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Tutorial: 50x50 pixel doll step by step

By pyrogoth
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Someone asked for a doll tutorial! I decided to try and make a new doll from scratch, so here's the process. *u* I hope it's useful somehow.
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fizzy-starProfessional Digital Artist
Dang, a pixel artist that actually shares his knowledge and isnt all like ''you have to ask permission bc im sooo important uwu''

Good luck!
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I find that drawing the clothes for doll/chibis are the hardest thing! 
I love how you shared your steps with us. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to do this for us. 
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RoxiiReaperHobbyist Digital Artist
aah i really love how you made it look cute without those typical "anime" eyes
it looks so cute and original OuO
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LizzyWolfFire6Hobbyist General Artist
very cute
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COMY-100Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like the fact that you are willing to share the knowledge that makes you awesome in my book.
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Ahh thanks! I'd gladly make more but I don't know what other tutorials are helpful quqb
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waahhh thank you so much for this tutorial ! it seriously helped me do pixel art, which i've been wanting to do forever ! not to mention, you made it so easy i could do it on mspaint ;__;

this step-by-step makes me want to do much more pixel art&take more time to get better at it !
thank you so much for this;w;
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onisuuHobbyist Digital Artist
yeee! I love seeing step-by-steps!
fasjkfajh sailor moon! * 7 * ~!!!!
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colorfulemondropsStudent Digital Artist
You finally enabled comments! Hahaha.
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magicpotionHobbyist Digital Artist
I've wanted to try for ages on pixel art but I have photoshop elements 2 0.0 which is real crappy...
I own sai as well but I don't think it works as good.
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ouo it's very doable on sai, their version of the pencil tool in Photoshop is the Binary brush! It might take some getting used to though -u- But there are lots of free programs. One AMAZING pixel artist I know works on Graphics Gale!
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AngelicCupcakeStudent Traditional Artist
Cute *o* I'll try and make one (*cough*and fail*cough*)
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DawnZiarteHobbyist Digital Artist
I've been dying to know how it's done in the simplest terms, thanks for posting! I made one myself using your tutorial, I would love to know what you think ^^
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saintpinkStudent General Artist
Cuuuuute. I might have to do one up for my account (my icon is so very old).
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/looks at your sketch, then back at mine.


I struggle the most at the first step. It must be a miracle I end up with any sort of finished product. :lol:
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rei-baahkHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this! Thank you for making a tutorial ^^
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AbblecrumbleStudent Digital Artist
Aw, this is sweet. ♥ Great work.
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rockogirlStudent Traditional Artist
This is so cute!
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What font are you used for this tutorial?
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oh, thanks a lot :)
nice tut
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NaginaniHobbyist General Artist
Or it could be 04b03 ... Yes, that's a font. xD
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NaginaniHobbyist General Artist
Looks like Bitsy Button. xD Actually skimmed through all my pixel fonts to try and find it.
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