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First of all I apologize if there is any mistake, English is not main language XD


[Candle Witches are a closed species]

This is just for fun and if you adopt one of them you don't have to follow this canon if you don't want to. 
The information can be edited later~



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[CLOSED] Candle Witch 001 by Pyro-Zombie  [CLOSED] Candle Witch 002 by Pyro-Zombie  [CLOSED] Candle Witch 003 by Pyro-Zombie [CLOSED] Candle Witch 007 by Pyro-Zombie

Candle Witches are a fire-based species, however, thanks to the magical properties of their fire it can be used in many ways


Story and Behavior:

They're called "Candle Witches" and they're creatures that have the ability to manipulate fire through magic. They're called witches because they can use magic but not all of them have witch-based aesthetic, some of them look rather normal except for their species traits

They are made of wax and their tail acts as some kind of candle, the fire that comes out their tail isn't dangerous unless they want it to be and it's the fire they usually use when they want to perform fire control, however they can also create fire using magic. Their heart is made out of magic fire and it's the source of all their magic abilities and fire features

Look at this nugget by Pyro-Zombie 

They can have differnt body complexions, some of them can be bigger, smaller, thiner, some of them can looks more cute or creepy, etc

> Just as their tail fire grows bigger when they're happy, it also turns smaller when they're sad or scared, or also when they're weak...and when they're angry it acts erratically and can generate small fire explosions

> They're constantly melting but their wax regenerates at a high speed so it's no problemo, they can use their wax to write symbols to perform magic or turn it into weapons or things like that

> Two-colored fire is uncommon and three-colored fire is rare, one-colored fire is weaker than the other two but it's easier to control...those who are born with one-colored fire can turn their fire into two-colored fire with the use of magic but it only last for a few time


Heart and Fire:

Candle Witches: Heart and fire info by Pyro-Zombie

Their heart is an unique type of magic fire and provides the energy that keeps them alive and able to use their body, their heart is also the source of the energy they use to perform their magic abilities and the fire they use to perform pyromancy

Their heart can also be considered as their soul and if it's removed from their body they won't die unless under specific circumstances, usually their body is made specifically to contain their individual heart and re-place it into another body is almost impossible as it requires an extraordinary amount of energy and it also entails a huge sacrifice for them. The ability to transfer their heart into another body is extremely rare and only a few of them are capable of doing so, however this is a practice that is frowned upon among them and can be considered a tabu in their species. They can only transfer their heart to the body of another Candle Witch and everytime they transfer their heart to another body they absorb the energy and soul of the former being so they gain more power but at the same time their heart starts to deteriorate thus their lifetime gets shorter

Besides their body container there're some objects especially created to contain their fire and they come in 3 types

> Type 1 > Low Capacity: can be used to storage some of a Candle Witch fire (usually small flasks or chests)
> Type 2 > Medium Capacity: can be used to storage a larger amount of their fire + it also allows the holder to use and control this fire + it serves also as an energy amplifier (these are always crystals/gems or special books)
> Type 3 > High Capacity: can be used to storage a greater amount of their fire + it also allows the holder to use and control this fire + it serves also as an energy amplifier + it revitalizes the fire inside so it takes longer to completely consume > under certain circumstances, using the right spells by the right person this type of container can also be used to contain a Candle Witch heart, it can serve as a temporary container for their heart if their body gets too damaged or unusable and helps it to recover their energy at a higher rate (these are usually lanterns)

All of the Candle Witches possess a container type 3 especially made to contain their heart in case of a contingency

Markings and Pads:

Candle Witches (Markings and Pads) by Pyro-Zombie
These details are a MUST for the species since they're important for the species

The markings around their mouth are always visible, while their pads are only visible in their feral/anthro form, HOWEVER, everytime a Candle Witch is performing fire magic with their hands in their human form, pads are visible as some sort of "tattoo" only while they're performing the action of generating fire


Feral Form:

Their true appearance is feral-like, but most of them prefer to take human appearance so they can blend better with other humanoid beings. In their feral form they have two stages: "Infant" and "Adult" (I have to clarify here that "adult" and "infant" don't make reference to their age but the size, "adult" being a larger size and "infant" an smaller size)

Infant Stage:

Candle Witches Basic Body Types Chart by Pyro-Zombie  Doge by Pyro-Zombie Pupperino by Pyro-Zombie

In this stage they're small, usually the size of a candle (they can be hold in the palm of the hand). The main reason for them to assume this stage is the fatigue, for example. when they spend too much energy and get exhausted or to scape/hide. This is their weakest form and their usage of magic is very limited

Adult Stage:

[CANDLE WITCHES] Adult Feral Form by Pyro-Zombie

In this stage they're big, usually matching or surpasing the average human height and look more "mature" than their infant stage. They usually assume this stage to look intimidating but to maintain this appearance they have spend more energy than in their infant stage, however in this state they can pull out the full potential of their powers



Rarity by Pyro-Zombie

Fire Coloration:

Fire by Pyro-Zombie


Ears by Pyro-Zombie


Tails by Pyro-Zombie

Fire on ears/head:

Firears by Pyro-Zombie

Fire on Tail:

Firetail by Pyro-Zombie

 Split Mutation:

Split by Pyro-Zombie
Usually Candle Witches with this trait are naturaly better at using their fire in different specialities/fields
Candle Witches with spli tail mutation and two or three-colored fire have more chances to present heterochromia


[CLOSED] Candle Witch 005 by Pyro-Zombie

These are usually uncommon but broken horns are catalogued as rare. Candle Witches' horns are usually very resistant and hard to break, there are several reason of why these can break but most common reasons are the wear usually product of being under a great pressure (for example one or more strong impacts) or because of the usage of an extremely large amount of energy (some spells that increases their power are sometimes too powerful that can generate a lot of stress in their horns resulting in the rupture of these, or also the continuous usage of some spells can eventually end up breaking them or generating cracks). Horns usually contain some fire inside of them and when these break the fire tends to come out perpetually from them in small flames and it reacts just as their tail fire does (for example, according to their mood), there's another type of wear produced due to the side effects of transfer their heart into another body but just as the ability, it's also a very rare event



Candle Witches' fire has several magic properties such as: fueling for magic performance, high durability as it's very hard to extinguish, used alongside some spells/objects it can have healing properties, etc; thus it's very coveted

Not Available Yet means that despite they have the ability they don't posses the necessary item to perform it, read the "not available yet" section to know how to get it

Common Abilities:

> Pyromancy (Candle Witches)
> Shapeshifting
> Familiars creation (not available yet)
> Conventional Magic
> Defensive and Offensive magic
> Burning for Hot Steam (Smoke Witches)


> Bewitching and unbewitching
> Healing magic
> Sealing Magic 
> Frostbite for Freezing Fog (Smoke Witches)

Rare Abilities:

> Illusionism
> Summoning
> Dark Magic and Voodoo
> Poisoning for Poisonous Mist (Smoke Witches)

Forbidden Abilities: 

> Heart transference


There're 3 main fields for a Candle Witches' magic abilities:

Fields by Pyro-Zombie


> Candle Witches in the "Knight" field are the strongest at performing physical attacks and offensive magic


> Candle Witches in the "Bastion" field are the best to perform deffensive magic such as shields, barriers, barricades, etc


> Candle Witches in the "Healer" field are the best at performing curative and energy recovery magic, they're also the only field that can lift curses and spells

Fields and Fire Types

All Candle Witches can perform magic from all of the fields, however to level of dexterity on each field depends on their fire condition:

> One-Colored Fire: can specialize in only one field. High skill level in one field but average/low level in the other fields
> One-Colored Fire with "Split" tail mutation: can specialize in only one field. High skill level in one field, medium level in a second field and average /low level in the third field

> Two-Colored Fire: can specialize in two fields. High skill level in one field, medium level in the second field and average/low level in the third field
>Two-Colored Fire with "Split" tail mutation: can specialize in two fields. High skill level in two fields, medium level in the third field
> Three-Colored Fire: can specialize in all three fields. High skill level in two fields, medium level in the third field
>Two-Colored Fire with "Split" tail mutation: can specialize in three fields. High skill level in three fields

However to specialize in one field takes years of practice and it's a hard work so being able to dominate even one field is already a great achievement. Also, abilities that don't fit into one field category can be learned for any Candle Witch at the same level of dexterity (for example: Illusionism and Conventional Magic)

About the "Split Tail" mutation and the dexterity on the fields:

The reason why Candle Witches with the "Split Tail" mutation are better at performing in fields is because they can split the magic properties of their fire and assign to each part an specific field thus it's easier for them to manage them




[CLOSED] Smoke Witch (Winners!) by Pyro-Zombie

They're Candle Witches whose fire has mutated into a type of smoke, this smoke have similar properties to the Candle Witches' fire but it acts somewhat different. Smoke Witches are born as Candle Witches but a mutation makes their fire to start to become some sort of smoke with the time, for most of them this transformation is definitive though some of them are able of switching between fire and smoke with the use of their magic. Some information about their smoke:

> Smoke is a general term, it's not limited to only smoke but also steam, mist, fog, freezing fog, etc

> The smoke, just like the Candle Witches' fire, is not harmful unless the owner wants it to be

> There're three types of smoke, hot steam (common), freezing fog (uncommon) and poisonous mist (rare). Smoke Witches with hot steam are capable of change the temperature of their smoke to be hot while Smoke Witches with freezing fog are capable of change the temperature of their smoke to be cold, however, Hot Steam can't be turned into Freezing Fog and viceversa.
 The Poisonous Mist is a rare type of smoke that some Smoke witches have developed with the use of magic, just like its name indicates, it is poisonous for the people who enter in contact with it. Smoke Witches with poisonous mist have lost the ability to change the temperature of their smoke due to the use of magic so this smoke doesn't feel hot or cold, and the only way for it to harm others is due to their poisonous properties, either by being inhaled or absorbed by the victim

> The smoke is not hot enough to incinerate things (unlike Candle Witches' fire), but it may cause some burnings (or frostbite) in those who enter in contact with it as long as the Smoke Witch means to harm the person

> Smoke Witches can use their smoke to create dense mist and fog that can be used for hidding purposes, some of them can even turn themselves into smoke/mist

> Smoke Witches share the feral body types with Candle Witches but they have smoke instead of fire

> Under normal circumstances their smoke have no scent, though it may adquire an scent if the Smoke Witch wants, though there may be unintentional changes according to their mood. When they are happy their smoke have a sweet pleasant scent, when they're sad the scent is bitter, when they're angry the scent is like burned fuel and when they're in love it have a perfume scent

> Smoke Witches' smoke shares the color rarity with Candle Witches' fire



[CLOSED] Candle Witch 006 by Pyro-Zombie

Familiars are a companion species that Candle Witches can create in order to help them out with stuff (like collecting magic objects, looking for important spells in books, etc), any Candle Witch can create a familiar but for that they need an special type of crystal that can be made through magic; the process involves an "empty cystal", a voodoo doll, Candle Witch's fire and the correct spell, if done correctly the empty cystal will be charged with the Candle Witch's fire and it'll serve as the familiar's heart core, the familiars always have the same basic body shape but their color scheme and features will be influenced by the Candle Witch that created them

Besides help them out with tasks and magic related stuff, familiars can also be used as a temporary container for a Candle Witch's heart, this is because their core is already made with the Candle Witch's fire so they're essentially part of them and as familiars' body is that of a doll it doesn't suffer any wear product of the heart tansference, however after the Candle Witch recovers their original body the familiar breaks down into the pieces that were used for their creation and thus they'll have to be created again

As familiars share their heart with the Candle Wich, they usually can sense how each other feels, for example, if a Candle Witch feels sad the familiar can also feel sad and vice versa

Familiars however have a downside and it's basically that they're a voodoo doll, usually as long as the stay with their creator they're safe and it doesn't represent a big of a trouble but if other Candle Witch comes in possession of the familar they can be used to perform black magic and curses to the Candle Witch that created them


[CANDLE WITCHES] Drakin (companion species) by Pyro-Zombie  [Extra] Drakin 001 by Pyro-Zombie

These little guys will be like a companion species for Candle Witches but unlike the familiars they're not created by them

They're some sort of mini dragons. They are born from eggs but these eggs (there can be up to 2 Drakins in one egg, twins) can only hatch if they're warmed with a Candle Witch's fire, eventually the Drakin will born and just like the Candle Witches they also have some magic properties including the fire control ability and share the fire-coloration rarity with the Candle Witche, so that a Drakin hatched with one-colored fire will have one-colored fire themself and so

They're the small, more or less size of a gecko and can breath fire, they also have  adhesive toe pads that allow them to walk on different surfaces and even in vertical surfaces, some of them may have wings as well. They usually have slit pupils and these can dilate depending on their mood, for example when they're sad

As they need a Candle Witch fire to hatch from their eggs is common that they'll feel naturally attached to the Candle Witch that hatched their egg thus they'll consider them as their father/mother figure. This relationship between Candle Witches and Drakins comes from several thousands of years ago as Candle Witches have been hatching and raising them for a while, some Candle Witches even dedicate their lifes to protect the species as they're sometimes stolen and sold in the black market as a "magical resource"

They're omnivorous and they usually feed on insects and plants, they also love fish. They can be really annoying when they're hungry because they make some weird noises when they want to be feed. The sounds they make are similar to the sounds of a penguin but they can also do bird noises and even whistle and hiss

They're very playful as well as curious and just like their dragon ancestors, they like to collect treasures and store them in their nests, they especially love coins and gems, they can come to be very greedy sometimes and this may cause them some troubles here and there so it's better to keep an eye on them


Physical Appearance:

Average size:

> Humanoid appearance: average human height, some of them can be shorter or taller (Pupperinos are usually the shortest while Long Boys are usually the tallest, but there may be exceptions)
> Feral Infant Stage: usually the size of a hand
> Feral Adult Stage: 2,00m (6'6") or more (Big boys and Long Boys)

Average time of life:

> Until their heart is fully consumed, can take around 500+ years but there're factors that can increase or decrease the durability


Not available yet:

Familiar Creation: this is a common tier ability but it's not available at the moment since they need an empty crystal which will be sold for group currency once the group is running, the only way to get one familiar if through sales or if the adopt comes with it as an add-on
Summoning: this is a rare tier ability but it's not available at the moment since they need special summoning items which will be sold for group currency once the group is running


Candle Witches Master List:


That for now XD
I will update if I have more info :>
If you have any question feel free to ask! C:
Edit (11/04/17): 
> Added Smoke Witches sub-species info

Edit (09/01/17):
> Added color scale for traits rarity
> Added fire coloration rarity
> Added new types of tails, fire on ears/head and fire on tail

Edit (11/02/17): 
> Renamed "Hot Smoke" to "Hot Steam"


This is all Candle Witches info so far, it may be subject to changes but I'm too tired right now XD

Any question feel free to ask!


> More graphic aids
> "Cursed" and "Blessed" state
> Doge and Pupper Adult forms
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