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Spyro - Shades of Destiny

By Pyreo
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ATTENTION: an updated version! - [link]

This is more of a game concept that it is a piece of artwork. The first three games of Spyro, developed by Insomniac, were absolutely excellent. Then the PS2 came along, and another edition of Spyro was rushed out, making it terrible and virtually unplayable. Eventually along came another one, which was very much worth it and managed to capture the essence of Spyro once again. The most recent Spyro game was for the DS, and from what I can tell from reviews, it doesn't play well at all.

Judging by that up and down logic, it's time for another great one. =)

One thing I hated about 'A Hero's Tail' was the sometimes insane difficulty of the other characters' levels. Getting used to five separate control systems was hard, and I dreaded having to struggle through many Sparx and Blink mini-quests. My idea is to keep in the element of playing as different characters, but this time, they're all dragons with the same controls. Each one has a different and unique ability that the player would utilise in order to progress through the game, once the appropriate character had been located. These seven characters each have their own distinct personalities and each represents a specific colour.

Summary: Once again, after Spyro's last adventure, the peace reigning in the dragon kingdoms is short-lived. Evil terrorises the land, all magic has been sucked away, and for some reason, the older dragons are unable to help. But this time, it's not just Spyro who has to save the world - a team of six other dragons follow him into the fray.

Spyro - the purple one. Spyro has become famous the world over for his good deeds and constant efforts to save all of dragon-kind. Spyro is the oldest and most experienced of the group, and having gone through many adventures already, he's the team leader. His heroic deeds in the past have earned him some faerie power-ups, such as four breath types - the standard flame, ice, electric, and water. He also keeps his physical abilities, such as the headbash. Spyro is the most versatile and plays as the 'standard' dragon.

Jaide - the green one. She was born with exceptionally hard scales that render her totally immune to almost any attack. As such, she becomes the defender of the group, ready to jump in front of any assault that would harm another member. Although her body cannot be harmed, she can still be affected by things that change her surroundings, eg; she could be frozen in a block of ice. Her invincibility power has made her headstrong and almost disrespectful, and she eventually makes the mistake of believing that nothing could get through her defences, not just physically, but emotionally, until Spyro's carefree attitude subconsciously grows on her. She can be used not only as a shield, but also to cross dangerous terain that other dragons couldn't get across. Her favourite hobby is swimming in acid lakes.

Zap - the yellow one. Zap is a little younger than Spyro and used to idolise him until he reached dragon teenagerhood. Now he is incredibly jealous that Spyro gets all the attention and goes along with the group to try and save everybody instead of Spyro, so he would be famous as well. He jumps at any chance to show off and can often be found hitting on girls, especially Jaide. Zap is a very fast runner - the equivalent of an automatic super-charge - so he can reach places that are far away quickly and make giant leaps that the others couldn't. His egotistical nature leads him to constantly ask other dragons to participate in a race against him, but they always decline because they know he will always win.

Ariel - the white one. Unlike most of the others, this dragon comes from a different dragon clan, who make their home above the world in the clouds. Although she is about the same age as the others, her race is naturally larger and have drastically more capable wings. She is the only dragon able to fly, which is of course a major asset. Spyro's clan cannot fly without the aid of magic until they are nearly fully grown. Ariel is very shy and scared, and is actually afraid of heights until everyone else helps her get over it so she can finally fly around. She grows more attached to Flame eventually, who is the most attentive and supportive towards her.

Brook - the blue one. Unlike most of the others, this dragon comes from a different dragon clan, who make their home under the sea. Although he is about the same age as the others, his race is naturally larger and they have evolved fins for getting around underwater. His little wings are used for propulsion. Brook is rather laid back and sometimes fails to fully comprehend the magnitude of the situation at hand. He can stay submersed for indefinate amounts of time, while any other dragon will have to surface regularly for air, making him the only one able to reach certain levels and fully complete them.

Flame - the red one. He has been Spyro's friend and ally ever since he was rescued from Gnasty Gnorc's lair. Flame is rather timid and would rather stay away from actually fighting himself or attack from a safe distance. Luckily for him, he can do this because his enlarged snout gives him constant access to the equivalent of a super-flame. He can defeat a multitude of enemies with it and heat up or melt things. Flame used to like Ember as more than just his friend, but eventually turns his attention towards Ariel instead.

Ember - the pink one. Ember is the youngest of all and seen as the 'runt' of the group. Although she doesn't have much discernable power, she insisted on tagging along to ';prevent Spyro from getting hurt'. She usually ends up making a nuisance of herself and has to be saved by the others. Although she maintains that Spyro will come through for her, when she is in immediate danger Zap saw his chance to out-shine Spyro, and rescued her. This lead to her switching her fanatical devotion from Spyro to Zap. Being the smallest, she alone can crawl into tiny spaces and collect items from caverns or narrow cracks.

Yeah, Ember's ability kinda sucks, but it was the best thing I could think of for her to do. Since the magic has been sucked out of the world and the usual power-ups are unusable, some dragons represent these powers and are present to allow the player to use their effects, but only by switching to the right dragon. Once a dragon has been found from where they are originally met, they can be switched to at any time, and it is up to the player to realise where and when a dragon's ability will come in handy.

Go ahead and analyse their names, if you want, for fun. I spent a while on the ones I came up with. =D I know the title isn't up to much but it sort of fits and it just stuck in my mind, so I used it. At least it contains three words like the other PS2 games.

Spyro (C) Insomniac
Ember and Flame (C) Vivendi
Playstation (C) Sony
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SuperSkyFandomsLumStudent Digital Artist
Wow! This looks so awesome! I love your idea. ^^
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MetalknightriderHobbyist Photographer
This would be neat
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KrazyKariHobbyist General Artist
Heh, damn you, when I was 9 and went online, I thought this was real at first. XD
Well, I was really young at the time, honestly no 9 year olds should be online. XD
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I had a similar idea, but I haven't worked it out as well...a game idea where one can play as four dragons at the time: Spyro, Ember, Cynder, and Flame. It combines quests and puzzlesfrom the original trilogy with a little legend of spyro beat em up. Each of them have different stats. Spyro is the most well-rounded, Ember has the best glide but lowest defenses, Flame (who is more buff in the game) is the physically strongest but slowest and has short range for his flames, and Cynder who excels the best at breath (longer range and breath time). Each character, while sharing fire, have a secondary element (ice, lightning, earth and water, not sure what order) for puzzles and combat. It's a work in progress
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CareDuckHobbyist Digital Artist
In Spyro 2 there was a bouncing powerup, maybe Ember could bounce really high.
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I think this a great idea and that you should put it on Kickstarter :)


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it seems like a good game and it could become a fan made game online :)
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And once again, the adults are useless.
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MythicalNineHobbyist Digital Artist
Good idea! :D
asom idea!
Scourgethekiller99's avatar
Scourgethekiller99Student Artist
I Wish This Game Was Real And For Wii, Because I Would Totally Buy It.
Sunbeargirl's avatar
SunbeargirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
This sounds like fun. I love Spyro, both in the original games and in the Legend games. (I haven't played Skylanders, but I think he looks pretty ugly in that.) If this game was created, I'd buy it! ;)
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I know Zap willnot be a favorite character of quite a few people
but hey, you have to have issues like him to make things more interesting
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LeonofparodiesHobbyist General Artist
The concept is cool. Though it's a shame I lost interest in the original series and fell for the Legend one. You could probably make it yourself if you attend a video game college,but the ownership issues may prevent you from publishing it on the PS2.
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SplashOfSummerHobbyist Artist
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Zalrith Artisan Crafter
Sorry, double posted
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Zalrith Artisan Crafter
I love this idea!

I was thinking about trying to make a spyro game myself someday, don't know if it'll ever actually happen though, but

it would be so awesome if we could all band together and make this a full length game.

There's even an artist who might be perfect for the character design, (well, I think they'd be perfect anyway)

I think it's a girl, her username is Cynder-and-spyro-fan, she's right here on DeviantArt.
angelsways02's avatar
angelsways02Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love the idea
of making the game though i think of myself of someday i will make one
its stuck in my head

reply to zalrith if you want to help though
no offence when you have so many replies on this idea
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Zalrith Artisan Crafter
I love this idea!

I was thinking about trying to make a spyro game myself someday, don't know if it'll ever actually happen though, but

it would be so awesome if we could all band together and make this a full length game.

There's even an artist who might be perfect for the character design, (well, I think they'd be perfect anyway)

I think it's a girl, her username is Cynder-and-spyro-fan, she's right here on DeviantArt.
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trainman666Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually, I think that would be an awesome concept for a new Spyro game. At least the audience will get to see more of Flame and Ember (Personally I like Spyro better with Cynder. Ember just seems to come on too strong. In other words, I think she's trying too hard to win Spyro's heart, and Spyro knows it, but he just thinks of Ember as just a friend, and not a true girlfriend. Ember will do much better with Flame) I really think that idea should be made into a real game. Even if it's just an online flash game, that would be awesome. Yea, I think this could pass as an actual game. You should see if you can either make this into an online flash game, or have someone else do it for you.

That concept and image both deserve a trophy. :trophy: :trophy:
Pyreo's avatar
PyreoHobbyist Digital Artist
Oooh, trophies! Thanks

Weeeell, personally I never saw Spyro as a high-school-romance kind of game, y'know? All the attempts to make it into that have annoyed me.

Why couldn't it have stayed about a young dragon reluctantly savin' all da uncool older dragons who were frozen and lame, and so on.

I don't have the means to make flash games and don't know anyone who would, not that it'd really lend itself well either - it was just an idea, trying to get something exploratory and pure out there in the midst of WOULD YOU BELIEVE /shipping wars/.
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trainman666Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, it's still an interesting concept. But I still believe that Cynder is a much better girlfriend than Ember will ever be. Ember's just plain obnoxious when it comes to her love; she comes on too strong, instead of letting Spyro gradually grow towards her. She needs to learn to give Spyro his space. That and through the course of the trilogy, Spyro gets to know Cynder so much better than Ember. BECAUSE YOU LITERALLY ONLY SEE EMBER ONCE IN A HERO'S TAIL! What kind of a girlfriend is that? I would certainly play that game if it were ever made real though.
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dragonhatchlingHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! It's clear that u put a lot of heart, time, and talent into this piece. !Well Done!
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