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Horrific Experiment

By Pyramiddhead
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This is a concept for a demon who manifested from the horror of sadistic science experiments performed on humans in secrecy.

Heres a story I created just to go along with this creature, I know its a lil lengthy but I recommend you to read it as I also put effort into a good story, especially for people who like anything to do with horror should enjoy it.

I started to become very worried when my son Cooper and his friends disappeared a couple of weeks ago. I live in a town of friendly folk where about everybody knows one another. We are a very tight knit community, but in the past people have mysterious disappeared, usually teenagers. These disappearances seem to have started to occur after the military facility in the woods not to far out of town mysteriously closed down one day and became abandoned. Us regular folk aren't allowed to trespass on that land so I never got the chance to search the place out. I have looked about everywhere close by but this seems to be the only place I haven't searched. I have asked the local authorities numerous times if they searched the facility, they always tell me they have but I get this unnerving feeling they aren't telling the truth. There are alot of urban legends that go around about how it is haunted because it is believed that horrific sadistic experiments using humans happened in secrecy in the basement laboratory, which many believed what caused the facility to shut down. Today is the day my town was founded so everyone in town and even the authorities celebrated in town square, this was one of the only nights I would be able to infiltrate the facility and hopefully find my son alive. So i got my flashlight, packed a few tools, got into my car, and drove out to the facility.

Soon enough I reached the facility shrouded by the darkness of the night, it was very quiet besides the sounds of night animals from the surrounding woods. First I used a lock clipper and disabled the lock on the front gate and entered inside the premises. I pointed my flashlight all around observing some of the old military equipment left behind. I reached the front door of the facility and slowly entered inside. It was very dark and even kind of creepy inside but I had to put fear aside for the sake of my son and his friends. I traveled throughout most of the building yelling out their names, searching through closets,furniture, whatever place a teenager could fit but was without any luck. Their was only one place left to search...the basement laboratory, after wandering around for a bit I finally found the door leading to the basement. I flashed my light on the door and noticed it was heavily locked down and almost impenetrable, I put in all the effort possible into getting open the door but it seemed impossible. I started to walk away and made my way through the front door, a bit discouraged I hoped to find another entrance outside. Suddenly before I opened the door, I heard a faint bloodcurdling scream coming from below followed by a crashing noise and what sounded like a door opening. My heart began to race rapidly as I had an ominous feeling about checking out the noise but I had to, so I headed back to the basement door.

The locks seemed to had unlocked themselves and the door was cracked open,I flashed my light inside only seeing darkness so I began to cautiously step inside. Suddenly I felt the floor below me give out and I fell deep into a pitch black hole. The drop felt endless and I found myself in complete darkness, when I turned on my light I think... I was in the basement...??? Something felt wrong as I choked on a mysterious haze that filled the area. I blindly walked into an operating table, and my light shown me something terribly disturbing. It looked like a malformed cadaver with many strange tools sticking out of it, it was horribly disgusting but I examined it closer hoping it was not my son. Then out of nowhere lights in the room flashed on everywhere relieving a bunch of tables with disfigured cadavers on them, the one I was examining started to squirm and shout an ear piercing painful noise and the rest of the morbid cadavers followed. There is no word powerful enough to describe how I reacted but pure terror, I panicked and almost fainted looking for a way out. Soon I found a door leading to a long hallway, as I ran down the hallway I peered through a bunch of windows into different rooms revealing horrific scenes of morbidly grotesque looking doctors torturing squealing cadavers with strange and painful looking medical devices.

I charged through a door at the end of the hallway leading into a pitch black room, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, the voices of teenagers crying out. I started yelling out for Cooper then lights turned on over four cages in the back of the room, inside was my son Cooper and his friends but they looked in horrible condition as if they've been starved and tortured. I rushed to the cages and viciously broke off all of the locks, the teens where very hesitant to come out as they keep trying to tell me to hide because "IT" was coming. The hairs on my back rose and I got goosebumps as I heard some unknown noise coming from behind that sounded like soda fizzling. I was paralyzed by fear as a big bright light revealed a terrifying monstrosity. It looked like some sort of experiment that completely went wrong, a yellowish liquid dripped from its face covered by a sort of surgeons mask, its source was a large test tube that seemed to be infused to the monsters head that was held in support by some sort of device, though its most menacing feature was it's giant metal claws that hung from its hunched body. It was still like a statue in the middle of the room, I knew we had to get by it to the only door that lead out of this room, not sure if it would ever be an exit but we had to try. The teens and I very slowly began to walk past the monster, first my son and one of his friends passed by it with little problem but when the next teen walked passed disaster happened. He started to scream at the top of his lungs as he stepped in a puddle of the liquid the monster was oozing out.

His feet started to erode and melt from the highly acidic puddle, then the monster start to creak and move. It swung one of its claws and smashed the teen in the face and tearing off his head, I tried to save the other teen but she panicked and fell on top of me. Then the monster sprayed the yellow acid from its face all over the girl melting her as she screamed and convulsed on top of me. Some of the acid from her got on my clothes and skin as I screamed it pain, I yelled at my son to go on without me as tears ran down his face with his friend trying to hold him back from trying to help me. They both went through the door leaving me in the room with the monster, I pushed the corpse of the girl off me and rolled to the side just dodging one of the monster's claws. I felt adrenaline rush through me and I swiftly got back onto my feet and sprinted through the door. I found myself outside the facility, dazed a bit but once I saw my son I ran to him and held him tight. I never told the true story about that night to anyone, I just said I found them lost in the woods. A couple days after, I returned to the facility and burned the place to ground praying that this would end the nightmare that plagues this place. About a week after me and my son moved far away to a different town where we lived with the trauma of that night still haunting us as it was hard to forget. Years later I picked up a newspaper and spilled my coffee in shock, there was a current article coming from the town I use to live in with the title "MISSING TEENS PUT TOWN ON GUARD"......

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Geeze, that creature reminds me a bit of the messed up freaks you encounter in the horror adventure RPG Gorky 17, or Odium as it was known in the US and parts of Europe.
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Thanks though I never heard of these games but they sound like they have interesting creature designs so Ill prolly check them out
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You're welcome. :)
You can find it here:
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Hot Diggety Damn!

You magnificent Mofo, you have outdone yourself!
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Thanks lol this was completely random but I'm sure glad I did it :D
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Ténébreusement dérangé ! J'adore !
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Merci beaucoup :D!!!! (used google translate forgive me if its spelled weird)
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Beautifully well done!
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You're welcome! ^^
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