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Angel of Darkness

It's a while since I did anything dark, so here's a li'l dark angel! :)

Stock Credits:
Model ~NatGautier-Stock
Wings ~gfxstudio2
Background ~knightfall-stock
Rock *Cinnamoncandy-Stock
Skulls ~das-gretel
Dagger ~Bloody-Kisses-STOCK
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© 2009 - 2021 Pygar
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The elements of this photo manipulation blend very well together to create one, very finished and blended piece.

I can't see any elements that don't fit, or steal focus in this piece. The colors complement each other very well. The red in her dress is an excellent accent color for the foreground, as well as the red on the knife, and the streaks in her hair.

The background chosen for this image is an interesting one. It's not usually the setting I picture when I imagine 'dark angel' but it fits very well, and makes the image more interesting being something you don't first imagine.

One thing I think could benefit the piece would be a little back lighting on the figure, skulls or rock she is on. The brilliant sunset in the background seems like it would cast more direct orange light on the back of the foreground. The piece looks very good without it, but I think it would give it that little extra realism.

Your photo manipulations are always assembled so well that you can barely tell they are photo manips!
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I totally agree with you about the back lighting, I've had another go at the picture and added a lot more back lighting than what I had originally.
Thanks very much for the critique and the suggestion!
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I love this image! I hope you don't mind I changed a few colors around:…
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This is amazing!
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I have featured your amazing art here: [link] :heart:
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wow her dress looks like the dress from my chemical romance helena video
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i thought the same thing :D
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this is like one of the greatest dark angel drawing I've seem
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she looks like a real bitch. Cool, kinda like me.
*Evil smiles*
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Oh my goshness... Amazing
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I just say what it deserves, marvelously breath taking piece
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I luv ths, SO MUCH! But I can't get the song by Alex C. feat. and Yasmin K. on itunes!
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With your permission, Could I use this as a topic for a story?...I'm doing a extra credit assignment for school, and I was thinking of doing it on like a angel of fire or so, and I was thinking of writing a story about the angel of darkness also, since your picture inspired me...if it's okay to use..
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Sure, no problem! :)
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I falled in love!!!!!!!!!11
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I looooove it...she looks
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she's stunning! and I love that skirt XD
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