It's pyperhaylie's birthday week!
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Commission Sheet 2022 by pyperhaylie, visual art

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Wacom tablet and Clip Studio Paint
Hey everyone! FAQ at bottom of journal :) TLDR: I'll be gagged during my regular art stream, and you can keep me gagged in your gag of choice if you throw tips my way. The money goes toward minutes I'll be gagged. Patrons get twice as much time per dollar. I'll stay streaming and gagged for as long as the timer is going.    I generally plan my gag streams in pairs, about a week apart, that way if someone can't make it to one, they can still make it to the other, hopefully! I have two a year, one set in the SPRING and one set in the AUTUMN. The exact date changes every time, but that's when you can expect to start seeing me advertise for t
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Holy moly, it's that time again! We are on the hunt for words to use for kinktober this year! We will not be reusing words from the previous two years, but we're open to hearing some suggestions from all of you. The most likely words to get picked are ones that can inspire ideas in more than one way, we feel this keeps all the entries from looking the same/having the same idea. I will be posting the completed list on Sept 1st, and at that point feel free to start on getting stuff done! If you'd like to wait until the true beginning of Oct to start, more power to ya. I can't wait for this year's Kinktober to begin, I'm so excited!
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Come hang out with @spiderweber and me while we stream and chat!
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happy early birthday! thanks for all your awesome Art

great pictures of punishment! thank you! 👍🏾👍🏾

Thanks for the fave! Its a great YCH for sure.

Thank you for all the candy! My plastic bucket runneth over thanks to you!

i love your stuff! Very cute, and filled with characters i havent seen in so long!

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Hi there! Great stuff you uploads!