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I don't usually care about trends and fanart but man as soon as I saw this beautiful orb I knew I had to do some tribute, it's been a while since the last time I liked a Pokemon enough to draw something related to it so here's this smol "gijinka" of Wooloo ;w; 
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Animal Crossing: Pokemon Heritage coming out in 2027
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Bet she knit that sweater out of her own 'wool' hehe
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now this needs to be a villager
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in animal crossing?
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It's a new Animal Crossing Villager! :D
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aghdgfjfh CUTE X3 <3 great job!!!
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amazing,simply superb 
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My new best friend has arrived 
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what a nice t-posing lad
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More like Woohoo.
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oh man.... Now its an animal Crossing character.... well.... *goes to his gamecube and plays AC
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Looks like he could move into your village in Animal Crossing !
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Hey, congrats on first page!!
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Itsa friend shaped sweater! :giggle:
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For some reason, I thought of a Wooloo that has a disability where they can't grow wool, so their family made them a sweater with their wool.
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mans be out here saying "whe"
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