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Tutorial: Pixel coloring, lineart and shading

Pixel tutorial! I really hope this is useful - I had to learn shading by myself and it was kind of troublesome Q7Q HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE!
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Hello! Thanks for creating such a good tutorial! I am an aspiring artist and YouTuber and your tutorial was featured in one of my videos

If you like it and are a pay-it-forward type of person, I would appreciate a little help getting the word about my channel out. Anyway, keep up the great work! [i]: free cactus bun icon
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what is the canvas size??
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If it's an icon its always 50x50
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what program do you use?
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Thank you for the tut, this is so helpful !
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Thanks! it helped! ^^
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> w < Adorable and amazing. I use Paint Tool SAI, so this should work. So, thanks! ^^
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this is totally gorgeous, she looks like alice from alice in wonderland!
super cute and ily<333
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You dont know how much I love you.
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thank you I'm just starting never done pixel art before but im trying to make a avatar so I think this will be very useful thanks!!
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thankyou! this is so helpfull

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did you use layers for this?
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I used one layer for the sketch, and two layers for the lineart - then I merged the cleaned-up lineart together and colored on that layer! : )
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how do you make the pixel into a gif?
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This is really helpful, thanks a lot! I love playing around with pixels, especially love animating them, it's so much fun :heart: I might want to make myself a new icon using your technique, thank you for the tutorial! :iconheartrollplz:
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Sooo cuuuuteee! ;A;
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what program do you use? Q_Q
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I use photoshop - but any program will work! Even ms paint will work, just it'll be more inconvenient 8'D
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Thank you so much! I used this tutorial to make my current icon ;3; great tutorial, it helped me so much <333
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