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Commission 43 - Chiroptos

By pyrasterran
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Name: Chiroptos

Race: Psykospawn
Home, Nationality: Psykosphere

HT: 7'5''
WT: 209 lbs

Eyes: Red iris surrounded by black
Skin: White

Description: A monstrous beast that seems to defy conventional explanation. Standing bipedally, his body is shaped in almost a toon fashion, with a broad chest and large, snaking arms on an almost neck-less stubbed head, all connected by a small wait onto a pair of bagged pants, standing on three-clawed feet. His arms are segmented by four, with a spine protruding out of each segment, and his claws are normally fingered in four with large red smooth gems over each one. On his back is a line of spines similar to the ones on his arms, and his fact is similar to that of both a frog/toad and a bat, with large ears and voracious teeth with a round, wide face. His red eyes have black, Egyptian-style lines coming down across them, and a dark-violet gem on his forehead. His entire body, which is white, are made of what feels like a sandy/rubbery substance, with the same texture. Essentially, like both hardened and softened clay. The belt of his grey pants is black with golden linings and has an Egyptian-style eye centered on the buckle.

Sinister, malicious, remorseless, sadistic, all wrapped up in the aura of an evil clown, much like his superior Psykomanser. Chiroptos can find anything funny, even funnier if it's at others' expenses.

Known Powers; Equipment:
Chiroptos' body can stretch, twist, spin, curl, scrunch, and flatten like the best of them. Toons, that is. His body is tough as rock and shock-absorbent as rubber, making perfect armor for physical attacks. His eyes can bug out and his toothed maw can stretch and gain extra rows of teeth, even turning into a sort of macabre grinder. His hands in particular can transform into just about anything that isn't complicated machinery; hammers, crossbows, javelins, swords, maces, etc. Brute strength is not an encouraged strategy when fighting Chiroptos. Chiroptos' means of flight is actually quite traditional; as his arms stretch out, flaps of skin spread from each spine, forming batlike wings which achieve flight. He is not very fast, but is agile enough.

The Psyko Aura is an outward-projection of Chiroptos' inner spirit, appearing in the form of a black/purple flame-like aura around him. When this is activated, he's granted more damaging attacks, as whatever comes in contact with the aura is likewise damaged. It is also ideal for combating metaphysical defenses.

Although Chiroptos' body can regenerate some of the most grievous of wounds thanks to his toon-like body, his power for such abilities derive from his consummation of blood. His thirst for it is never satisfied, as he can drink infinite quantities of it thanks to his "stomach", a void that is like a pocket dimension, with seas of blood and islands of hardened blood. If Chiroptos wanted to, he could store objects and even people in his stomach without chance of harm. Once inside, it is nearly impossible to escape. If he wanted to, Chiroptos could swallow projectile attacks whole, then spit them back at their originators.

Weaknesses: Chiroptos' powers are all fueled by the blood he stores inside him. Horrific wounds that gash gallons of blood can weaken him, and if someone is lucky enough to drain him of enough blood, he will be forced to retreat to the Psykosphere, where he can be killed once and for all.

Origins: The Spirit of Chaos Psykomanser's Right Hand of Death, Chiroptos an extremely high-level Psykospawn, equal to that of Megatops and beaten only by Psykomanser himself. Chiroptos, like Megatops often acts as a herald for Psykomanser's arrival, scouting planets suitable for Psykomanser to destroy in chaos. Where Chiroptos and Megatops are truly valuable, however, is in their ability to revisit planets that Psykomanser himself will not physically return to due to being thwarted in the past. This makes Chiroptos and Megatops prevalent threats since they can return as many times as they wish to whichever planet they choose.

Chiroptos' claim to fame came from the destruction of Alkom J'Jia, the dream-state world that dangles between reality and the world of the psyche, from which only one dream being survived and escaped.


Chiroptos is © :iconpyrasterran:
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Dang, he's a very creepy being I'ld have to say.
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Ah.. Chiroptos has always been one of my favorites. :D
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i always always like your psychotic grins trent!! XD