That thing about Epic Games stealing an user's oc

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Update 3: Please stay civil and don't harass this user, they're more likely a kid and scaring them off the internet is not going to help anybody

Update 2: I managed to archive the post with the "original design" before they deleted it after being called out:…

Update: apparently they deleted the pictures 


Not sure where else to post it, tried on reddit but my account is too new and it's too long to be posted on twitter, so I'll post i here

I'm 100% sure it's fake

You might have already read about it, it's all over twitter/reddit and some people is mentioning it here on deviantart, here's the original post on twitter:…

( Made a twitter post if you want to share it:… )

I'm an artist myself and I was also outraged by this but the more I looked into it the more suspicious it seemed to me so this is what I have and why I'm 100% sure this deviantart user made it up.

*Something to have in mind is that when you edit a picture on deviantart it still keeps the date of when it was submitted, so if you have an old deviation from let's say 2005 and you edit it and change the picture for one of 2019, it would still show the 2005 date instead of the date it was edited

This is the artists page where you can see the "original pic" on their gallery:

and this is a google cache image of the same page:

Here are some other screenshots by a different person about the edited picture:…

Not only the original picture was changed but also the title, the title on the cached picture was "U can't touch this l Sketch" while the new picture is "no lo PUDES TOCAR JODER"

They commented on the picture to say they only added a watermark but that's not what the cache shows, it was a totally different picture

Also when you open the picture from the cached version on a new tab it leads you the "original design" post, not the one shown in the chache, you can try it yourself:…

There's an older picture of the design here:… but it was also edited, sadly this one doesn't show in the cached version but given the above proof I'm certain this was also a totally different picture that they edited to add up to this fraud

I think it's more than clear that this artist is making all this up and people is falling for it. I know a lot of big companies sometimes screw up people and such and sometimes we want to be supportive of small artists but we should stop believing everything we see on the internet, just because an artist is small doesn't mean they can't do sh*tty things or are always the victim when it comes to dealing with big companies

Also pointing out that I'm from a different timezone so I'm not sure if it affects the cache date but you can also check it out by yourself on the above link

(also don't know how to archive pages so if anyone could do it, thanks)

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Can we find the artists that commented on it and tell them the truth.It just bothers me when people believe garbage,besides big companies have better things to do than to steal from brats.