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I'm posting several timelapses/speedpaints in my Youtube! Views/subs immensely appreciated! ♥

While I'm not able to work on super elaborated stuff, there, have Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie getting ready to kick butt. ◔ヮ◔


Mais Crônicas do Gelo e Fogo ºuº

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jajaja! Este dibujo es desternillanteGiggle !! Cuando lees esta parte en el libro sonries ante el gripo de pastel caliente!!! tan... personalSweating a little... pero hay demasiada tensión, demasiado seguir leyendo para saber qué nuevo drama le espera a nuestra Arya...
Pero este dibujo lo detiene de una manera tan divertida que solo queda la sonrisa! y Pastel caliente con unos huevos!!!LOL
El hecho que las sombras de Gendry y Arya se unan es una profecía????Love 
PygmyGoats's avatar
Gracias! :la: No había pensado en la sombra, pero apoyo firmemente esta profecía! <3
mariahSoap's avatar
This is for....PIE!
Lordofthememes's avatar
since when gendry wears a daedric helmet???
PygmyGoats's avatar
His smithing skill has a lot of perks, yanno.
Lordofthememes's avatar
and is daenerys dragonborn?
NanyuKappa's avatar
OH MY GOD! I was reading this part of the book yesterday, i loved it and I wanted to find a fan art about it SO MUCH! THANK YOU!!!!
DeadPegasus's avatar
Hot Pie has the greatest war cry in he Seven Kingdoms.
Likiana's avatar
"Hot Pie!" is about the best battle cry I've ever read...
jamoozalee's avatar
Haaaaaaaaahahaha, I have to say, this really made me laugh for some reason. I love it.

Hahaha, Gendry.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I'm laughing.
AlisonPickles's avatar
I remember this scene in the books so I laughed my ass of looking at your lovely artwork here. Fantastic rendition of that classic scene :)
tasharooo's avatar
I love the design of Gendry's helmet. Hot Pies pose is brilliant
Fluffy-Curtains's avatar
I proper love this picture, i giggle every time i see it. :L
arcuate's avatar
Favorite scene. XD Nicely drawn. I love your Hot Pie especially, haha, and the design of Gendry's helmet.
Oximore's avatar
hehe ya i just read the first part of them fighting today in a clash of kings... when the holdfast in the abandoned town is attacked.. awesome action! but sad... esp all the animals burning in the barn.... =/ anyways i love this!
mila-casillas's avatar
I love this so so much
succinctity's avatar
This made me laugh. These three are my favorites. Thank you for drawing them!
Sir-Heartsalot's avatar
I always wanted to be the first fanartist to draw Hot Pie. That dream is over. This is so excellent!
AvannaK's avatar
I just choked on my drink.
Nikolicious's avatar
sdagafhgsdfhdsfhg i died. Poor Gendry! XDDD
rcmochikim's avatar
haha, this is so awesome
i just read this scene in cok.
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