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Behold this year's #monstermarch2024 drawing challenge lineup (attached in status update page)! Godzilla's were spread out and the rest arranged in ascending order with the last days being the top picks. Thanks to everyone who voted, and get your drawing hands ready come March 1st! I will likely not be showing the submissions here immediately, as I still have a backlog of art to drop here from the past couple years. If you want to see the drawings you've got to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Threads, Trumblr, or Bluesky at pyrasterran
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4 years of Monster March daily kaiju drawing challenge on the belt, for year 5 I'm letting YOU decide the lineup! Vote for your top picks for this month's lineup for #monstermarch2024 Link:
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It's been a long time but I'm back, got some better security options now that alleviate my prior issues and as I keep trying to expand my exposure I thought it good to check back in these waters where I have continued to get likes and follows even long after I was gone. THREE THINGS TO NOTE -Over the next few weeks I will be focusing on updating the gallery with finished works that I have done in the past couple of years, so folks who have been following me on other sites will see familiar deviations here. -I will not be uploading everything here, it will primarily consist of more finished looking works. Any of my sketches I do every now and then you will have to check my other art pages to find (links now available on my page for my twitter, instagram, etc.) -Commission requests are live and have been implemented through Ko-Fi primarily, but I can still accept direct DM commissions for folks who still need that (though prices may be different) Back at it!
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Good afternoon, sir/ma'am. Just wanted to reach out as a courtesy. I just finished putting together a short Godzilla/Mothra fic, and I found you're the maker of that King/Queen art I thought would make the greatest cover for it. Would it be cool if I use that for the cover image? I'd of course credit you. And maybe you'll like the final product.

Hi, yes you may use the art for your fan fic cover and accredit me, thanks for asking

Thank you! Now that that's done, maybe you'll enjoy the final product lol. It seemed appropriate.

Hey @pyrasterran ^^, its nice to meet ya . I like your artwork. How ya doin today?

Howdy ^^ @pyrasterran . How ya doin today?