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abandoned military base 07

An abandoned military base of unreal proportions in mid-east Minnesota ... this was a base of astronomical proportions that was completely abandoned half way through the construction phase

It’s not always cool to go back there, and sometimes people get chased out by people with guns, but I'm doing my best to photograph as much of it as I can

It was started sometime in the 1940’s and the abrupt end of WWII just made it obsolete before it even got off the ground

This is the weird part … this base was to be used as an experimental project to communicate with submarines … they were doing this by sending signals through the earth and all the way to the Pacific and Atlantic ocean – and Minnesota (right in the middle of the North American continent was the best way to do it because of the way the fault lines and crust/mantle strata are in this part of the world)

This is the last place I would expect a submarine communications base to be, but that’s the truth

It has now been donated to the University of Minnesota for agriculture experiments and other unknown projects

The scale of the buildings and structures are just mind blowing … I can't even imagine the millions of dollars that went into procuring the land and building all of these SUPER heavy duty concrete superstructures

Shortly after it was abandoned, the Navy used it as a targeting range and blew up a lot of the buildings that were brand new – never even been used. What a waste … now all that are left are a few derelict structures like this one, several large refinery type buildings with gigantic smoke stacks and seemingly endless rows upon rows of huge concrete ‘targets’ that weren’t ever used

It’s fun to cruise around back there, sometimes there are still military vehicles doing training, but for the most part, it’s just the UofM agriculture department experiments

Anyways, cool stuff to shoot – I’ll be back soon to revisit it and get some more shots … this time it was almost dusk, so I didn’t have nearly as much time as I would have liked


Anyone is welcome to use this as a stock photo, but please comment on this page with a link to the deviation and mention where you got the stock from too

If you want to use this as stock for a print, or something that you are trying to make money with, more power to you and good luck ... no restrictions for anything like that

Thanks, and have fun with it :fart::slyfart:

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Thank you so much for the use of your beautiful stock!!

Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress
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Thanks for posting. This was used in Terra 3k: A Mutant Pear, a 3rd Millennium prank based on The Biting Pear of Salamanca, by ursulav, for DA’s April Fools’ 2017 Pear Fandom:thanks:   At least, I thought it was a joke. It might actually be a mutant pear. Shiver 
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My work with your stock here [link] [link] Thank you!
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Great shot...!
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well, it's great!!

first of all the quality of the pic, great light and perspective!!!!

the subject is so interesting!! with all th historical matters in it, and the fact that it was created in the middle of the continent to link the oceans... really amazing!!

it looks a bit like a contemporary stonehenge!!

I like it!
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Thanks for letting me use your great stock. I have used it Here!


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Lovely shot, man ^^. That place is amazing!!
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love the lighting
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Thanks for the comment ... I prefer to use available lighting when I can - it was getting late out and a little less light than I would have preferred

I'm going to revisit this location soon, and try to get there earlier in the day

My primary camera is a Canon, but I still really like using this Minolta 7D … the color reproduction is just somehow more pleasing to me in certain environments
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I can't imagine a photo of this place with a different perspective in a sunset or sunrise.... it will be magic.
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it's a beautiful and magical place ... but angry men with guns will come and 'escort' you off of the premises if you are messing around in the wrong areas back there

I DO plan on revisiting this complex many more times with my photo gear ... I've been sneaking back there since I was in high school (I'm 34 now) ... they can't arrest you or give you a ticket, but they do keep you in a holding cell for as long as they are legally allowed to if you piss them off enough - some of the best spots back there are technically off limits to the public
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Puff... i hate that... but... you can´t talk with them?... telll that you only want to do some photos or something like that... But i know. Maybe they are not allowed to let anybody enter there...
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I don’t think it's as bad as it sounds, it's more of a vandalism/dangerous area thing ... there are always kids screwing in their cars back there and going into the buildings and messing around and spray painting/breaking stuff ... several teenagers get hurt there every year, so they just shoo everyone away

I suppose I could talk to them, but even if I get caught, I don't think they would throw me in the klink (although I could be wrong, and they are well in their rights to take me in for being back there) ... I think if I showed them my camera gear and talked with them, they would let me go because it would be obvious that I'm not there to cause trouble – of course it would depend on how cool the security or sheriff was at the time

It’s technically trespassing, and there are signs all over the area about it and fences around the larger and more decrepit buildings - But it’s not the same thing, or like a federal crime if you were to sneak into an active military base … they just don’t want people in there making the area worse, or getting hurt/killed … I wouldn’t actually go into any of the buildings, and I don’t try to be sneaky or hide when I'm there, so I think I would be OK

That’s why I still take the chance and go back there, I have a good feeling that I could talk my way out of it when the cheese comes around
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i hope you can do some new fotos there....
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