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Pulling Strings

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This was an idea I had while half-awake. Remind me not to listen to myself when I'm not fully conscious, it leads to horrible headaches over not being able to find the stock photos I want, and finding lots of other weird ones instead, like street performers painted up like concrete statues and chess pieces bashing each other up. I actually did proper shaped shadows on this one! Whoopee! *cough*amatuer*cough*
Yes, I know just mirroring the image is a cop-out, but I like the bigger stage area and symmetry. :)

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What a strange and beautiful idea :) Best ideas are allways at that semi-dream moment for some reason. The only thing that's bugging me is that the shadows on the pawns don't look quite right, but the girl and the railings are sooooo well done :)
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"mirroring the image is a cop-out"

I don't think so.
This is a good composition.
I favor symmetry. [link]
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Actually, this is pretty cool! It's got a timeless, whimsical feel (except for that clown doll. It doesn't quite fit in the general color scheme but ya know, if this is a dreamscape, then it doesn't have to! )
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Thanks so much. Yeah, I wasn't too sure about the clown doll and kept trying to change his colour scheme, or something, because he just wasn't looking right. Now that someone else has mentioned it, I know I wasn't going crazy! hehe, and thankyou so much for the beautiful stock! :)