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Lilith by Pyro-Zombie Lilith by Pyro-Zombie
annd here's Lilith

Lilith is a succubus and Vincent's partner in crime, she helps him to get the patients to "treat" them in their consulting room, as she's a succubus she usually looks for male patients, she usually baits them by asking them for help or favors and if they accept to help her she try to get close to them and "evaluate" their mental state, then if she notices issues with them she suggest them to go to see Vincent since "he can help them out with their problems", she makes them think that she truly cares about them and that usually do the trick, after they have a "teraphy session" with Vincent, Lilith offers them her company to comfort them (if you know what I mean *winks*), and well, they usually accept (usually their patients go to the sessions just to see Lilith at the end so when she's not there they get a little dissapointed XD), unfortunately for them, Lilith just use them to feed on their energy so they usually end up more physically and mentally exhausted, prolonged exposure to these two have a negative impact on people's health and they start to gradually feel more and more frustrated with their situation, for example if they're depressed they start to get more and more depressed due to the effects of Vincent and Lilith's abilities, at the end the patients end up isolated and never come back, ending their lives, or killing others, among other tragic outcomes

Lilith and Vincent have been living together for a while and they're very close, they live together in the same house and the consulting room is also there so they live and work there, when they're not working they usually go out to fancy restaurants, gatherings, etc, despite they share a very intimate relationship they don't really mind if the other dates/sleeps with other people. They don't consider themselves as a couple and they don't usually act romantically when they're together, instead they're often fighting over dumb things and "roasting" each other but despite of this they care about each other, Lilith has even offered to give her blood to Vincent whenever he needs it since when Vincent spends a lot of time without drinking blood he starts to feel unwell and might even do impulsive things that might give away their true nature and ruin all the work they've done so far. While Vincent is usually the mind of the team, Lilith is more like the spirit; Vincent is more serious, cold and calculating and don't let his emotions to take the control of his actions while Lilith is more childish and has no problem in being really open about her emotions, she's also a little ignorant most of the time, to the point that Vincent sometimes congratulates her when she's able to think a good idea by herself, Lilith is also very irresponsible and owes money to a lot of poeple, including Vincent, he doesn't really mind but he sometimes reminds her about it as a way to mock her and Lilith makes fun of Vincent's obsession for the order/cleaning

------spoilers from the comic, a bit of mature themes?-----

While Vincent is interested in Mad and Kira for their mind and blood, Lilith is more interested in their bodies (for obvious reasons) and the fact that she's not used to be rejected drives her crazy since she's not used to people turning down her advances. When she first met Kira she thought she was a guy, she didn't really pay a lot of attention to her since she tought she was younger (Lilith knows her boundaries lel) so she mostly saw her as a patient for Vincent, after she got to know some more about her she found out that Kira's actually 21 and started to get more interested on her, still she didn't know Kira was a girl, after some time she finds out that Kira is a girl but at that point she was already obsessed with her so she was just like "whatever, she's cute anyway" (have to make clear that Lilith has no problem with girls but she prefers guys, anyway she can shift her gender tho she prefers to be a girl as that's the gender with which she feels more comfortable), meanwhile when Lilith met Mad she liked him instantly since she thought he was badass and she likes his temper (can you believe that?), she also liked how tall and strong he's and his impulsiveness, however Mad thinks totally the opposite, he thinks Lilith is really annoying and never shuts the hell up and always tries to stay away from her and Vincent, Kira on the other side have no problem being near them but she feels a little uncomfortable about it, especially with Lilith since she's usually hugging them and making insinuations to them, this behaviour not only annoys Mad and Kira but it also causes Vincent to rebuke her about it, Vincent tends to be more reserved when it comes to intimacy so he doesn't like when Lilith is making advances towards them in such an open way without any shame at all

Unlike Vincent, Lilith seems to develop some genuine attachment towards Mad and Kira and is often seeking to be with them and help them when they need it, she also has a some things in common with Mad while Vincent has more things in common with Kira
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blackwhitegirlcat1 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
im really in love with her design>w<
Pyro-Zombie Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks c:
Kalamari101 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018  Student Writer
Pyro-Zombie Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AxelBlaison Featured By Owner Edited Jan 26, 2018  Student General Artist
cool one! thinking that she will play the mother role in that story... :)
Pyro-Zombie Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well, leaving aside the fact that she wants to fuck them...I don't think she would be too maternal, she's not mature enough to provide that kind of support to the characters xwx, I'd say she'd me more like a sister than a mother
AxelBlaison Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Student General Artist
I see... well, good luck lilithDevilish Re-upload (Not My Art) 
YukiPan Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There's the pretty girl @ w @!!! <3 So happy to see a full ref of her!
Pyro-Zombie Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yup, I tried not to make spoilers of them but I couldn't resist XD
anyway I'm glad I drew them , I needed fullbody refs of them ;v;
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