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Commish 39 - Sepah-E Pasdaran



Persians > Spartans ;P

This is :iconzurkhardo:'s Iranian superhero group, the Sepah-E Pasdaran(Army of Guardians), and it took for $%&#ing ever to finish, but I'm pretty satisfied with the end result.



Rashne - The leader of the group is also the youngest(although as far as the public is concerned, Shahid is the man in charge). A victim of the gas attacks during the Iran/Iraq war, her mutant gene revived her and adapted the toxic gas into a cloud she can release from her body. She can alter its potency at will from causing adverse effects to being lethal.

Shahid - The scarred military specialist is the combat expert of the team with the useful spacial ability of good luck. Shahid is the most human of the team, and in a way this makes him the most relatable to the government and the public. Because of his experience in the Iran/Iraq war he and Rashne have a close relationship, seeing each other as sibling figures.

Chime - The only other female on the team, this Azeri mutant can emit powerful sonic vibrations with her body, as well as when causing objects to collide in her hands. With enough of a clash, she can uplift a tank into the air.

Cleric - Elder Turkman/ Islamic holyman is the religious figurehead of the group, seen as the 'seal of approval' for the team. He seeks only to do the will of God, and having an actual apparent connection to higher powers his idea of "God's will" is known to clash with that of the Iranian government. Nevertheless his presence and prayer-based powers help solidify the validity of the team to the rest of Iran.

Fravashi - This enigmatic golem is actually not an Islamic being of any kind, a fact that does not necessarily bother the country, as he is of Zoroastrian(Iran's first major religion) descent. This silent warrior's true origins are, however, shrouded in mystery, though most believe he is a kind of ancient angel. Being the most powerful member of the group(incredible strength and durability, flight, absorption/emission of solar energy, ability to control the masses through power of mysterious bracelet), he is not assigned to missions very often, and is seen more as backup. The second reason to this is that he is still seen with much suspicion and paranoia from certain members of the government because of his silent and ominous nature. Regardless, to this day he has yet to commit an atrocity.


Hope the rest of you enjoyed and maybe learned a thing or two :D

[For more on Iranian culture, rent/watch the animated film Persepolis]

Sepah-E Pasdaran are © :iconzurkhardo:
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