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This is a MLP crossover with Kerbal Space Program. These little guys are playful and well meaning, but pretty clumsy.

Mun is in extremely low Kerbin orbit because I wanted an excuse to paint a planet surface from that altitude. It might also explain how the Kerbals got there with such a terrible rocket design. I don't know where the crew pod went.

Luna is my favorite pony on the show.

Drawn and Painted in Paint Tool SAI.

Kerbal Space Program is a pretty addicting and endearing space-based physics sandbox starring adorable little aliens. [link]
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Earth can't look so big from the moon like that. The moon is small in our sky; so, Earth is small to anyone from the moon.

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I actually found a Woona themed mission flag, I planted it on Minmus
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I nuked my moon lol
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I thought this picture was so cool and clever that I put it on my computer desktop
Really cool man
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*connects my shitty Mun base together* "Finally, it's done!" *Mun base starts spinning* *Mun base destroys everything* "NUUUUUUUUU!!!!!"
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It's beautiful! I'm no mlp fan (not a hater too) but in ksp, I'm just a space hobo who makes scrap metal fly
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I love this! I've been playing KSP for only 2 weeks and I'm already loving it so much >0<
Plus, Jeb and co. with Luna XD
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No, silly Kerbal, the 'Planted the first Buttflag' achievement is not worth the injuries you will sustain.
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This is fantastic! I'd never have thought of combing KSP and MLP, but it works really well.
Greenbladethecy-cat's avatar
The amount of SCIENCE! These guys would get right now is INSANE.Wait, is that Kerbal at the back about to do what I think he is?
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[insert joke about having a stick up your butt here]
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Jeb (for it must be him, no one else is stupid enough) is about to jab Luna in the flank.
I suspect KSC will have to launch something interplanetary to retrieve them this time...
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Judging from the facial expressions, Jeb is the one standing on her head.
MrCity4000's avatar
nasa called, they what ksp back
Ganondox's avatar
What's on her cheek?
CelestiaTheFilly's avatar
on No Dont put a Flag on Luna She'll Kick you to The sun!!
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Someone should make a fanfiction of this. I would read it regardless of anything.
Voyager15Space's avatar
The Kerbals better have very dangerous firepower...
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Someone gimme a link in wich moon base alpha's astronauts meets luna
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Bob (on Luna's back) is about to do something veeery stupid.

It was clear after the near destruction of Kerbin that astronauts entering the program should be tested in not provoking alien life by stabbing the flag into their back.
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