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MeEx 01 by Pynion MeEx 01 by Pynion
Here he is, I decided I was tired of him not being finished, anyway 3ds max 5.
Total time 7 hours.
Thx D-V
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0seven Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2006
I really like the perspective on the right. The ladder is a nice touch.
solidauth Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2005
damn i just love ur mechs man they r totally outstanding +fav
digitalDESTINATION Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2005
wow, cool robot ^^
Pynion Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
WHy thank you.
vozzz Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2005  Professional Filmographer
That is bloody awsome, I love how you made it looke so big :D
lycorda Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
thats like..pretty fucking amazing!:|
the level of detail is stunning and really make me envy your skills:D
Pynion Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
why thanks, just read tuts, thats all the skill is.
TDBK Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OOo.. Love the design and a very cool render. I like the perspective and the idea of the cockpit is very cool!! Wicked stuff!! :)
Zillion Featured By Owner May 21, 2004  Student Artist
Niiiiccee, I like it a lot. Nice composition to.

I'am currently bizzy with a Gundam in 3D max.
TheChameleon Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2004
very nice!!
dlsooklb Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2004
10 of 10 :clap:
satyri Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2004  Hobbyist

That is awesome mec you have done!!
solidtransient Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2004
thats is spectacular. I think your perspective render could use some more color.
killinghurtz Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2004   Digital Artist
wonderful man!!!!great style and modeling techniques!!
kheng Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome model. alot of detail. I like the perspective which towers above the camera, giving a great sense of the sheer size.
hitmanassasin13 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2004
SWEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn thats nice!!!!!!!!!
i love it. if only he was my robot. :lonely:
Pynion Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
for the meager price of...uh...lets say...2 million? i could um...develop it for you?
adrenaddict Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2004
this is the kinda stuff that I like!
Sant Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
that's awesome! :robo: great work!
da5id2112 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2004
Awesome job! Great lighting... good textures... AMAZING model.

If I might suggest one thing? The panels on the feet have very hard edges on them. I find it a problem in 3D with everthing being "too" perfect so I usually add some intentional irregularities.

With this, I would suggest a small micro-bevel on the panels. It not only takes away the hardness of the edges but it also adds a nice area for specular highlights.

I dunno what the scale of your model is but if the feet were 1m wide I would add somewhere around a 25mm bevel. Very very small.

But... don't let the suggestion take away from the fact that you have done an outstanding job.

Nice work.
Pynion Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
heh thanks, the model wasnt really intended to have so much attention to the feet, and as with this model, hes done, over with, no more workin on for me...heh...well thanks fo da comment.
matsuteo Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2004
nice robot! :)
xx1cexx Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2004   Digital Artist
so detailed !!! amazing :+fav:
D-V Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2004
BAH! I was finished, you said no bumpmaps! anyways the bone structure IS done :peace:
I think the only improvement is an HDRI environment... I'm looking into that now.
The reflections around it would be fecking awsome.

P.S. :+fav:
t4c0 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2004
Sweet! :D
ghosty Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2004
the camera angle is awsome as well as the model~~~ :+fav:
Butt4Head Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2004
Coool...Now That Is A Excellent Model :D Is He Human Compatable Now?
Good Camera Position By His Feet...Makes Him Look Fekin Massive :clap: Good Thing With Max...Simply Import Him Into Other Scenes As A Sub-Model...Have Him Stood On Your Desk Or Somet :nod:
Pynion Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
*cough cough* suuure hes...human compatible...<.< >.>...okay he isnt but...yeah i just didnt want to work with this model anymore cause i dont like it and i can do better, so i didnt see the point in wsting my time. :p
andree Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2004
great mech....high level of details :clap:
v. good work.
jimzip Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
I wouldn't want to be in it's way..
Looks awesome, I should really try to make a mech one of these days so I can comment from experience!
Really cool though. Well done.

Jimzip :D
spec Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2004
looks damn cool
swet model!
Pynion Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
thanks, its a great program, high school or college are you using it?
Skokie Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2004
:omg: Damn, that's sweet. Not only is the model amazing, but the composition & layout of the renders are beautifully done. Nice job...
vickers Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2004   Photographer
Wow! Totally awsome! Great work! Very talented when it comes to 3dMAX5, I use that in school right now! Thats so awsome! Excellent! my new bg
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