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Commission 34 - The Omega

By pyrasterran
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Another veteran HEROES threat, translated for :icongtsaiyaman01:'s webcomic.

With sheet:

Name: The Omega

Race: Cosmic Animal
Home: The Ethereal Realm

HT: Variable
WT: Variable

Eyes: Red
Skin: Black(light does not reflect)

Description: Normally, the Omega are small impish creatures, their bodies completely malleable, transformable, and shape-shifting except for their heads, which cannot change size or shape except for when their visor eyes split open into red toothy maws. Neo Omega, Omega that have consumed human shadows, take on basic humanoid forms. Omega in the Ethereal Realm can come in made shapes and sizes.

Known Powers; Equipment:
The Omega can shadow-step through any shadow or bit of darkness but their own. Although their heads cannot necessarily morph, the rest of their bodies can shapeshift into just about anything that is not mechanical in design. They have the capacity to eat the soul of a body, erasing it from existence entirely. They eat souls by turning their visor eyes into red toothy jaws, which can also double as biting weapons that can crunch through car metal.

Weaknesses: The head of any Omega is the only part of the body that can be given lasting damage, and enough damage to the head will kill it. The head bleeds yellow blood.

Origins: Mysterious denizens of the Ethereal Realm, the land of the dead, the Omega are a "race" of cosmic beings placed in the Ethereal Realm for the purpose of devouring nihilistic souls, as well as the souls of those who do not believe in an afterlife. Normally they are not an aggressive group, and do not even begin to show intelligence and sentience until they are brought into our world, and the corruptive aura of sentient life begins to corrupt them in turn, making them self-aware, and greedy.


Keep in mind that these alternate origins are quite different to their true origins, in which they come from a world where only they exist, along with the river of souls that lead to the afterlife.

The Omega are © :iconpyrasterran:
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Gabychan91Hobbyist Digital Artist
looks great :D awesome work ^^
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tentackle rocks :D
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Awesomeness =D

Reminds me of Ben 10 for some reason.
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pyrasterranProfessional General Artist
noooooooooooooo :cries:
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Lemme guess, not the style you wanted?
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pyrasterranProfessional General Artist
I don't know about style..

I created the Omega 4 years ago :(
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