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Happy Halloween to my wonderful watchers and anyone passing through!

  Today is a day I am most happy and also a bit sad.  I live like it's Halloween all year long and I wait for it with anticipation every year.  I get excited for TV to play a bunch of horror, like AMC's Fear Fest, for Halloween decorations everywhere, for monster T-shirts to be all over the place-  best time to do shopping for the whole year!  But I also get sad because I know it's all going to be over soon.  Tomorrow there will be a mass purging of cool stuff- vomited out at low prices via after Halloween sales, and then the Christmas music will start and my favorite time of year will be a thing of the past, a lost memory to most of the population, and I will slink back into my own dark little corner of the world to preserve my little bubble of ghosts and goblins and things that go bump in the night and begin the count down to next October.

So I would like to feature some stuff from my favorites folders. And what better symbol of the season than the Jack-o-lantern?

Winged Reaper Pumpkin by MrSultan531 Pumpkin carving 3 by Cissell Pumpkin Carving 9.19.13 by Cissell
Pumpkin paintin 09 by Initial-Dzines I Carved A Squash by kris-wilson Johnny Depp Barnabas Pumpkin by TrevorGroveTales From the Cryptaru by RiotSeri
DadP by volcanic-glass Dragon and the Skull by Faerlyte
Nightmare Before Christmas 2.0 by snerkPumpkin - Jack Skellington by snerk Escape from Pumpkin Guts 2 by PixelBlenderHalloween Pumpkin Carving 2008 by teran80

Tenney Farm Carving Commission by Revelation-Six
<da:thumb id="68403583"/> Cheshire Cat by pumpkinsbylisa Snarling Wolf by pumpkinmaster Irk Pumpkin by BlazeRocket
Werewolf City Pumpkin - 2006 by CarverOfPumpkins Eye breaking through a Pumpkin by embrio Angler Pumpkin by DavidArsenault
Pumpkin 08 by squatsatch

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this feature, even if you don't celebrate Halloween, and have a great night every one!

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I love halloween too! Every year my friends and family go pumpkin picking together and then we all come back to my house and have a pumpkin carving party! I make all kinds of halloween themed food and then i make caramel apples for dessert! :la: