I highly doubt there's a story here that you wouldn't have heard at one point or another, being a bard and all.”

„No, not that book.” Nialler shook his head fervently. „Check my bag, belongings... anywhere... yes, that's the one!”

Harry pulled out a tome, that's been loosely placed among Niall's personal things in his bag. He looked at it, his eyes getting wide with shock.

„Niall, this is one of Lord Bu...”

„Shhh!” the blond silenced him. „The servants must have packed it with my things when they moved me here from my room, without checking what it actually was. Thankfully... otherwise I'd be in even deeper shit now, than I already am.”

„We should give it back. Apologise. I mean...”

„No.” Niall objected, shaking his head. „Read it. The pages are marked.”

Still unsure about it, but trusting Nialler to a fault, Harry opened the trading log on one of the marked pages and started skimming it. Halfway through, he looked up at his companion, his mouth half-open.

„This... is this...” he muttered, showing the book to Niall as if to make sure it's actually real.

„Read.” the blond replied, staring at his friend sternly. „Quietly.”
My computer is back in one piece and so are the stories I've been working on. As soon as I get my bearings back, I'll finish writing and post them.
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Just a quick update for whomever this might concern.

I was supposed to write and post a few stories during my 2 weeks off from work recently... Unfortunetely, my computer broke down and it's been "in repair" since. Today I received an update - it will be finished by the middle of next week AND I should have all (most?) of my data intact, meaning the things I managed to write but not post shouldn't be gone.

In the meantime, I'm on a forces hiatus.

See you soon.
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Shoutout to my dear, handsome friend, Mathew. You were supposed to appear in this one, but I decided to end this part here and start your role in the plot from the next chapter. So, see you in the next one, mate!



Eleasis, 5th – morning

„Nearly a hundred men and women... over two dozen of my most loyal house guards! All dead! Countless more wounded... Ten houses burnt to the ground... do I even have to mention the livestock and fields of wheet and barley that were blown to pieces?!”

Liam stood alongside the two wizards from Waterdeep in Bunetta's office, the latter venting his anger at the losses he incurred during their fight with Abvie and her undead minions.

„With all due respect, Lord Bunetta... we did save your estate from total annihilation, we dispelled the magic...”

„The magic circles that your colleague set up! That twice damned girl was a Waterdeepian wizard, was she not?!” the aristocrat bellowed, standing up from his chair and leaning over the desk.

„Former colleague... she has been branded a traitor and will be promptly formally expelled from the academy as soon as...”

OUT! I don't want a single damned wizard wandering my grounds ever again! You have time until sunset to leave, my lords, or I'll have what's left of my men hunt you down and hang you from the nearest tree!”

The two Waterdeepians looked at one another, then courteously nodded and left the office. Liam escorted them out with his eyes, then turned back to Lord Bunetta, an expression of sorrow and unease on his bruised face.

„Lord... erm... Julian... what about...”

Master Styles was the one, who brought that blasted witch into my house. I understand, that he is your friend and is seriously hurt. That's the only reason, I'm letting him stay here however long is necessary for him to recuperate. But, and I don't mean to be rude, I would be happy, if I didn't have to see that Elf ever again.” Lord Bunetta exclaimed firmly, then sighed in resignation, sank into his chair and burried his face in his hands. „Still, I don't believe that to be possible. Not until you recover that book for our mutual acquaintance. I'm really starting to regret making that deal.”

„We will obtain it soon. I promise. And Harry isn't to blame... he didn't know Abvie was the necromancer either.”

„I know.” the nobleman sighed again. „I trust you Liam. And I trust your judgement about your friends, even if they didn't do anything to earn it themselves. All in all, it was your leadership that stopped this catastrophe from becoming a complete massacre. You and your family will always be welcome at my house, regardless of the circumstances. Now, I think you should get some rest.”

„I'll be okay.”

„Still, I need you in peak form. I'll call for you, when I have more news on the Seafarer and the book's whereabouts.”


The healer that patched Liam up said he was fortunate not to have sustained any life-threatening injuries, though it would take quite a while for him to regain his former strength. Most of his wounds were superficial and would fully heal in time, apart from the one on his back from being hit by Justin's firebolt. That scar would remain for the rest of his life.

Neither Harry nor Niall however, could be called as lucky. Payno was assured, that their lives were in no immediate danger, but they were both in critical condition, especially Nialler, who haven't yet woken up since their fight with Abvie. Currently, the two adventurers were huddled up in the east wing of Bunetta's mansion, which was turned into a makeshift infirmary for those recovering from the battle. Julian offered to house Liam and his family in his private quarters in the west wing, but the warrior himself declined, deciding to move to the barracks. After all, he was used to living among soldiers since his earliest days. Still, despite its size and the accomodations made, the manor was still cramped due to the sheer amount of those in need of medical help.

For those who didn't survive the onslaught, small funeral pyres were set up all over the estate and their ashes given a hasty burial in an attempt to prevent them from rising as undead in case of another attack. Payno watched the fires burn all afternoon into the late hours of the night through the barracks' windows, wondering if he could have saved any single one of those unfortunete soles, if he did something differently or had found a solution faster.

Turning his gaze towards the forest in the east, his thoughts lingered on the possible threat of another undead assault. The house guards were decimated, their morale in shambles. Bunetta's fierce attempts at restoring some manner of security were the only reason the local village and surrounding lands didn't fall into complete disarray yet. Regardless, they were completely vulnerable now.

Who was he kidding. They were helpless to fight Abvie and her minions even at their best. Liam couldn't comprehend, why she would withdraw. She was winning. Sure, Payno's gambit and the appearance of the two other Waterdeepian wizards shifted the scales, but undoubtedly, she still had the advantage over them. She single-handedly defeated both Harry and Niall... what stopped her from finishing them off and then coming after him and turning the entire village, the whole estate, into a feast for the walking dead?


Liam let a faint smile crawl onto his face, as he thought of the warlock. If it weren't for Zayn's devils, Payno wouldn't be here to contemplate any of this. The knight was surprised, at the warmth inside him, that spread at the thought of the pink-quiffed magician. As if tiny flames traveled from his chest to his fingers, causing his skin to lightly tingle.

„Sir Payne?”

The male voice coming from behind brought Liam out of his reverie.

„Yes, soldier?”

„The healers wanted me to relay a message. They say, they were able to stablize Master Styles' condition and you can now see him.”

Payno let out a slight sigh of relief and smiled. The first good news of the day.

„And what about Niall?” his expression turned serious once more.

„Still unconscious, but they stopped his bleeding, sewed him up and put the bones in his nose back together again.”

„Thank you, soldier. You are dismissed.”

Taking a final glance at the last funeral pyres slowly going out, Liam turned on his heel and made his way towards the manor.


„I... I can't believe, I've been so stupid. So blind.”

Liam watched Harry burden himself with guilt in his sickbed, the flimsy hospital gown barely covering his heaving chest. The fight had taken its toll on the wizard, depleting not only his magical powers but also his life-force. The wraiths' draining touch didn't actually help either. Right now, the wizard was still trembling at the faintest feel of a draft, his body cold and tired, but slowly and surely getting his stamina back.

„Don't be so harsh on yourself. She fooled all of us.”

„The signs were there, Liam. I was just ignoring them.” Harry bellowed in anger, rolling his fists in empty frustration. „I've spent all night with her and didn't even notice her setting up those necromantic cirlces. Or rather chose not to.”

„You chose to trust someone you felt was close to you. That's nothing to be ashamed of.” Liam pointed out, patting his friend's back. „You did what any decent person would do... besides, she told you, she's been a Thayan infiltrator since the beginning, ever since she joined the Waterdeepian Academy. That means, she managed to cheat the smartest collective minds in this part of the world for at least a few decades. If the Archmages didn't see through her disguise, how could you?”

„Yes. I've been thinking about that.” the Elf replied solemnly, furrowing his brows. „How exactly was she able to pull that off? She could have used Master Velcade's warding spell to hide her ties to necromancy and Bane's divine powers, but... firstly, it would've been years before she had learnt that spell and secondly, she mentioned, that those who know that spell long enough, can actually sense its trace... Velcade surely would've noticed she was hiding something, even if uncertain what it actually was. Why didn't he expose her or at the very least confronted her himself?”

„I don't think, I can help you with that, Haz.” Liam exclaimed after a brief consideration, scratching the back of his head. „And I don't think you should dwell on it for the time being. Better focus on getting better. We need your power, if Abvie decides to strike again.”

„She won't be a bother for at least some time, I reckon.” Harry said, looking up at his mate. „She wanted to get my help and dispose of me... quietly. Right now, she knows the Academy is aware of her betrayal and will be on the lookout for her. She'll retreat to a safe location until the situation calms down a bit. Abvie will need to formulate a new strategy as well. She'll probably target the artifacts themselves now.”

„The artifacts?”

„Yes. The same that Nak-Varr, the Netherese, the Arcane Brotherhood and Z... our mutual acquaintance seek. Now that I think about it, Z. did mention the Thayans being interested in them as well. That's not, what worries me the most, though.”

„What do you mean?”

„Remember that Hezrou? The demon we battled?” Harry asked.

„Yeah. You think Abvie summoned it to give herself an alibi? So we'd trust her more easily?”

„Hah... Thayans are known for using deception, but unfortunetely, I don't think that's likely.” Harry chuckled bitterly. „You see, the Red Wizards have a tendency to dabble both in necromancy and in demonology, especially summoning magic, but only one or the other at a time. It takes years of training and immense power to achieve sufficient proficiency in either of those arcane disciplines and noone has ever reached mastery in both, with the possible exception of Szass Tam, the supreme leader of the Thayan wizards... He is a thousand-year-old lich with access to one of the vastest arcane libraries in Faerun, though.”

„You mean the demon's master...”

„Is still out there, in the dark forest.”

The two companions sat in silence for a moment, Niall's steady breathing in the other bed being the only sound reverberating in the room.

„Well, hopefully, if the demons or their mysterious master attack, our mutual acquaintance will show up once more to save the day.” Liam exclaimed with a slight smile. „We were lucky, he came. Gods know what would have happened, if he didn't.”

„Wait, Z. arrived to save you?” Harry asked, quirking an eyebrow.

„Well, his minions did. They stopped the undead charging from the woods and probably destroyed the necromantic circles there as well. I thought Z. was busy helping you. Wasn't he the one, who forced Abvie to retreat?”

„No. He never showed up.”

„Who fought her off then?” Liam asked, clearly confused. „No offence, but you didn't look like the victor, the way I found you on top of that hill.”

„None taken... I don't fully grasp what had happened yet either, but...”

Harry's words were interrupted by the sound of knocking on the door. Before either of them could answer, the doors opened and the guard captain came in.

„Sorry for the sudden intrusion, but I have an urgent message from Lord Bunetta.”

„Did something happen? Are we under attack?” Liam asked, jumping to his feet.

„No need to panic, sir Payne. The estate is safe.” the chief guard exclaimed in a calming manner. „It's regarding the book Lord Bunetta seeks and the pirates that were to obtain it for him.”

„In that case, I shall go and talk to Julian immedietely.” Payno replied, turning to Harry to wish him farewell.

„I'm afraid, that won't be possible. You are to depart as soon as possible. I will brief you in on the details on our way to the barracks. We need to prepare you for the journey.”

„I'm coming with you.” the wizard blurted out, heaving himself from the bed and almost instantly falling back down on the mattress, hissing in pain.

„I'm sorry, but you're in no condition to travel, Master Styles. You'd only slow sir Payne down.” the captain exclaimed. „Don't worry though. Your friend won't be going alone.”

„I'll be back soon, Haz. Gather your strength and keep the people here safe, while I'm away, okay? Especially Niall.” Liam said, waving goodbye and leaving the room with the guardsman.

As the doors closed, Harry sighed helplessly and rested his head against the pillow. His gaze turned towards the blond, who laid almost motionlessly in the other bed, his chest rhythmically heaving up and down being the only sign he was still clinging to life. The wizard bit his lip, an expression of deep concern burried in his face.

„What in the Nine Hells did you do, Niall?” Harry muttured under his breath, his mind going back to last day's events.


Eleasis 4th – in the midst of battle

„Please... give Her back... leave Her alone...”

Harry watched Niall writhe in anguish, his life force slowly sapped away by the swarming wraiths. The blond's body twitched in desperation, the magical bonds around his arms, chest and legs making all sensible movement futile. What happened inside Nialler's ravaged mind, Hazza didn't think even Nialler knew. Whatever it was though, it seemed to make the physical pain he endured pale in comparison.

The wizard felt his own flesh getting colder. Each strike by the phantom menaces surrounding him felt like a bucket of ice-cold water dumped straight into his lungs. The magical chains, which restrained him as well, prevented Harry from performing any gesture-requiring spells. Those that depended on vocal incantations fizzled out each time he would grunt in agony.

The situation seemed hopeless. The only thing Harry wanted at that stage, was for all of it to finally end. Not for him... for his friend. The Elf couldn't bare to watch the blond suffer any longer. A slight mist covered his sight, as tears started forming in the corners of his eyes.


The sudden shout struck out of nowhere like lightning. For a single moment, Harry had thought that time itself had stopped. The pain ceased. His body wasn't getting any colder. He could breathe freely.

The wizard blinked away the lingering tears, until his vision became clear once more. Only then he came to notice that the wraiths were still floating all around him and Niall like before. Only floating though. Motionless, as if locked in stasis. Abvie herself was frozen in place, clearly startled and struggling against the invisible force holding her down.

Harry looked around for the rough-voiced man, who spoke moments earlier, but there was noone around. There could be only one direction from which the shout could have come, though. Hazza knew, that wasn't possible however. He knew, it couldn't have been Nialler's voice.

The blond kept twitching on the ground, albeit less frantically, his panicked sobs growing silent. A greish mist started appearing around his body and a slight sizzling sound could be heard. The magical blue chains binding Niall started melting, until finally they burst in a flicker of bright lights. Slowly, and on wobbly legs, Nialler started clambering back to his feet.

Seeing this, Abvie concentrated all her will on breaking through the power keeping her still. As she overcome the magical force, she gasped heavily, eyeing Niall warily.

„That's the... first time I've seen... such a low level cleric... perform a Word of Power.” she exclaimed, panting for breath. „And without his amulet as well.”

The Thayan wizard flicked her fingers and a wave of energy radiated through the area, dispelling the stasis on the floating wraiths. The dark spirits focused their attention on the blond barely stainding before them, mirroring their mistress' will.

„Kill...” Abvie whispered menacingly and the wraiths charged with a terrifying shriek.

The first one to reach Nialler raised its clawed arm and struck down at him. The moment its ethereal body came in contact with the grey mist seemingly oozing out of Niall's skin, the wraith let out a surprised gasp and dispersed into a dark vapour. The two gasses merged together, leaving no trace of the undead monstrosity.

The other wraiths stopped in their tracks instantly. Abvie watched in disbelief, as Niall raised his left arm, clutching a small metal object in his palm. He pointed the trinket at the remaining undead and a beam of bright, white light shot out of it, evaporating all spirits caught in its path and making the others fly away in blind panic.

The female wizard looked at the amulet in Nialler's hand, recognising the skeletal hand holding the scales.

„You... you're a doomguide?!” she muttured in astonishment. „Why... why did you wait this long to...”

She didn't finish her sentence, when Niall suddenly turned, pointing Kelemvor's symbol in her direction. Abvie barely had the time to raise her own holy amulet. Her Bane's Breath clashed with the light coming from Nialler's trinket. She could feel the divine energy trying to force its way past her counterspell.

„How... how are you capable of calling on divine power in your condition?”

The blond remained silent, his head slightly slumped. The grey mist surrounding him was slowly getting thicker. It started sprouting tendrils, one of which wound its way along the two clashing beams of godly power towards Abvie. It snuck its way close to her hand and lightly grazed Bane's amulet.

Shocked, the Thayan cleric saw her holy symbol crack. She quickly conjured a bolt of arcane energy in her other hand and fired it straight at Nialler, knocking him back down to the ground. Abvie gazed at the split through the middle of the obsidian trinket in disbelief.

„That's... not possible... Not even a High Priest... Who...” Abvie's astonishment grew even larger as she raised her eyes at the blond. „What are you?!”

Niall fell back first on the ground, having been hit with Abvie's spell straight in the chest. His feet however, remained firmly propped on the ground. His limp body lay there in that unnatural position, until Nialler stretched out his left hand with Kelemvor's amulet. By then it was clear, that the grey mist wasn't oozing out of Niall's body, but rather flowed from the holy symbol, clinging to his skin.

The smokey tendrils started wrapping itself tighter around Nialler's wrists, hips, knees and other joints, pulling his limp body up like a rag doll – or rather – like a marionette. Abvie watched in sheer terror as the greyish cloud surrounding the blond grew larger and thicker, slowly forcing him into an upright position. His head slumped slightly to the side, revealing a blank, emotionless expression and a vacant stare. Niall's eyes were covered with some of the grey smoke, that had now started branching out, encircling him, Abvie and Harry.

Soon, the hill was surrounded with a thick wall of mist, a grumbling male voice seemingly echoing from within like distant thunder. Both Harry and his former colleague looked around in shock and terror at what was happening.

The mist then started crawling through the grass. It kept encroaching on the Thayan, but for some reason kept a distance from Harry's prone, bound form on the ground. Wherever it would touch one of the fallen zombies or skeletons, the corpses would wither away into smoke and merge with the rest of the cloud. When Abvie saw this, she quickly raised a magical barrier around herself.

In the nick of time apparently. More tendrils shot out from the cloud and the misty wall around them, reaching out towards the female. At first, they were rebuked by the arcane forcefield, but soon started slamming the magical shield time and again. The familiar sizzling sound appeared, as the magic keeping the barrier up started giving way to the relentless onslaught of the living mist. Abvie used her amulet to empower the ward with divine energy, strengthening it for the time being.

She then glanced at Niall.

The blond or rather the mist controling him was raising his arm. The smoke wound itself around his hand, forcing it to hold Kelemvor's amulet firmly. The holy symbol itself was glowing white with heat and cutting into Niall's palm, due to the sheer pressure the mist forced him to grip it. Blisters were forming on his hand, then bursting open, the spilling blood instantly boiling, when it came into contact with the searing metal.

„That's impossible...” Abvie muttured, then chuckled bitterly.

The girl waved her hands, a series of arcane symbols appearin on the ground beneath her feet. There was a bright red flash as she teleported away. Seconds later, a powerful beam of white light shot out of Niall's amulet. The clank of a magical barrier shattering was followed by the sound of metal breaking – Kelemvor's amulet fell apart into jagged, slightly molten pieces, each cutting deep into the blond's palm.

The moment the holy symbol crumbled, the mist evaporated without a trace. The grumbling voice disappeared as well. With nothing to keep holding him up, Niall fell face down to the ground, a heavy thud and crack of breaking bones accompanying him.

Harry looked on in astonishment, motionless due to sheer shock, as the chains binding him have vanished the moment Abvie escaped. There was a sense of calm and silence in the air, but the wizard could only think about his friend's lifeless body, lying a few meters away in the grass. Suddenly, rushing footsteps could be heard and someone knelt by the Elf, shaking him by the shoulders.

„Harry! Harry, are you okay?”

„L-Liam...” the wizard mumbled weekly, barely lifting his head. He then turned gestured towards the body a little further away. „N-Niall... Niall...”

Payno felt his heart skip a beat and hurried to the blond. Niall was lying face down on the ground, completely motionless. The palm of his left hand was covered in deep cuts and blisters, dried blood singed into his skin. Liam gently flipped his mate's slim frame onto his back. Nialler's face was deathly pale, with the exception of his broken, bloodied nose. Vaguely visible, gory bubbles appearing and disappearing rhythmically in his nostrils were the only indication, that the blond was still barely alive.

Liam grabbed the frail body and heaved it in his arms, ignoring the piercing pain in his injured back.

„Two of you – get Harry to a safe place. You – go and find a healer! The rest of you – secure the perimeter, in case more undead show up.” the warrior shouted orders, before rushing back down the hill towards the estate.



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