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Writer's Block

Delays, delays, blah blah blah. Here, have a delightfully morbid MSPaint drawing I whipped up in five minutes.

If the the image is too ambiguously crappy to decipher, that's me getting crushed with my legs sticking out. You know, for comedy!

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This also applies to those who draw. XI
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Oh hello there! Welcome to my gallery! :wave:

Indeed, art blocks of all forms are infuriating. Especially when your financial institution decides to screw you forever. :|

Nice to meet you -- hope you stick around! :D
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I hope you feel better. Your MLPxSonic story caught my interest so long ago. I really loved it.
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Thanks. While ALL of my writing efforts had been put on the backburner for the last two years, StH: Flames of Equestria had much of the wind taken out of it when Equestria Daily first rejected it.

I do intend to start it back up though... *sigh* SOMEDAY.

Check out some of my other fics in the mean time, if you haven't already.
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I know this feeling all too well. When I'm not 100% sure where to go with a story, I get writer's-blocked even when I'm NOT busy, to say nothing of when I have other things to do. And sometimes I get stuck on little things, like single lines of dialogue. I haven't written in a very productive manner in... months, probably... although I had an idea for a fanfic recently that I might be able to pull together a bit more quickly. But I'm really excited to see more TotOR, and I hope you can get things sorted out soon.
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Lol, first time I see something of yours in the new deviations section and I get this. :P

Sorry to hear that though. My advice is that when I get the block myself, I tend to go back to the same works that inspired me to write in the first place - my favorite games, movies, fanfic, etc. So perhaps you can try going back to what gave you that spark all the way back in January 2010.

Just what I can suggest. Hope it helps!
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Yeah, I knew I'd be teasing people when I posted this... of course, a few weeks later, you all found out WHY I had posted this. :|
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2 years worth of writer's block.. maybe re-read your story to get back in the swing of things?
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I have been. It's amazing how much I was able to write back then, and how much I improved in a relatively short amount of time. The comments are always inspiring. :blushes:

Chapter 37 is about 85% done, really. It's just been a major chore this past month.
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Good ta hear..good luck with yr job mate :D
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What delays then? Is your hand acting up again? Or your work?
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I've just been really busy this past month. Dragging, really. My hand is OK, for the most part, but my job deals with a lot of manual labor and heavy lifting, and I have to practically crawl into bed each night.

Chapter 37 is like... 85% done, though. Honestly.
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Well, I'm looking forward. Just get well, k?
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