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All what you have to do is a photo manipulation based in any part of the fairy tale below.

We do not have many fact, only two :) That gives you more chance to win. Take the chance

Deadline :  Saturday 28th July 2012 at 20.00 GMT time
           1st   300  points
           2nd 150  points
           3rd   75   points
I will appreciate any points  donation, other prizes or even collaboration.
Any donations will  increase the actual prizes. 40 points have been donated until now.

- Nudity is allowed in a moderated way, without being too graphic. Keep in mind it  is a fairy tale, not an erotic wok.
- No violence.
- One  entry per contestant.
- You can not use old submissions, it has to be submitted after the 19/06/2012 and before the deadline.
- When your work is finished send me a link to the piece from your gallery in a note with the title "Princess Tamy".
- Remember to write in artist comments that you are participating in this challenge with your submission.
- Devian members are allowed  to vote for their favourites,  giving  their reasons.
- In case of dispute I will have the last word.
- I am  allowed to dismiss any work for not following any of the rules above.
- Any questions please ask me.

At the left of the Journal I has added my own work example, it is not an entry for the contest.         I am sure I will receive  better works than that one,   Devian is full of great artists.
I will update  the journal with all the works received every week.
Thanks in advance and good luck.

************    F a i r y   t a l e    ************

How beautiful must Princess Tamy be.
Many moons ago, an ancient legend says Princess Tamy married a warrior who then  became  Prince Jeray. They were so in love with each other and lived together for several years in a  land  far to the east, beyond the mountains .
One day the Prince Jeray was called to fight for his country  against a devil emperor. The princess was devastated and feared she would never see him again.
After long years waiting, she did not have any news from prince Jeray
One night she woke up from a deep sleep, she went to the balcony of her tower.  Luna, Moon goddess, with a voice soft and pure started talking  to her. The goddess heard her praying and she agreed to help her with some conditions.
The princess would have to search  for him. The first son between will be given to the goddess as a sacrifice. She would be provided with a strong elephant to guide and protect her. No one could touch her but the Prince, and whoever sees her will get very fortunate in love, she would not  need to eat or sleep and she would be completely naked and pure of thought in her  journey .
She thanked the Goddess  and agreed to the terms . The Princess bravely left her land looking for Prince Jeray,  knowing she would not come back to her country without him. They never saw her again in the kingdom.
So many people have seen her in their dreams and when they wake up they feel so blessed and loved.
How beautiful must  the Princess Tamy be.
I wish I could see her once.
© 2012 - 2021 Pyramidal
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Anyone can join right?
Pyramidal's avatar
of course, anyone doing a photomanipulation
Niyos's avatar
mine is really bad... gotta get to work :DDD
Pyramidal's avatar
Noxy-Voorhees's avatar
This looks interesting :D I have ideas already~ Where is it being held and is it still open?
Pyramidal's avatar
yes it is just a personal challenge I am offering to Photomanipulation.. No many entries yet. It ends on 28/07/12 just send me a note with the link of your entry.

Noxy-Voorhees's avatar
:excited: I already have some stock picked :XD: This is gonna be fun~
AbbeyMarie's avatar
Hopefully I will be entering this contest :) Though fantasy is not my strong point
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takmaj's avatar
Hello! you told it can be old subbmission. I would love to join this contest, how can I join? with this work: [link]
Pyramidal's avatar
Hello Takmaj,

I appreciate the interest and I would love you could entry the contest with that beautiful piece.

I am afraid, it is not a "photo manipulation" it is a drawing, beautiful though.

At the moment I do not have many entries for the contest, so i would be glad to allow you, but I am sure the other participants would not be very happy.

Thanks anyway
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I'll help you promote this! :)
Pyramidal's avatar
Thank you, that will be nice. Only one participant at the moment.
I thought members will participate more
Aeirmid's avatar
I do photomanipulation updates every week, and I'll be sure to include this in the next one. :heart:
Pyramidal's avatar
Thank you, you are an angel.

It is an easy contest, not sure why I dont get entries. II only did it to motivate people who wanted points....
Aeirmid's avatar
I think many people maybe don't know about it. :/
sana981969's avatar
Where Do I submit my art
Pyramidal's avatar
Hello there,

jus submited as a normal deviation and send me the link.

Thank you for participating

MeemieArt's avatar
Thank you for the invitation!
I will try if the inspiration comes :D
DOODZKI22's avatar
I thought this was a joke at first but hey thanks for the invite I'll try to join :)
Pyramidal's avatar
TriZiana's avatar
You have been pimped!! [link]
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