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Commission 44 - Megatops

By pyrasterran
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As some of you may have figured out, my true passion in drawing is creatures, monsters, aberrations, both conventional and bizarre. :D

Megatops is an idea that's actually been around for 2 years yet I never really developed. :icongtsaiyaman01: liked what he saw/knew about the guy so I blew the dust off him and created him proper. He is another character exclusive to Spectacular Adventures, rather than M5.


Name: Megatops

Race: Psykospawn
Home, Nationality: Psykosphere

HT: 8'
WT: 1 ton

Eyes: Blue iris surrounded by black
Skin: Metallic

Description: A monstrous cyborg beast that seems to defy conventional explanation. Standing bipedally, his body is shaped in almost a toon fashion, with a broad chest and large, snaking arms on a neck-less stubbed head, all connected by a small wait onto a pair of bagged pants, standing on metallic feet. His arms are segmented by metal armor, and his claws are normally fingered in four with miscellaneous and often unnecessary statistics over the back each palm. With his horned face and metallic "wings" over his back, he gives off the appearance of a robotic beetle. His head looks like a helmet, as does the rest of his body look like a suit of techno-armor. The belt of his navy blue pants is adorned with a scope on the buckle that can actually emit countless red laser points for targeting.

Megatops is also the most silent and composed of his kin. However, as soft-spoken as he is, he is the most vulgar and even more cold and sadistic than Chiroptos.

Known Powers; Equipment:
Megatops is the most static of the triad he is part of, as his body does not bend or morph like a toon. Instead, it adds on, enlarges, installs and folds out like a toonish robot. His arms can extend infinitely and massive weapons can morph out of his body in manners reminiscent of cartoons and anime. Megatops is capable of firing explosives, missiles, rockets, lasers, bullets, all kinds of artillery fire, flame/napalm, cryo-assaults, chemical gas, etc. from endless slots and openings that can appear across his body. Like a Swiss army knife of mass destruction, Megatops has enough firepower to make him capable of leveling a city within an hour. He flies via rocket boosters, and can pop out more if necessary. His head is able to launch out, attached to his circular bottom jaw by an endlessly extendable chord. This makes his head ideal for harpoon-like attacks.

Like how Chiroptos feeds off the life fluid of the living, Megatops feeds off of inorganic materials, and is capable of eating practically anything, his perpetual energy source burning through anything. However, if he consumes anything technological or weapons-based, he can integrate it into his own body, modifying his power and turning the weapon/tool against his opponents.

Weaknesses: If someone is lucky enough to be able to damage him to the point of being unable to repair himself, he will be forced to retreat to the Psykosphere, where he can be killed once and for all.

Origins: The Spirit of Chaos Psykomanser's Left Hand of Destruction, Megatops an extremely high-level Psykospawn, equal to that of Chiroptos and beaten only by Psykomanser himself. Megatops, like Chiroptos often acts as a herald for Psykomanser's arrival, scouting planets suitable for Psykomanser to destroy in chaos. Where Chiroptos and Megatops are truly valuable, however, is in their ability to revisit planets that Psykomanser himself will not physically return to due to being thwarted in the past. This makes Chiroptos and Megatops prevalent threats since they can return as many times as they wish to whichever planet they choose.

Megatops is a name feared by many in the far reaches of the universe for being able to cause mass destruction on a horrifically quick schedule, though he is most known for destroying the planet Niam.


Megatops is © :iconpyrasterran: and is a character of Spectacular Adventures, © :icongtsaiyaman01:
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this got SOOOOO stolen

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ZurkhardoHobbyist Writer
He has a child-like quality to him, which works. To expand on that, he looks like the kind of nightmare a little kid would have: kind of cartoony and silly but still terrible...good effect.
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Marvelous work.
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DinoHunter2Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm... so in the bottom left I'm guessing that's the kin... I see Chiroptos and Megatops, but whose the maniacal clown/jester looking fellow there? Will we be seeing a deviation of him as well?
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pyrasterranProfessional General Artist
That is Psykomanser, and no, that guy was created by :icongtsaiyaman01:
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DinoHunter2Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah. Oh well, I'm sure I can check him out in :icongtsaiyaman01:'s gallery, right?
Er, kinda skimped on the commenting here, lol, sorry! I love this design. The beetle wing thrusters are really cool looking, and I love the way the top and bottom jaws are connected. Was that part of him inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, by any chance?
Great work, as per usual. :)
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pyrasterranProfessional General Artist
not exactly, but I can see the similarities.

[link] and [link] are the only pictures :icongtsaiyaman01: has of Psykomanser right now. Maybe you can coax him to draw a new one =P
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CrazyBunniProfessional Filmographer
i like his different head stuctures! XD i like the psychotic bat more!! ;P

the clown kinda creeps me out but its supposed to right? XD

excellent work Trent!!
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pyrasterranProfessional General Artist
those aren't different heads of his ^^;
CrazyBunni's avatar
CrazyBunniProfessional Filmographer
oh....there still cool ^^;
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I really like how the head just kind of pops up almost detached. Would make for an interesting scene when he yells at something.

I have always loved creature design because it lets you break out of a standard humanoid mold. No matter how awesome a description or outfit or whatnot you get with a human, at the end of the day they are still just that.
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