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Shreddwnn .  live at Off Center Stage by PyroAnubis Shreddwnn . live at Off Center Stage :iconpyroanubis:PyroAnubis 0 0 French Maid a-Shreddin' by PyroAnubis French Maid a-Shreddin' :iconpyroanubis:PyroAnubis 0 0
Live Tao
I shall concern myself
with neither
the past nor the future
right now:
The past culminates in the present,
and the present is the gateway to the future:
I'm going to learn and anticipate,
but, most of all,
I'm going to live
right now.
:iconpyroanubis:PyroAnubis 1 0
Cities nullify Stars
Our city lights,
however small in comparison,
nullify the countless Stars
of the wondrous night Sky.
this is analogous to how
things that seem to be
so very close,
so very small,
so very benign,
so very familiar,
so very attainable;
things of our conscious creation;
can preclude even the very awareness
of far greater,
far more beautiful,
far more powerful things;
both external and internal;
both transient and eternal;
and why we must
take great care
act with great tact
act with immense respect
we, as mortals:
curators of reality;
are to be trusted
with such effervescent potency.
:iconpyroanubis:PyroAnubis 1 0
The Struggle of, and for, Art
Any thing
that keeps One
from practicing
at least an hour a day
is a hindrance
to One's Art.
If it is a person,
they disrespect One's
divine creative spark.
If it is internal to the mind,
it is self-discipline and patience
that are lacking.
If it is external to the mind,
it is perseverance and determination
that are lacking.
Art is struggle;
both against One's Self
and One's environment,
physically, socially and emotionally.
Art is a path,
a veritable way of life,
lost on the weak of heart
lost on the uninspired
lost on the masses.
:iconpyroanubis:PyroAnubis 0 0
Such is the Way
What's repressed
shall manifest
:iconpyroanubis:PyroAnubis 1 0
Thought and Prayer
be but the same,
to me.
Thought is to Prayer is to Speaking,
as Meditation is to Listening;
Music is my Prayer.
What is yours?
:iconpyroanubis:PyroAnubis 1 2
One, incapable or unwilling
to think critically or creatively,
is forever the slave
to the Political, Religious and mundane.
:iconpyroanubis:PyroAnubis 0 0
Drop selfish ideas
of what should be,
and seek to accept
what is.
One may find
One obstructs and occludes One's Self,
and thereafter may One find peace
in each and every day.
:iconpyroanubis:PyroAnubis 0 3
Cult of Humanity [Anthropocentrism]
Why do we feel so compelled
to stratify ourselves above the natural World?
What it is that justifies
our Cult of Humanity?
Do we seriously believe
that our gradient of experience
is so much wider and more rich
than are those of dogs, or cats,
or fish, or bats, or lice, or ants,
or spiders, or birds, or trees, or flowers?
Wherefrom do we think
the notions of faeries, nymphs, sprites, and our Gods arose,
if not for the Natural world
made anthropomorphic?
Who are we
to suppose such things
just because we are us:
be this not the same sort of exclusionary cultism
whence are born sexism and racism
and ethnocentrism?
Who are we to belittle
any one thing on this God-given plane of Reality?
Are we really that caught up in ourselves
that we forget whence we've come?
All is but Energy
All merely is.
We are a part of that,
as it is a part of us.
is a holistic system
not a stratified hierarchy of experience:
that concept is artificial.
Is it so hard for us to see?
Is it so dif
:iconpyroanubis:PyroAnubis 2 0
through the course of Life,
is afflicted with choices.
It is not so much a matter
of what choices One makes
as it is a matter of being One's Self
as One makes them.
Any decision made
with yourself absent
will only tend to make One
lose touch of One's Self;
if One is present within One's self,
any direction One can go
will lead One toward One's potential.
Tread carefully and with intention.
Life is tumultuous.
This is not a drill.
This is your life.
Carpe diem.
:iconpyroanubis:PyroAnubis 0 0
Empathy in the Bedroom
Of course nice guys finish last:
we make damn sure our ladies finish first!
:iconpyroanubis:PyroAnubis 1 2
I just said this: [Stuff/People]
"If there's one thing worse than stuff, it's people."
:iconpyroanubis:PyroAnubis 1 0
'T'is quite important
to provide Oneself
with opportunities
to be proven wrong.
it is equally important
not to begrudge the subject
when, indeed, ye be right,
nor to begrudge Oneself
for having been wrong.
Thence may learning commence.
:iconpyroanubis:PyroAnubis 0 0
Seek not to be the best
because thy technique is kept secret.
Rather, seek to be the best
by applying it howsoever is seen fit.
Seek but thy own technique.
It shall be the best for thee.
that means
being self-aware and creative.
that means
teaching thyself
at each and every opportunity.
temporary failure is inevitable,
but welcome such opportunities:
they are only what are made of them.
with perseverance,
what abundance may be found
forewent by others.
One who finds One's self
transcends much inner struggle,
and is free to be.
Learn, copy, study,
do whatsoever it takes;
just, please, say ye will
walk away from everything
with anything,
rather than
as something.
Read between the lines.
Seek to do so all the time,
because I think that One shall find
elusory, seductive peace of mind
awaits us all so patiently there.
Fear not
to dream on:
be thyself,
wheresoever it may take thee.
All else be naught shy of Cowardice, I daresay!
:iconpyroanubis:PyroAnubis 0 0
Quite the Affinity for Black
I don't wear black clothing (when I do)
because I think it'll make me fit in with 'cool' people,
I wear black because I like it.
I enjoy it. I think it's rad.
I don't wear black nail polish on my fingers and toes
because I think it's 'cool,' or that I want others to think so,
I put it on because I like the way it looks.
I like the chipping that happens;
I feel it's a microcosm of Time, itself.
Nail polish exemplifies Wabi and Sabi.
Besides, I have quite the affinity for black.
I don't wear black eyeliner (when I do)
because I think it makes me so metal,
or because I think I need makeup to look good,
I wear it because I enjoy the theatrics
and I like the way it makes me feel.
I don't have the style I do
because I want to associate with
Goths, Rockers, Steampunks or Metalheads;
I have the style I do
because I genuinely like the way it looks.
It just so happens that I get those labels
because people like to put people in boxes.
I don't do what I do
because I want others to notice and like
:iconpyroanubis:PyroAnubis 1 3


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello. I live in Nevada City, California. Yes, California. My town had it's name before the State of Nevada existed, so there. The shape of my county is even a rifle, pointed at Nevada.
Furthermore, borders and geographical names are simply figments of our collective imagination. Can you show me the equator on the surface of the Earth?
We are all residents of Earth, and we are her guardians. We are Earth's Sententials. (and we're doing a piss-poor job thus far)

Anyway, I am a musician, philosopher, and student of logic. I thoroughly enjoy art of all genres, science, meditation, t'ai chi, and anything else which could be deemed 'philosophy'.
I consider myself an autodidact. If you don't know what that means, look it up ;)

"Keine sind so hoffnungslos versklavt wie die, wer falsch glauben, dass sie frei sind."
"None are so hopelessly enslaved as they who falsely believe that they are free." -Geothe

List of stuff to constantly question:
Question reality.
Question duality.
Question doctrine.
Question authority.
Question the Media.
Question the Government.
Question the deals at WalMart.
Question the Answers you're told not to question.
Question your way of life.
Question your philosophy.
Question the money in your wallets.
Question this list.
and above all:
Question yourself.


It is.

What is it?

That's just it:
it just is.

Fight it if you will.

does have certain power that knows no known bounds,
but Will is neigh useless unless you act.

can be a step in the wrong direction
if you don't stop to consider the implications of the choice.

is both a gift and a curse,
for we can never know with certainty.

is a generalization for a particular probability
that we see to be in our favor.

is a slippery slope
inexorably leading to isolation.

is what mind felt
when saw itself as the pilot of matter.

is frozen energy-
potential en potentia:


Everything is potential.

Create the future you wish to reap.
Have the courage to blaze your own trail
if none you've found is as you desire;
there's nothing wrong with that:

It isn't selfish
to seek what it is for which your heart and soul cry out.
It isn't selfish
to refuse to follow a Path laid by another.
It isn't selfish
to pursue happiness;
rather, I find it to be quite the contrary:

If we all, independently, could bring about our own ecstasy
try to fathom what a rave life could be.

Puns may be intended;
ne'er forget to read between the lines-
read between the words themselves,
and look within them as well as thyself
for comprehension;
for understanding.

Words are such funny tools.
Such is a theme of mine.

be not at fault
for the evil that is so often wrought by them;
they are a catalyst; a medium:
a sort-of transmittal of intention:

A hammer can build or kill
with similar effort and ease
if only the Will is so inclined.

That is the boundless power of Will.
That is our responsibility as conscious beings.

One must seek construction of the Self,
rather than destruction of the Other.

what is destruction of the Other
if not destruction of the Self
from the outside

(All off my questions are rhetorical and not.
Answer them. I dare you. They are my challenges.
Therein lies the journey to understanding the Self;
or, as they call it in academia: "Philosophy.")

I find that One finds what One seeks,
whether it is harmony or dissonance
or anything else in between.
(Or, maybe that's a product of my own bias!)

Thy every moment may differ,
but t'is of thy Path that I speak.

Tread lightly, my friend.

Only you can bear thy torch-
but, the true crux
is refusing to drop it
until you no longer require it.

  • Reading: The Evolution of Physics
  • Eating: A banana
  • Drinking: Water

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and change the nature of the experience here what we call earth.

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